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Does Farting Burn Calories? Why We Strongly Believe the Answer?

The sentence you come across every time you are set to lose weight is,

You need to burn calories!!!

Does Farting Burn CaloriesIt is so common but vital when it comes to losing weight. Many misconceptions have been build around burning calories, misleading many people when it comes to losing weight.

There are so many fad diets all over the internet, promising people how quick and effective they are going to lose weight. Most are to promote weight losing products and this leaves a person with doubts about what will help and what won’t.

Does Farting Burn Calories

The recent is that farting can help you lose weight.

Let’s face it, farting is fun, relieving and has a fulfilling feeling when you smell it. I know reading from here, you might find it disgusting, but deep down you want to follow and see if what happens in your body happens all over.

What is farting, and should I be happy it's happening to me?

What is Farting?

What is Farting

Farting is a process of passing gas through the anus. The gas which you release from your gut when healthy gut bacteria process and act on food that you ate. It is normal to fart. Unless you are on refined sugar only, every breathing human being who eats must fart.

Is it a sign that your body is functioning properly? The normal bacteria responsible for working on the food in the gut are essential for the health of your gut. They help in digestion, the breaking down of vitamins, building of the immunity and are responsible for the normal stool consistency.

The air that you fart can be from eating food in an anxiety way leading to swallowing air or can be because of the food that you eat. Some of the food that can lead to an increase in farting include;

  • Legumes like beans.
  • Dairy products.
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Oats and nuts.
  • Soy and wheat.

There are times when your fart can be unbearable to smell. Not that it is bad, but it might have a strong smell and you sometimes wonder if its normal, well, that might because you are taking a lot of food containing Sulphur compounds like hydrogen sulphurated, methanethiol and methyl mercaptan.

You might consider the act of farting as a bad or immoral thing. May are the misconceptions that it is wrong to do pass air in public. That has led to people running to the bathroom in a secluded area when you want to fart. Why should a natural process be of shame to let it happen?

What people don’t know is that holding back the gas is not good for your health, get that right. It might lead to bloating and abdominal pain due to the accumulation of the gas. So, next time when you feel like releasing it, do it without caring. It is as normal as yawning.

There has been saying on the internet that farting helps you release some of that weight you have been struggling to lose. How true is this? If it is true, am sure you will increase your efforts in farting to lose weight, right? Well, lets first look at the general benefits of farting.

Weird Ways to Burn 200 Calories

from AsapSCIENCE

What are the Benefits of Farting?

What are the Benefits of Farting

After reading this, you will be able to understand why the doctor says you should not be afraid of passing that gas. The little knowledge in our mother taught us to never hold it in if we fell like doing it. well, they must have understood the benefits of farting. Here they are;

  • Reduces bloating

There is nothing as uncomfortable than having a swollen tummy when you had enough of your favorite meal. It can be bad to have to unbutton your jeans since you feel like you just have some weight on, farting might be of help here. Release the gas and feel how relaxing it will be.

  • Good for the colon

What you fart tells a lot of what the condition of your colon is. According to study, the smell of the gas that you fart can tell the doctor whether your colon is healthy or there might be a condition that wants medical attention. Be sure to smell that fart next time it comes out. You might be missing something.

  • A sign of good bacteria in your gut

The presence of millions of bacteria in your gut is a sign that you are healthy. The bacteria break down what you eat and as a result, the gas you pass out is a byproduct. The absence of the bacteria can be a signal that something is wrong, and you should seek medical attention.

  • For the relief

We all accept that farting is an amazing feeling. When you are all bloaty and swollen, you want something that will make that feeling go away. When you release the gas, you become at peace and all extra weight that you had felt goes away. Don’t hold it back, just do it.

  • Tells more about the meals you are consuming

Yes, like I mentioned, what you fart tells what you have been eating more and what you have been consuming in fewer quantities. With that, you will be able to know whether you are having a balanced diet or there is something lacking in your meals.

  • Something is wrong

Yes, the smell of your fart can tell you that something is wrong in your gut. That is because when you have a problem in the stomach, it settles in your gut and manifests from here. Colon cancer and other colon illness are known by signs like this one.

Does Farting Burn Calories?

