Best Liquid Eyeliner Drugstore

Anyone who loves eye makeup should never miss a liquid eyeliner on their makeup kit. Finding a liquid eyeliner that has been perfectly formulated is never easy to find. Unlike its powder-based partner, the liquid eyeliner will glide smoothly on your eyelids and will create a customized look with ease. They normally last long, and they do not fade, run or bleed. So, what is the best liquid eyeliner drugstore?

A good liquid eyeliner should not clump, and it should be easy to apply. Let us look at some of the best liquid eyeliners we have available on the market.


  1. Stay All Day Eye Liner by Stila

This liquid eyeliner is ideal for both hot and humid days of the summer. Stay All Day Eye Liner by Stila is a long-lasting, smudge-proof, and waterproof eyeliner that dries up quickly. It comes in different shades and you can choose what works well for you. After applying it, it can last up to 10 hours which means you can go about your daily chores without stress. The product is readily available in the online store.


  1. Insta Eye Liner LakMe

Are you looking for a liquid eyeliner that is affordable, waterproof, and one that is easy to apply? Then you need to look no further. Insta Eye Liner LakMe is the lady’s favorite eyeliner because it is super affordable. It comes in 4 shades and can last all day. After applying it, you do not need to waste time because it dries quickly, and you can choose the shade that you love. It comes in shades of green, black, blue, and gold.

Best Liquid Eyeliner Drugstore

Best Liquid Eyeliner Drugstore

  1. Skinny Liquid Eye Liner Revlon

This product comes with an ultra-slim brush that will smoothly glide over your eyelids leaving you with the perfect makeup. Skinny Liquid Eye Liner Revlon has been ophthalmologically tested and it is smudge and transfer-proof. If you love your eyes and you want a product that will last for more than 10 hours, then you have gotten your perfect choice. It comes in four stunning shades that will leave your eyes flawless.


  1. Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner by Maybelline

This liquid eyeliner has some of the best reviews on the market and that is because it comes with an intense black color that will give you a shiny finish. Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner by Maybelline has been tested by ophthalmologists and it has been found to be long lasting for up to 24 hours. It is affordable and easy to apply and for anyone who wants to change her eye game, then you need to try this product.


  1. London Liquid Eyeliner Rimmel

London Liquid Eyeliner Rimmel is the best eyeliner for anyone who has sensitive eyes. This product will hold on perfectly and it will never crack even after wearing it for long hours. It dries quickly and it comes with an applicator that will enable you to get that perfect angle. This product will allow you to cry, laugh, and smile all day without budging.

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