How to French Braid Your Own Hair

French braids will add glam to your look and it is a very easy procedure to learn. Are you looking for a replacement for your existing ponytail or just want to have a rabbit braid hairstyle? You do not need to worry; we are going to give you all the steps you need on how to French braid your own hair.  Let us go straight to our tutorial.

So, What Do You Need?

1. Hair Ties

If you want to have a powerful French braid, you need to have hair ties as they will hold sections of your without damaging your hair. Hair ties help hold your braid in place as you continue the rest of the sections. They help hold the done masterpiece.

2. Comb/Brush

These two will save you time by detangling your hair before you even start your braiding. For those with long hair, you will need a long tail comb that will not damage your natural curls. A regular brush will help remove any tangles and will smoothen out any frizz.

Steps on How to French Braid Your Own Hair

How to French Braid Your Own Hair

How to French Braid Your Own Hair

Step 1

Start by brushing out any knots and tangles that may be found in your hair. This will help straighten your hair and it is a very important step before you start braiding your hair. When you brush your hair, it helps distribute natural oils making your hair look shiny and sleek.

Step 2

Start simple by grabbing a section of hair at the front of your head and separate them into three sections. To make things easier for you, hold the left section with your left hand and the right section with your right hand. Make sure that the middle section is held by your dominant hand between the pointer finger and your thumb.

Start braiding by crisscrossing the right section over to the middle section and repeat the same with the left section of hair crossing it over the new center section which was formerly the right section. Now you will notice that your French braiding is begging to show. Repeat the same crisscrossing until you finish your first braid.

Step 3

Braid your way to the rest of the hair until you reach the nape of your neck. Once you reach the end of your hair, you will need to tie the braid with a hair elastic. Make sure that your sections are smooth before you start plaiting.  In case you have any tiny hair remaining at the side of your head, you can use a bobby pin to capture them. Use your favorite spray to hold them in place on the side of your head.


As they always say, practice makes perfect and if your first trial at braiding your own hair did not go well, you should never give up. You can call your friend and try it on them and before you know it, you will be perfect. When you are French braiding your own hair, make sure to use two mirrors. This will make sure that you can see the back of your head.

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