Does Farting Burn Calories

Are you a weight watcher or you are in the process of losing weight? The feeling and the struggle of looking for the right way to lose weight can be tedious. With all the information on the internet, you are vulnerable to be duped by false information made by people to market their products.

When it comes to farting, there has been a lot to be said about it. it is a natural way of eliminating gas from your body and since it is discussed openly unlike in the past, people are coming up with myths and unproven facts about farting. Let’s handle this, does farting burn calories?



There was this Facebook page post called F.A.C.T that claimed that through farting, you can burn 67 calories. That meant that you can lose a pound by farting 52 times. There was no evidence to support the claim and people flock in the social media to refute the claim.



According to Spencer Nadolky, D.O, a board-certified family and fanatic physician, the only way you can lose weight is if you apply a lot of force when farting, but since farting is a passive process of your body, there is no way you can burn calories when you fart.

What makes the post even more ridiculous is the claim that farting 52 times can lead you to lose a pound. Does that mean we are losing a pound in every 3-4 days by farting? This could mean that we are thinning ourselves without even realizing it.

According to studies, for you to burn calories, your muscles must strain. You must be able to do some muscle working out for calories to be burnt successively in your body. Burning 67 calories is equivalent to a 15-minutes’ walk. Does that mean hen you fart you exhaust yourself?

What is a fact being that farting being a passive process in your body means all your muscle does is to relax? After relaxing, the pressure in the gut makes the gas come out. In the whole process, there is no straining of your muscles. That makes the above claim as a myth.

Since farting will not get you to the ideal weight, you should come up with what can help you lose weight. There are so many ways that are proven to work, and they can get you that dream body. How about I highlight to you some of the ways in which you can lose weight;

  • Lifestyle change

Many people fail to lose weight because they stick to their old ways of doing things. you still want to keep that processed foods on the shelves and the carbonated drinks in your fridge. That can be a step back for your journey since the temptations are high, what should you do?

You should adopt a healthy way of eating. That means getting rid of all processed foods and sweated drinks from your fridge. In exchange go or whole foods, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid eating out and opt to make your own meals, with that you are sure to watch what you eat as you start your weight loss challenge.

  • Low carb diet

the rule of carb intake is to take in more that is burn out. With that, you are supposed to go for meals that are less in complex carbohydrates. That is because carbohydrates are the ones that are mostly stored as fat. When you reduce the intake, less will be deposited.

If possible count your calorie intake, and while on that watch out for the hidden calories e.g. in the dairy products. Calculate according to your age, gender and your level of activities. When you do that, you have a sure way of losing weight intend of relying on unproved farting myth.

  • Work out

Working out helps you when it comes to losing the fat weight. You see, for you to burn fat weight, you must be able to exercise either indoor or outdoors. Straining your muscles makes your metabolism use the glycogen in the muscles and in the process, fat is burnt away.

You should alternate cardiovascular exercises and weightlifting. That is to make sure that not only for you to lose weight, but you also tone the muscles hence no hanging skin will be left behind. Get your ass up and enroll yourself in a working out class if you want to lose weight.

  • Increase your protein intake

That’s right. You should increase the bacon, pork, eggs, fish, and beans in your meals. Proteins are terms as bodybuilding foods. They are complex when it comes metabolizing, a lot of calories will be used to fuel the process. In the process, you get to lose weight.

Yes, protein will make you fart a lot. In a good way, you will be farting knowing that you are losing pounds when the protein is metabolized. The general rule is you take more protein and vegetables and lesser carbohydrates.

  • Drink water

In almost all the studies of losing weight, water has been a vital thing to take when you want to lose weight. Water hydrates the body. A normal human being should set to have up to 2 liters of water in a day. That will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Water is used for metabolism in our body. When you take a lot of water, it helps in flashing retained water in the body. That means the more you take the more water weight you will lose. Cold water also accelerates the rate of metabolism since your body is trying to maintain your body temperature.

  • Enjoy your sleep

A normal person is supposed to have a sleep of 6-8 hours. That is to give your body enough time to metabolize and perform other functions. There are some functions that only happens when you sleep and thus you should give your body the break

Sleeping leads to the release of hormones. The hormones help in breaking down stubborn fats in your body. Sleeping also relaxes the body hence metabolism is increased. Make sure you take that beauty sleep and hen you feel like doing it, fart it loud so that you can sleep comfortably.

