How Long Does Demi Permanent Hair Dye Last?

Our hair color style is influenced by what we see on Instagram and runways. Celebrities are always changing their hair colors, tint, shades, and even styles. Knowing the best hair dye to use for experimenting with different hair colors can be somewhat difficult. If you are not sure of the type of hair color you want for your hair, it is always good to experiment with a dye that will not last. That means going for a demi-permanent hair dye. So, the question remains, how long does demi-permanent hair dye last?

Demi-Permanent hair dye can last between 26 to 28 shampoo washes. But it will all depend on the health and porosity of your hair. Demi-permanent hair dyes tend to be milder as compared to permanent dyes. They do not contain ammonia and have a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide normally 2%. This dye will give your hair shaft a more natural color which means when new hair grows, it will give it that natural color. Demi-permanent hair dye will quickly wash off after several washes.

What Is Hair Dye?

For those who are new to the world of hair dying, let us start from the basics. Just as the name suggests, hair dye contains chemicals such as P-Phenylenediamine which can change your hair color. People normally dye their hair because of different reasons, and it will all depend on the health and porosity of your hair.

How Does Demi Permanent Hair Dye Work?

Demi-permanent hair dye will work on your cuticles and it can also penetrate your hair shaft. It is not capable of bleaching hair pigments because the concentration rate of hydrogen peroxide is very low. Another disadvantage of using demi-permanent hair dye is that it does not impart color uniformly like permanent dyes. It will however enhance the natural color of your hair. Anyone with 50% grays should be the one to use this dye.

How Long Does Demi Permanent Hair Dye Last

How Long Does Demi Permanent Hair Dye Last

Demi-permanent hair can change the tone of your hair color giving it that perfect shine. It is not capable of lifting or lightening the preexisting hair color. That means if you want great results, you need to go for a darker or similar shade that the one you presently have. Since this dye is gentle, it will cause little or no damage to your hair shaft. Before applying a demi-permanent dye, you need to first do a patch test and see whether you have any allergic reactions. If you have fragile or damaged hair, then this product is the best for you.

Wrapping Up

If you want to dye your hair, you will need to know how healthy your hair is. Other people dye their hair because they have gray hair while others can do it for fashion. Whatever the reason, you need to choose your dye correctly. Demi-permanent hair dye is good for those who do not want something permanent and are willing to change from time to time. Make sure to do your research before trying out any demi-permanent hair dye!

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