How to Wash Makeup Brushes Effectively

Makeup is part of our daily routine. We all use them to enhance outlooks before we walk out and start our day. From foundation, concealer to powder, these all are part of our kit we use for our faces. To apply them we need brushes.

Brushes make our makeup application easy. Can you imagine putting on your make up without a brush? How would be the experience? Am sure it will be one messy experience that you would not want to encounter, do brushes get dirty?

Of course, yes. Using your brushes to put on makeup cause layering of makeup on the brush. This makes your brush not to be efficient and gives out a messy makeup do whenever you use the brush. We need to wash the makeup away.

Many women use the brushes without the knowledge that they are supposed to be washed. How often do you wash yours? The brushes should have a scheduled time in which they are supposed to be washed to avoid dirt from building up.

Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes

What is the importance of washing brushes?

To prevent breakouts

According to a dermatologist, brushes are washed to avoid build-up of bacteria. Our skin is always susceptible to breakouts and any exposure to bacteria and dirt will lead to spots, blackheads and whiteheads. It is therefore paramount that we take care of the brushes.

So, if you have been struggling with breakouts on your face and just don’t know what the cause is, you should have a look at your brushes. That is because they can be carrying bacteria and every time you use the brushes, you spread them on your face.

Saves your money

Anyone who has bought brushes will agree with me that brushes are expensive. If you must go for good quality one, you will have to cough a dime for you to have them. It is therefore paramount for you to maintain the brushes so that they last longer. If you maintain them well, you don’t have to spend more often on brushes.

One of the easiest and inexpensive ways of maintaining the brushes is washing them. A simple routine in your busy schedule of washing your brushes will save you a lot since brushes tend to ware out faster if they are overworked and not washed.

Avoid messy work

Women apply makeup to look good and attractive. For you to do that, you must ensure that you are doing a clean job when you are applying the makeup. When you use dirty brushes, you work will be rough and not even attractive and that is not the aim of applying makeup.

You will also find that when you use dirty unclean brushes, your makeup tends to change colour. That is because makeup has built up on the brush and is mixed up with dirt and bacteria. You will find that what you are applying is not what you are seeing.

Make your work easier

We all have busy days ahead of us each day. As much as we want to look good, we may not have enough time to sit in front of the mirror and do our makeup. When you have clean brushes, you will have an easy time applying your makeup and you will do it within a shorter time.

What if you have dirty brushes? Of course, you will have a hard time. That is because dirty brushes produce messy and rough makeup do and you will find yourself repeating the makeup repeatedly to achieve an even look which is time-consuming.

Protect your bushes

By washing your brushes, you are maintaining the bristles and the brush. They will not ware out fast since they are being maintained. By washing the brushes, you also keep away bugs. Believe me, dirty brushes can be a breeding ground for bugs reducing the lifespan of the brushes.

Washing your brushes will prevent you from having all the above problems. You will have an easy time when applying your makeup and spend less on your brushes since you will not keep on buying brushes every now and then.

Brushes are delicate. That is because they are made of bristles and glued to a handle. Care should be taken when washing them to avoid damaging of the bristles and the glue from getting InTouch with the water. Are you ready to wash your brushes?

Before you wash your brushes, it is good to know how often you should wash them. You see, excessive washing of the brushes is not good either for the bristles. It can damage them and on a lighter note, who wants to keep on washing brushes every now and then? You need to know the timing

How often should I wash the brushes?

Perhaps by knowing how often you should wash the brushes, you will be able to set time for the washing. Foundation and concealer brushes are used more often. They tend to get dirty faster than other brushes. That is why this brush should be washed twice a week to prevent build up.

When it comes to brushes that you use around your eyes, this brush is used often but not used heavily. It will be safe then to wash then twice a month before makeup starts building up on the brush. I hope you are noting every detail for your brushes.

For the rest of the brushes, they can be washed once a month. The other brushes are considered less used and don’t build up dirt quickly. It is important to have a schedule to make sure all the brushes are washed in a month even if it is at different times.

Now that you know how often you should do it, how do you do it? like mentioned earlier, brushes are delicate to wash. Special care should be taken to avoid damages. We don’t want you to have a trip to your local cosmetic shop for brushes since your last wash damaged them.

For you to wash them effectively, you need to have some basic tutorials. You don’t just take the bushes and soak them in water. You need to know how you will handle the brush while washing and how you are going to dry them before use. here are some basic steps you should follow;

Gather what you need

To avoid moving around when washing, you need to make sure you have all that you need at your workstation. To wash your brushes, you will need Luke warm water, a gentle soap and a bowl if you are not going to wash the brush near a sink.

Make sure before you start, you have all these assembled. This ensures that no water will drip on the floor and no possible staining since some brush may contain colour that will wash away when washing. Ensure that the water is warm, not hot.

Time to wash

You need to put the Luke warm water in a bowl and the soap. If you have warm tap water running, better for you. wet the brush by running it under the tap or by dipping it in the bowl. The tip of the brush should not touch the water to avoid spoiling g the brush.

Put a drop of makeup cleaner or soap on the palm of your hand. Massage the brush at the tip of the bristles at your palm until you see all the makeup is washed off. If you are washing the brush under running water, make sure you rinse until the water from the brush is clean.


Once you see the water from the brush is clean, squeeze excess water from the brush with a towel. Don’t leave the brush on the towel for long intend you need to take the brush and replace the head. Now, you need to let the brush dry.

How to dry

when it comes to drying your brush, this is where you go wrong. Many people don’t know how to place their brushes for them to dry. The key point when drying the brush is to make sure you keep water away from the handle, how do you do that?

Once you are done washing and rinsing your brushes, you need to let the brush dry by hanging the bristles off the edge of a counter. By doing that, you are letting the water that is excess to drip down the counter and not down the handle of the brush.

Brushes are essential when it comes to applying your makeup. They make the work easier and perfect. With that in mind, you must invest in good quality brushes which can cost you a lot. For you to avoid the cost of buying brushes every now and then, you need to take care of your brushes.

How do you do that? You do that by washing your brushes. You need to create time to wash them and do it in the right way to avoid damaging them, washing is the most effective and inexpensive way of making sure your brushes are in perfect condition.

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