  • Other means

There are some means that have proven to work, but they are left for you to decide whether to have them or not. Taking diet pills have been prescribed to people who are obese, and their medical conditions can’t allow them to do any other ways they reduce appetite hence you consume less.

You can also opt for the use of a surgery. This is where an expert performs a medical condition that makes you eat less or your body absorb less food. That leaves you with less fat in your body to store hence a thinner you. Consult your doctor before you use any of the methods to be safe.

Since farting won’t help you lose the pounds, how about you go for proven and healthier ways. The goal of every weight loser is to lose weight never have it again. It is wise to talk to your doctor or nutritionist and come up with a plan that will help you lose weight. It is by being healthy that we end up being happy.

Why do Farting Burn Calories?

Why do Farting Burn Calories

I know you are following to hear that what you do naturally can help you lose that stubborn fat that you have been carrying. I mean, it could be very convenient to just pass 0.5-1.5 liter of gas and in the process lose 67 calories. Well, dream on because it is not going to happen.

Studies have come to dispute the myth. Many people have proven that there is no way you can lose weight through farting. That is because for you to burn calories while farting, you must strain the muscles involved which is not usually the case.

Farting being a naturally happening process in your body, there is no straining that is involved in it. when you must pass gas, your gut muscles relax and pressure of the gases inside the gut causes the gas to come out in a voluntary manner.

Disappointed that you cannot fart and lose weight? Well, don’t give up. Since you are so eager to burn calories from your body, read along as we go through ways in which you can burn off calories from your body. Here are proven ways in which you can burn calories;

  • Hit the road

That is in the form of walking, running or jogging. Having a morning workout through one of this can be beneficial to your health. You can burn a lot in a day by these activities. You should call your girlfriend or join a community work out the team and have a walk with them

Walking is termed as a slow but sure way of losing weight. When you walk an hour a day. You burn 150-200 calories in a day. It will be meaning full when you do this continuously for a while. So, can you run, jog or walk? Make it a fun activity and do it every day. You will lose weight in the process.

  • Lift weight

I know to some people gym is boring, why go and tire yourself out I the gym while you could have sat in front of the tv and watch your favorite channel? For those who know the benefit of losing weight through the gym, they look forward to a workout in the gym.

When you lift the weight, your muscles are strained. By straining your muscles, you tone them, and, in the process, a lot of calories are burnt. Lifting weight helps a lot in burning fat weight found in our muscle. Use the dumbbells or any recommended weight in the gym and you have a sure way of losing weight.

  • Take tea

Caffeinated green or black tea is good for you when you are losing weight. Caffeine is a stimulant. Stimulants stimulate and increase your body mechanism hence more calories ate burnt to fuel the process. Take it hot and sugarless and you will see that weigh shed off.

Make it yourself. Yes, has a house tea party occasionally and make the tea just like the way It is supposed to be and enjoy. Make it a habit of taking tea every now and then so that your body remains stimulated and active for the whole day. Watch you should watch is the sugar you are adding.

  • Watch portions

Your eating habits have a lot to do with your weight. Do you dine out a lot? Do you do a buffet? How much do you eat in such a setting? Many people tend to eat a lot when out and most of what they eat is not healthy. Buffet serve variety and since you want to taste all, you end up overeating.

For you to lose weight, you must ensure you eat smaller many portions in a day. That means you serve yourself using a small plate in a buffet setting so that you have smaller portions. When it comes to dining out, opt for eating at home so that you can prepare and have smaller portions that you can control.

  • Don’t skip a meal

The greatest mistake that you will ever commit when you are losing weight is skipping a meal in the name of am trying to lose weight. The truth is these do more harm than good. Skipping a meal will not help in losing weight, it will slag the process and therefore.

When you stave yourself, your body sends a starting signal to the organs in the body. When this happens, it results in retention of fats for future use hence less fat will be used in your body mechanism. Have you lost weight or you have slagged the process? Make the process of losing weight as normal as possible to your body to avoid resistance.

  • Look for a meal plan

Unfortunately, with all this information on the internet, it is hard to know what works and what doesn’t. There is a lot of fad diet plan that promises you a lot only for you to be disappointed when you step on the scale. Some will lose the weight but regain it right away.

