Category: Weight Loss
How to Lose Neck Fat

Neck fat also known as submental fat is a condition that occurs in some people when a layer of fats starts to accumulate below your chin. The main cause of neck fat is normal weight gain and you do not need to be overweight to have one. Aging people may also develop neck fat due to genetics or ...

Tutorials on How to Get That Smokey Eyeshadow

In today's world, makeup has been our day to day thing to do. Women are looking for ways to enhance their beauty using different ways of wearing makeup. It has met so many mishaps with many getting it wrong and eventually becoming expert in doing it. Back in the days, makeup was for cover models ...

Incredible Eyeshadow Tutorial for the Cat Eyes

There are so many dilemmas that fall the cat eyes. From the way they are shaped by the way they function. That is why women like to experiment the same mysterious look through putting on makeup to resemble the shape. That dint starts now, it is traced to many years ago. In the year 1920s, ...