How to Dutch Braid Your Own Hair

Braids are the best when it comes to changing hairstyles. Today you may want to have a zipper braid and tomorrow a waterfall. You should be able to braid your own hair at will depending on what you like. But what happens if you have never done your own braid before? Some people normally find it hard to Dutch braid their own hair, but it is never that difficult. Let us look at how to Dutch Braid your own hair step by step.


Step One

Start by brushing your hair using a brush to make sure that there are no tangles. Your hair should be free of lock because locks can make it difficult to Dutch braid your hair. You can use a dry shampoo just to make sure that your hair is soft.


Step Two

When you are sure that your hair is straightened, start by holding a section of your hair from one eyebrow arch to the next. Split that part of hair into three equal sections. Make sure that you hold the rest of the remaining hair using elastic. The three-section of hair will be the starting point of your braid.


Step Three

Start braiding the section of hair by bringing the right section under the section in the middle then the left section of hair under the new middle section. Add some sections of hair from the right side of your head to the right section of your braid. Continue the same process of bringing that new section under the middle section. Add some hair from the left side of your head to the left section of your braid. Bring the left section under the new middle section.

How to Dutch Braid Your Own Hair

How to Dutch Braid Your Own Hair

Step Four

Repeat the same process as you continue adding more hair from the left section and right section braiding them under the middle section. You should notice a continuous pattern. Once you have added all your hair and you have nothing more, you can braid the remaining length of hair using the traditional three braid. Make sure that it is firmly secured with an elastic and you are good to go.

Repeat the same process all over your head. If you notice a continuous pattern that means that you are on your way to braiding your first Dutch braid. Your first time will not be that perfect but with practice, you will get better and better. Repeat the whole process on your friend’s hair if you want to get better. It is that simple.


Once you have master how to do the single Dutch braid, you can advance to the double Dutch braid which is not complicated. Next time when you are going to a party, you should be able to Dutch braid your own hair but as they say, practice makes perfect. All the best in braiding your Dutch hair!

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