Look for what works for you. It is advisable to work with your trainer and your doctor especially if you have a medical condition that you have been dealing with. There are so many proven diet plans out there, all you need to do is find what will work for you and stick to the plan for you to lose weight.

Enough with the farting thing. You already know it won’t help you lose weight. The only thing that makes you feel like you lose weight when you fart is the fact that when you fart, you are relieved from the pressure that has been bloating your stomach hence a lighter feeling.

If you are waiting to fart that weight away, then you are in for a long weight. If you are done with the lies and you still want to lose weight, its time you look for a way of losing weight. Calories are all about straining to lose. Work yourself from the weight.

How Many Calories Does Farting Burn?

How Many Calories Does Farting Burn

Let’s cut the chase, people are becoming lazy when it comes to losing weight. They love looking for an easier way of losing weight other working their body out of the weight. It’s a fact, farting won’t do you any good, except to make you feel good after you have done it.

What people don’t want to understand is the mechanism of burning calories. Maybe if you understood what happens then you will understand why we call farting to lose weight a bunch of bullshit. Here is an understanding of metabolism and weight loss.


What is metabolism?

You have all along read that calories are used in metabolism. Body metabolism is the process by which the food which you consume is broken down to give your body the energy it needs for its daily activities. Our body depends on the metabolism to function.

Calories are used to fuel mechanism. That is why it is necessary to consume calories every day. On average. What you consume is what that will be burnt, and it will determine your weight. You should set to consume less than you burn if you want to lose weight.

Your body is a complex mechanism. Whatever you do, you need to burn calories to perform the function just like a car need furl to move around. When your body burns calories, the following usually happens;

  • Basal metabolic rate(BMR)

This is the process whereby calories are burnt to keep you alive. Yes, for the fact that you are breathing, even if you are asleep or resting, you need the energy to do that. 60% of the calories you consume are used to keep you alive and functioning well.

  • To remain active

It is the number of calories you burn to do some physical activities. You lift your arm to wash the baby, you walk to work or any other physical activity that will involve your muscle. You need calories to fuel the activities which amount to 30%.

  • Food processing

There are calories that you burn when you eat food. That is because your body needs the energy to eat. Digest and absorb the food. That is why we are told you burn more calories when you change even your eating habits. It amounts to 10% of the calories you consume and is vital just like the others.

As much as we condemn the calories, you can see how vital they are to our bodies, unfortunately, we tend to consume more than our body needs and that’s where we go wrong. When calories are in excess, your body stores them as fat hence your weight increase. There are other factors that may affect how your body mechanism work and these are;


Your weight and size

The rate at which a bigger person uses calories is different from the rate at which a smaller person does. People with a lot of weight end to burn more calories than those with less weight. If you have more muscles, you tend to burn more calories too compared to a person with fewer muscles.



Men have a lot of muscles than women hence burn more calories in their body mechanism to maintain the muscle. When it comes to women, they tend to have a lot of fat tissues hence are susceptible to depositing fat more than men.



You tend to be more active in your childhood and in your teenage years. This means you will burn a lot of calories to fuel the activities at that age. As your age progresses, you tend to have fewer muscles and more fat deposited hence you will burn fewer calories.

Now that we have seen that for you to burn calories, there must be some activities going on in your body, the question lies to how you can increase calorie burning. If you are set to lose weight you need to increase your metabolism. Here is what can help you;

  • Keep yourself active

you have read that calories are burnt to fuel your activities. That is a good start. Keep your body active at all time to make sure you burn more calories as possible. After a workout, walk yourself to work, use the stairs instead of the lift and in the evening, do some chores at home.

  • Eat a lot of proteins

Studies have shown that a lot of calories are used when metabolizing proteins. That is because proteins are complex and hence when it comes to breaking them down, you need a lot of calories to fuel the process. Include the bacon, sausages, eggs, fish, and chicken in your meals.

  • Rest and have enough sleep

As mentioned earlier, more calories are burnt when your body is doing absolutely nothing. Now, this does not mean you lazy around and wait for the weight to be lost through resting. It means that after a long day full of activities that engaged you physically, it is good to rest and allow BMR to be at its best.

  • Count calories

It all boils down to the calories you consume. When you take 2500 calories, make sure you burn 2500 calories during the day. It is what you take in versus what you take out. If you consume 2000 then use 1500 then you have an excess of 500 which is likely to be deposited as fat

Make sure the amount you consume is less than what you are using. This will create a deficit which in turn will lead to the use of fat as calories in your body for you to lose weight. Make sure you watch out for the hidden calories and keep that consumption in control.

