Hazel Eyes and Eyeshadow Tutorials on How to Make them Pop Out

The eye is an organ in the body which is very vital to every one of us. With our eyes, we can stare and admire the beautiful environment that we leave in. we need them to guide us through our day to day activities.

When you look through, the eyes are a beautiful and most expressive component that we have in our body. It shows when we are sad, happy, in a foul mood and even when we are angry. It can reveal our innermost emotions.

With your eyes, you can communicate easily without even talking a word. By just a simple glance or a deep stare, you can tell how your heart is feeling and that brings out the topic of the colour of your eyes. Did you know there are different colours of eyes? Read along as I tell you more.

Do you know the colour of your eyes? yes, our eyes have different colours and every one of us has one colour what is conspicuous in our eyes. what is yours? The colour of your eyes depends on your genetic makeup or your personality traits. Let’s look deeper into people with hazel eyes.

Hazel Eyes and Eyeshadow

Hazel Eyes and Eyeshadow

What are hazel eyes

There have been stories of how this kind of eyes are rare to find and when found in the person, the person happens to be very beautiful or handsome. Well, that is true. hazel eyes are eyes with a mixture of colours from green to brown to blue.

Hazel eyes are not specific. That means persons with hazel eyes can have different shades of colours depending on some factors. They can go from a more shade of green to mare shade of brown. Did I mention that the colour of your eye defines your personality trait? well, that is true.

People with hazel eyes tend to be very spontaneous. When it comes to a fight, you might want to fear them because they don’t back down from a challenge. Statistics say that those with a greener shade tend to be mischievous and those with a more shade of grey tend to be more approachable.

In a lighter mood, it is important to note that hazel eyes colour change depending on the mood. It is quite funny that the moment they are happy their eyes tend to be different from the time when they are sad though the change is for a while. A little science will help you understand more.

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The science behind hazel eyes

For you to understand this type of eye colour, it is vital we look at the scientific part of it. what makes the eyes have the colour change? First, you need to know that the primary factors that affect the colours of the eyes are;

  • Pigmentation of the iris.
  • How light scatters around the iris.

Now, what happens in the hazel eyes is that the iris run a lot of colours from a dark of green to the lighter of blue. The thing that makes it possible in the eyes is the melanin that is found on the iris. The hazel eye colouring is due to a concept of Rayleigh scattering.

Rayleigh scattering is a representation of how light scatters over an abject after running its spectrum wavelength. That explains why the hazel eyes have the unique colour change. The intensity of the colour can be affected by the following factors;

Time of the day

Don’t be surprised to see hazel eyes changing colours as the time of the day goes by. That is because the colour is determined by the intensity of the sun rays. When it is brighter, the colour tends to be deeper and when it is not bright, the intensity lower.

Lighting condition

How the hazel eyes appear indoors may be different from how they appear outside. That is because when the eyes are depending on the artificial lighting of the house, the intensity tends to be lower than when it is outside in natural lighting.


We like to dress up in different types of clothes that have different colours. For people with hazel eyes, the colour of the eyes can be defined by the colours they are wearing. When they wear gold, blue or green, their eyes tend to be deeper in colour appearance.


Makeup has a way of changing the look of a person. When we wear makeup, we stand out from the crowd. That applies to hazel eyes. when the eyes are applied makeup, they pop out and stand out depending on the colour of the shadow won.


An allergy is a response to a certain stimulate. A stimulant maybe fur, hair or anything that can trigger an unusual reaction. When that happens to people with hazel eyes, not only does the skin change but also the colour shade of the eyes.

Drug and alcohol

Some drugs that hazel eyed people take tend to influence the intensity of their eyes. that is why they are always advised to talk to their doctor before they take any type of medication. Any intoxication of any alcohol also influences how your eyes look.


Yes, as mentioned earlier, how you are feeling on the inside has a way of being reflected in this type of eyes. that means when they are sad, happy, angry foul mood, the intensity of the eyes changes. The good thing about this is that it is until the next mood change.

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Eye Shadow Tutorials for Hazel Eyes

Now that you have known the interesting facts about hazel eyes, its time you know what makes those eyes stand out. If you are a makeup artist, how would you make the hazel eyes stand out from the crowd? It is good to know since makeup helps enhance the beauty of how the eyes look.

