How Long Does Semi-permanent Pink Hair Dye Last

So, you look forward to having a pink hair look, right? Whether it is experimental or for a certain occasion, it is wise to ask yourself how long does semi-permanent pink hair color last before you go ahead and try out. Here are details on how long the hair dye lasts.

Just as the name suggests, the dye is not permanent. So, how long will you have the semi-permanent pink color on? Whether you like the pink color or not, do you have the power to determine how long the pink hair dye lasts on your hair? Well, read along to find out.

Can you Determine How Long the Semi-Permanent Pink hair dye Lasts?

The answer is no. it is difficult to tell how long you will have to pink color on your hair once you dye it. It may be for 1-6 or 6-8 washes. So, what determines how longer or shorter the color styles in your hair? The duration of the dye on your hair depends on the following factors:

  • The original color of your hair. Natural hair tends to hold on to dye color for longer.
  • The condition of your hair. How porous or non-porous your hair is.
  • It also depends on the type of dye you use, and how long you leave it on your hair before you wash.
  • How often you wash your hair after you dye. The more you wash, the lighter the color becomes.
  • How often you heat your hair.
How Long Does Semi-permanent Pink Hair Dye Last

How Long Does Semi-permanent Pink Hair Dye Last

Whether 1-6 weeks or 6-8 washes, the above five factors have something to do with it. Whether you want the look for a longer or shorter period, working with the factors will help you in that. So, are you happy with the look? Do you want to have the pink dye for a longer or shorter time? Well, continue reading and know how to.

How Can you Make the Semi-Permanent Pink Color Stay for a Longer or Shorter Period?

So, what do you want to do? Do you want the color for longer or are you done with it?

If you want to have the pink hairdo for a longer period, go for a brighter pink shade than the one you want it to be. Moreover, the more it fades, the closer you will get to the color you want. Also, wash your hair less pink as hair dye fades in every wash. Lastly, go easy on the heating seasons if you want the dye for longer.

If you are done with the color and want it out, then do the opposite. Wash your hair as many times a possible and the color will eventually fade away. Although it might damage your hair, you can use a harsh shampoo to aid you in removing the pink dye. Heating and straightening make the color dull.

You cannot know whether a pink hairdo is for you or not unless you try. Using a pink semi-permanent hair dye aids you in achieving the look. How long the semi-permanent pink hair dye lasts on your hair depends on the above factors and how you treat your hair to have the color for a longer or shorter period.

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