What is Demi-permanent Hair Dye?

I know you are not dye experts but you try to experiment now and then, right? While we leave the technical work to hair experts, it doesn’t harm to try out some of the dyeing techniques available. One of them is demi-permanent color. So, what is Demi-permanent hair dye?

If you look online, there is a lot of information about dyeing hair. You come across many dyes and one of them is demi-permanent dye ranges. The demi-permanent dye color is a type of dye that has no ammonia and deposit only. What does that mean?

It means that the dye has low volumes of peroxide that is enough to open cuticles and allow the color to penetrate and sit around the hair strand without changing its curl. The demi-permanent color comes in various shades. People use it to blend in grey, enhance natural color, tone highlights, and for corrective work.

How Long Does the Demi-permanent Hair Dye Last?

I know it gives you chill to imagine experimenting with a hair color that you haven’t tried before, right? The good thing about demi-permanent hair dyes is that if you don’t have to worry. The hair dye lasts between 12 to 24 shampoos.  How long the color lasts depends on you.

Yes!  you love the color after dyeing, you may choose to maintain it by going slow on the washing and using shampoos to maintain the color for longer. You see, since the demi-permanent color fades with every wash, you have a choice to let it fade away or maintain the color to last for long.

What are the Benefits of Demi Permanent Hair Dye?

A season comes with changes and while others may experiment on a new recipe, others venture on fashion and hair. If you love dyeing your hair as I do but aren’t sure on what color to settle on, the demi-permanent hair dye is the way to go. Why is that so?

That is because it allows you to go hare wire and still get your normal hair color if things go south. According to experts, the dye does not affect your roots or curl but rather embraces your hair follicle, darkens your tone, and allows you to rock a new vibrant color of your choice.

Another advantage is that the demi-permanent hair dye is suitable for all hair types whether you have curvy, straight, long, or short hair. however, you should take keen if you want to lighten your hair. that is because the dye does not help you lighten your hair. it only highlights it.

What is Demi-permanent Hair Dye

What is Demi-permanent Hair Dye


What if you Want to Remove the Demi-permanent dye, What do you do?

Suppose that you walk to the saloon and have the demi-permanent dye hairdo and don’t like it, what do you do? Well, it is simple. You can go back to the same saloon and have it removed or use a clarifying shampoo that strips off all hair products from your hair.


There you have it. Though you leave all the technical work to your hairstylist, there is simple information you should know. If you use hair dyes, it is wise to know what is demi-permanent hair dye, how long it lasts, its benefit, and how you can remove it in case you don’t like it.

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