How long Does Semi-permanent Purple Hair Dye Last?

I love experimenting with new colors on my hair. I am talking about popping, vibrant colors like purple, especially during the summer. You agree with me summer comes with some level of craziness and guts to try out new things, right? From experience, this is how long the semi-permanent purple hair dye lasts.

Experimenting with new colors comes with a certain fear. One part of you wants to rock the color with confidence and the other fears what if the results aren’t satisfying as you expect. Well, with the purple color, it all depends on how you treat your hair after dyeing purple.

What do I mean?

There is no specific time to how long the purple color will stay on your hair. Experts estimate that you can have the color for up to 6-8 washes. According to me, it depends. During my research, I found out that how long you rock the purple hairdo depends on several factors.

What are the Factors That Affect How Long Semi-Permanent Purple Hairs Dye Last?

When you decide to have a vibrant purple hairdo, there are do’s and don’ts you can follow before.  That is to make the purple dye last or fade faster. Before you walk in your hair purple or decide to do it yourself, here are the factors that affect the durability of the dye on your hair:

How long Does Semi-permanent Purple Hair Dye Last?

How long Does Semi-permanent Purple Hair Dye Last?

How often do you wash your hair?

Do you know any hair dye fades in every wash? Forget the all-time shower moments and consider your purple hairdo before you hit the shower. Wash once every 3-4 days. Yes! Your purple hair dye hates water and the more you wash, the more it fades away, which is what you don’t want especially if you want the look for longer.

Mind the products you use on your purple-dyed hair

What do you do to wash your hair without fading the dye? You use dry shampoo. Forget the normal hair shampoo you use. There are special shampoos made for purple-dyed hair. They keep the color vibrant, keep the purple molecules vitalized while keeping your hair shiny and non-greasy.

Are you going to the beach?

Like said earlier, summer comes with absurd ideas of having cry colors. It is also the time to sunbathe on the beach and that means scorching sun. Chlorine and saltwater wash away purple hair shampoo and fades it away. If you have to go to the beach, condition your hair and wear a solar filter to protect your hair.

Do you fear cold water?

You rather have goose pimples than have an ugly faded color on your head, right? That is what I vow too. Rinsing your purple-dyed hair with cold water closes your head pores hence keeping the purple pigmentation intact.


The purple hairdo is my one-time favorite. Not only does it pop but also stands out and show my level of summer craziness. Are ready to try out the look but still wondering how long the semi-permanent purple hair dye lasts on your hair? Read above on how long and what factors affect its durability.

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