How can farting lose calories when we can clearly see for you to burn calories, you must engage your body mechanism. Have you seen anywhere that farting is engaging the body process? Take the information and help yourself lose weight the right way.

How Many Times Should You Fart in a Day?

How Many Times Should You Fart in a Day

Now that you know farting is a natural reflex, its time we dwell on it as we wind up. First, give up the thot of farting that weight off, it will not work for you or to anyone else. Now that you are done with that, let’s see how natural the act is.

Ideally, you have 0.5-1.5 liters of gas waiting in your gut for you to expel.  You need to wait for the need for you to remove the gas. Naturally, the reflex action can happen up to 20 times in a day, yes, 20 times in a day. So, if you do it more often, don’t worry. It is normal and bound to happen.

As you have noted, the food you eat has a lot to do with the smell of your fart. Now here is another problem, you might find yourself annoying. Farting becomes unbearable in front of your peers and you are left wondering, why am I farting more than 20 times in a day.

What you consume also determines how often you fart, that is because some food is not digestible and hence settles and ferment in your gut leaving you farting like hell. Here are some of the reasons why you are farting more than you used to;

  • Been taking more soda

Carbonated drinks like soda have a lot of gas in it. that means when you sip the soda or use a straw to drink, chances are you are taking a lot of gas with the soda. That gas accumulates in your gut and that is why you fart more. Chewing gum also increases your fart sessions.

Our chewing habits can contribute to the accumulation of the gas in the gut. That is because as we chew, we tend to swallow a lot of gas which finds its way into our gut. The gas must come out one way or another, you guess is right, farting is one of the ways of letting the gas lose.

  • You have been taking more sweets

Sweets are made of faux sugars which unfortunately our body cannot digest. The sugar settles in your gut and ferment. Fermented matter emits gas and that way, more gas than usual is being emitted. Next time you are at a birthday party, cut your sweet consumption or keep off the crowd.

  • Salads are healthy, right?

Yes, salads are healthy and are a great way to go when you are losing weight. The problem comes with all the veggies that produce a Sulphur smell when put in a container. These veggies include kale, cabbages, and broccoli. They have a complex carbohydrate that is not digestible hence sit in your gut for long. That might be the reason why you are gassy more than the usual times.

  • Dairy products

Have you been taking your cheese without any bloating and then suddenly you start farting all over? It might be because you have grown a lactose resistance. The inability of your body to produce lactase to act on the dairy products that you take. That leaves you with undigested milk in the gut fermenting hence the gas.

The thing is sometimes we are born with the lactase producing enzyme. Along the growth curve, the hormone is no longer produced in our body and we are left with no choice but to let go of the dairy products. If this is the case for you, start thinking about how you are going to replace the products.

  • Stress

Your body is an amazing complex mechanism whose functions interconnects through nerves and neurons. When you are stressed up, you will find out you have stomach upsets and farting. This shows that there is a connection between your state of mind and your bowel movement.

  • You just gave birth

25% of women who recently gave birth have no way of controlling their fart in the first 5 months. Are you a new mom? Then the farting you are experiencing may be due to the prolonged labor you experienced during childbirth.

It is not easy to push a child the size of a melon, you might have experienced a muscle relaxation on the anal side. You need to be easy on yourself and enjoy the farting. Chances are it will all be over soon. Don’t you worry about it?

  • Constipation

You haven’t popped in three days, yet you have been eating food normally. You are farting because the poop is in your gut accumulated and emitting gas which must come out. Look for a way that you will ease your constipation to get rid of the gassing.

So many things have been said when it comes to losing weight. Amy people google and sometimes follow what is being said without first proving how true the information is. Farting is one of them. It landed on the search engine and all hell broke loose.

It has led to you and I wondering just how true it is. Good for us, research has come to our rescue and shown us just how impossible it is to lose weight just by farting. Next time you fart, be happy you are normal, and a natural process has just happened but look for ways to lose weight and leave farting for just emitting gut gas.

I'm not pretty and a little fat. But I will try my best to change it. I believe that there are no ugly women, only lazy women.

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