Easy and Pretty Prom Hairstyle Tutorials

Going to the prom is the sealing deal in high school. It is the most memorable night for a teenager. With that said, everything must be perfect. You don’t want to have anything that may ruin your day. You need to get it right for your night.

You need to have a perfect dress, the shoes got to be on fleek, your date has confirmed to pick you up. Do you have a ride? Yes, your dad had already taken care of that. Whats remaining is your hair, what are going to do with your hair?

Having a beautiful flirty tail dress but no hairdo is a no for you. all the eyes will first meet with your face, you need to ensure that what people see is gorgeous, how do you do that? By having makeup that is accompanied by a signature hairdo.

Unless you have a specialist on the speed dial, you need to come up with a look that you can do at home, with a little help here and there. Do you have a look yet? Don’t worry, we are about to give you some ideas that can come in handy for you.

Prom Hairstyle

Prom Hairstyle

Making your hair is vital for this day. You need to have a hairstyle that will complement your look. you also want a look that will bring out the beauty in you and oh, the look that will make your date proud to have such a beautiful chic by his side.

With that said, we have come up with looks that have been trending. We want you to be on point and the talk of the night. If you have long or short hair, you will have something to choose from by the time you are done reading this. Here are some of the hairdo you can have;

Hairdo for long hair

Long hair can be tedious and time-consuming to make especially if you have the intention of pulling off a certain look, but it does not have to be that way. you don’t have to have a serious approach towards your look, just work with the flow and you will be amazed at what you can come up with.

With hats aid, if you have a long hair or you intend to go long by adding an extension, you have a lot to choose from. You can do French braids, braided updos and many other dos. All you must do is go with the flow and work with what’s best for you.

  • Waves and curls

This is a sexy and gorgeous way to have your hair. Curls are flirty, easier to make and no effort is needed for the look. thinking about going the curl way? it’s a good choice for you. it will surely bring the beauty in you and let you be the star of the night.

What you need to know about curls is that the many the better. Volume is the key here. for you to make nice waves and curls, you need to have large barrel curling wands and you will be good to go. Big loose curl waves will look glamorous for the night.

  • Mermaid Braid

Every little girl has come across the mermaid story. The mermaid has such a beautiful; hairdo that every girl wants to have. Are you looking forward to going big and bold? This look is good if you don’t want to be all serious yet want to still everyone’s glance.

Create time and make the braids. They don’t have to be neat. Once you have the braids, layer them or stuck them up. To add a signature to them, you can add ribbons, bows, flowers or pearls to finish the look. For the braid, the longer the better the look.

  • Bubble ponytail

How does your dress look like? Is it simple yet elegant? This look will work for you. bubble ponytail is good when you have a simple dress and what you want is to have your hair still the look. the look is edgy yet totally girly, so you have nothing to worry about.

You can have it high or low the choice is yours. If you want to show off your neckline and back, you need to go for high and if you want sophistication and elegance, girl, a low bubble ponytail is a thing for you. make the hairstyle and be ready to have all eyes on you.

  • Slicked back hair ponytail

Am sure you don’t want to miss anything that is happening on the prom night. If you are that kind of a person, you need to come up with a look that won’t hinder your eyes too. You need to have a look that will keep your hair away from your face so that you can witness the whole show.

The best way to do it by laying your hair back and keeping it off your face. The hairstyle is good and comfortable. All you must do is sleek your hair back and you are done. With he looks, you will surely see the slightest details happening during the night.

  • French fishtail with loose waves

This had been a look for many proms. It is a trend that made even in red carpet and this is a good way to feel like a celebrity in your own prom. The look is easy to make and whether you have a long or short hair, this is a look that can be pulled by everyone.

With the many online tutorials on how to do it, you can easily make a French braid and accessories it with flowers and ribbons for a sleeker look. you may have it have your head or you can have it full, the choice is yours, what are you in a mood for?

  • Straight and sleek

There is no better and easy way to do your hair than to have it straight and down to your shoulders. The look is the hottest trend and you can easily do the look at home. it takes less time to make the hairstyle, so you have more time to take pictures before the prom.

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Medium hair looks

If you have a medium hair, you don’t have to feel left out. Medium hair can be hectic to work with especially if a hair band cannot capture the whole lot. There are ways in which you can make your hair and still look trendy and still the show. Here are three major looks that you can try out;

  • Sexy waves

You can never go wrong with waves. They are always on point from the longest hair to the short one. You can have the waves made and fall in different directions or you can have then neat and clean all facing the same direction, the choice is yours.

  • Loose halo

Do you have a princess prom theme on your mind? then having a halo is the best way to compliment your look and make you feel like a princess for the night. The hairstyle which comprises loose twisted hair will surely make you feel like a divine angel, you would want the feeling right?

  • Ribbon bouffant updo

Are you up to the 60s movies, do you like their hairdo? How about is if I told you there is a way you can bring the 60s to your prom? Won’t that be great? The beehive hairdo will on point and make you feel like a movie star acting on a prom night. This look will bring the best in you that’s for sure.

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Short hair looks

Now, this goes to you with a short hair, you don’t have to stress yourself with extensions and wigs. We don’t want you to risk having it fall off on your signature prom. There is a way you can make your hair and still wow your date without doing all that, here are two pretty looks;

  • Wispy updo

This is a look that has been made by many celebrities with short hair in the movies and even red carpet. Do you have an assistant? You can be patiently assisted to make the look using some pins, hairspray and you will pull off the look. don’t be in a hurry if you want the look to steal the night.

  • Use a headband

Sometimes it’s the little things we ignore that can carry your day. This look can make you simple and beautiful for the night. if you have a princess dress, compliment the dress by pushing your hair down and wearing a thin headband that matches with your dress and you will be ready for your prom.

Looking good for your prom is vital. You don’t want to ruin your most memorable teen moment just because you didn’t get your hair right. from short hair to medium to long hair, there is a lot to choose from. Choose what you need and work to get the look for your night.

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