The good thing about the hazel eyes is that they can appear in multiple colours. That means that you can play around with colours by applying different eyeshadow colours and come up with a beautiful stunning look.

When applying makeup to a hazel person, you need to look at the skin tone of the person. That is because different looks will look good on different skin tones. There is no better way than knowing the makeup that works for a certain skin tone and gets it right.

When you are making up search eyes, it is good you know that you can play around with many colours so don’t be afraid of experimenting. Here are some different ways in which you can shadow the eyes without stealing the beauty of how the eyes look;

Use smoky purple look

There is no better way of approaching the situation than of using colours from the opposite side of the colour wheel. The colours on the opposite side happen to be purple which is a feminine colour. Us bright shades of purple, aborigine and a black shade and you will never go wrong.

This look is perfect for a person ho has hazel eyes, brown hair and a pale skin. That will make her stand out and most importantly make the eyes conspicuous and be noticed. Do you know how to go around it? well don’t worry, follow the following steps;

  1. First, you need to pack some of the bright purple colour on the rid. You need to make sure that you don’t extend the purple colour outside of the rid.
  2. With the beige shade, you need to touch on top of the rid and blend it in on the outside corners. You can use black eyeshadow to determine the corners.
  3. Now blend it out to make it natural using a clean brush
  4. Attach some eyebrow if you need to and do some finishing using some mascara.
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Black and gold glitter eye makeup

Does your client want to stand out and get noticed? using black and gold will do the trick. There is no better way of doing so than to use gold to make the rays in her eyes stand out and to use black to add contrast. This is how you go around applying the makeup;

  1. You need to first start with a neutral foundation on the eyelid. The best way to do that is by using the colour shade of your skin tone.
  2. Next, you need to apply the black eyeshadow along the lower lash line to make sure you create a defined lash line.
  3. You need now to apply the black shade on the outer corner towards the lower lash for a smoky look
  4. Now apply the gold to the rest of the eyelid and make sure it blends in nicely
  5. Do so polish up by putting on some fake eyelashes if you must and mascara.

Using bronze eyeshadow

Like mentioned earlier. The good thing about hazel eyes is that you can play around with colours. If your client wants to look sharp and stunning this is the look to go for. The good thing about the look is that it can be won in all the occasion, so it can run for the whole day.

To do this, you need some bronze eyes shadow and some copper one. The trick about this is to apply along ship contour and make sure the eyeshadows blend in nicely. Don’t be in a hurry to do it and make sure the client with the hazel eyes is comfortable with the look. Here is how to do it;

  1. First, you need to apply a neutral colour to act as your foundation on the eyelids
  2. If need be, use a tape along the lower lash line to extend the eyeshadow in a sharp line
  3. You need now to apply the copper shadow on the eyelid. Make sure you do it in a neat way
  4. Apply the bronze shade on the top and use a clean brush to blend in.
  5. For a more polished finish look, use a blueliner to finish the look and add on mascara

Go with smoky black

Just like the little black dress, you can never go wrong with black. A hazel person with black smoky eyeshadows looks focused and sharp. That is because that black brings out the intensity of the eyes. The look is perfect for hazel eyed people with fair and warm skin tone.

All shades of black are perfect for the look, all you need to ensure is that you don’t overdo it and you don’t apply outside the eyelid. For you to attain the perfect look, you need to follow the following simple steps;

  1. First, you need to start with a neutral colour to serve as the foundation on the eyelid. The best way to do this is by applying a neutral brown for a perfect transition.
  2. Now you need to apply the black shadow onto the eyelid in bits. That is to make sure you attain the perfect shade and the only way to do that is by applying in portions.
  3. You need to slowly add to the intensity you require and make sure to blend in for a sharp look
  4. Make sure you apply on the lower lash line too to make sure they blend in well. Finish the look with a mascara.

There are many more looks that one can make with a hazel eyed person. All you must do is know what they are in the mood for and execute the look. Playing around with colours works wonders so use pink, blue, purple, and many more shades of eyeshadow colours for a more fun look.

Makeup is all about getting it right so, once you allocate the colour that you want to apply, make sure that you apply it well along the eyeshadow and blend it well then, your client is ready to stand out.

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