Simple Step by Step Pink Hair Tutorials

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, yes. If you are used to the same usual hair colour it can be boring. Women like wearing a different hairstyle every now and then. They like to be trendy and changing the hair into the latest trend makes them look beautiful and attractive.

Are you used to braiding, weaves, wigs or ponytails? These are all trends that you can have on your hair and compliment your look every day. They can be time-consuming and still don’t have the pop that you need in your life especially when you need a change.

There are times in a woman’s life when one need to stand out and be edgy, do you want that? When you have reached to that point you need something that you will have on your head that will make you look different and younger. A good way to do that is by use of dye.

Yes, this is the trend that every woman must have. You need to have some colour on your hair. Days are gone when women were used to the same colour all year long. Times have changed and women are embracing the use of dye to make their hair colour different.

Have you been following the red carpet? Celebrities are wearing different colours for their hair. From blond, silver, blue to purple. There is always a colour for them to change to. One colour that is edgier and is embraced all over is pink. Yes, pink.

Pink Hair Tutorials

Pink Hair Tutorials

This is a feminine colour. Who doesn’t know pink is a signature colour for women? It is beautiful and a drama colour for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Many celebrities like Niki Minaj has been embracing the colour and we got to admit it looks good on her, doesn’t it?

If you need a change, this is the colour you need to have. Your friends will turn their head and want to have a look at what you have on your hair and they will love it. pink is considered as an edgier alternative to neutral brunet and red shades.

What you should know before you decide to have pink dye?

So, you have decided you need the change and you are going to have pink dye on your head? There are things you need to know before you dive into it. pink is not an easy colour to pull off at home. that is because it involves a lot of work and a lot of attention.

you need to have an expert to assist you in this especially if you are a beginner. If you are a veteran in applying dye in your head, then you need not worry, you can pull it, but you still need an assistant at home to make sure you achieve the colour you need evenly on your hair.

You also need to know that it is easier to go pink if you already have a bright base. That is why I mentioned earlier that is it a good colour for people with brunet or red colour. If you have a dark hair, you need not worry as you can bleach to alight colour before applying the dye.

Once you go pink, you need to keep off the hot water. Hot water tends to damage the dye. This will make it not stay long before it fades off. You need to there to keep any form of heat away from your hair to maintain the brilliant colour longer.

You will need to do a retouch occasionally. For you to maintain the gorgeous colour you are about to adopt, you need to make sure you retouch your hair once in two weeks to make sure you take care of the base for the colour not to fade away quickly.

You are also in for a pink colour dye all over. Yes, occasionally, you will find the pink colour on your pillowcases and in your bathtub when you wash your hair. Of Couse the colour is not permanent, it will bound to fade away eventually and that is how you find pink all over,

Now that you know what to expect, read along as to how you will achieve a perfect pink colour on your head. You need to make sure your hair is in perfect condition to avoid any unnecessary breaks off your hair. The aim is to make your hair more attractive and not to damage it

Step by step tutorials on how to apply the pink dye


You need to make a choice of which shade of pink you want. There is a lot to choose from and can be confusing. You need to go with what will be easier for you to have and what compliments your looks. If need be, consult a beautician to make sure you don’t get the shade wrong.

With the shade you want, you will also need to choose the bleach that you need especially if you have a dark hair. It can be tedious to work with dark colour and you need patience. Look for a bleach that will give you the right base for your dye.

Go shopping

Once you know what you want, its time to shop. You need to go to a cosmetic shop and make sure you get the best products available. Best give the best results while cheap products will not give you the colour you want and will end up damaging your hair in the process.

Buy the shade of your choice and get a good bleach to go with the dye. If need be consulted. With a specialist in the shop, they will be able to advise you on the best products. You also need to have some gloves, but most dyes and bleaches will come with a pair of those. Once you are done, its time for the action.


Dye work can be messy, you can end up staining all over the floor and the sink if you are not organized. You need to make sure you have all you need in one place. Wear an old t-shirt and cover yourself well with an old towel. Make sure your hair is dry. Divide and clip it into four portions.


If your hair needs some bleaching, take the beach and using the instruction on it, you need to mix the bleach with the developer into a plastic bowl. Starting at the lower side of your hair strand, start applying the bleach in portions that you had divided.

Once you are done on the lower part, apply on the upper side and spread the bleach with an applicator brush to make sure all the strand of your hair is well covered. Your assistant will help you with that. Wait for the recommended time then wash and shampoo your hair till all the bleach comes out.

While bleaching you need to ensure speed is of importance, this is to make sure you achieve an even base for your dye. That is why I earlier mentioned the use of an assistant to ensure you have the bleach applied all over the head. Once you have the right base, its time to apply the dye.

Applying the dye

You need to start with a freshly washed and dried unconditioned hair. Comb the hair to remove all tangles. Take the Vaseline and apply on the neck, forehead, and the ears to avoid staining. Using two plastic bowls mix the dye according to the instruction provided.

Both bowls should have the pink dye but in one, add conditioner. Start applying the dye from the lower side working in portions like before. Apply the dye in the first two portions and then start fading the dye using the dye with the condition. Your assistant should help you here.

Make sure all the strands of your hair have the dye by using the colour at the start and light towards the end. Once you are done, you need to sit and wait for the magic to happen. This period can be the longest wait since you want to see the result

When the time is up, wash off the dye. Make sure that you wash with cold water and shampoo to make sure all the dye is washed off. Run your hair on a running water till you stop seeing pink in the water. Once you are done dry the hair and style as you wish to mind the heat part.

How do you see it? impressed with the colour? I know you like the look. Am sure it is the wow factor that you have been looking for. You need to remember to retouch using the conditioner with the pink colour to make sure the pink colour stays longer.

You see, it can be a walk in the park hen you have the right information and the tool to make it work. All you need is the right shade for you, the right steps and an assistant to make sure the dye is applied evenly all over your head. Once you have the colour, step out and slay like a beauty that you are.

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