Best Drugstore Eyeliner for Oily Lids

If you have oily skin, then you know the problems that you can face when wearing your eye makeup. Some products can just melt away because of the oily skin and others will even smudge. But that does not mean that you should never wear eye makeup. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best drugstore eyeliners for oily lids that you can wear to give you those beautiful eyes that you have always dreamed of. The eyeliners are affordable and good for anyone with oily skin. Without further ad, let us go straight to our list.


  1. Soap & Glory Eyeliner Pencil

If you are looking for a product that will offer you an intense and rich color, then you need to try Soap & Glory Eyeliner Pencil. It has a flexible tip that will glide over your eyes with ease leaving you with a long-lasting effect. If you are a dramatic or natural person, then you need to try this product. It is the best choice for anyone with oily skin and it is oil proof. You can use this product without removing your glasses.


  1. AQUA XL Waterproof Eye Pencil

AQUA XL Waterproof Eye Pencil is the perfect product that will glide smoothly on your face. It is ultra-smooth and smudge-proof. This waterproof eyeliner will last longer than the usual eyeliners. You will never have any tugging when you use this product. It is easy to apply and can be used by a beginner and a professional stylist.

Best Drugstore Eyeliner for Oily Lids

Best Drugstore Eyeliner for Oily Lids

  1. Black Magic Eyeliner EYEKO

This product is fade-proof and will give you long-lasting wear. This product is vegan, and it contains natural ingredients such as vitamin B5 and E that are essential for your skin. For oily skin, then this product is a must-have on your makeup kit. During application, this product will glide on smoothly and effortlessly. It also comes at a reasonable price that any beginner can afford.


  1. Voluminous Superstar L’Oréal Paris

This product is easy to apply on any oily skin and you will love the outcome. If you have any skin allergies, then you need to use this product. It can easily be removed and if you are still new in the makeup world, then you need to try this product. The pigmentation on this product makes it ideal for sensitive skin. The tip of the eyeliner is soft and gentle on the skin. Just make sure to apply your makeup correctly if you want to stand out.


  1. DHC Liquid Eyeliner

DHC Liquid Eyeliner comes with a long, thin, and flexible tip that will leave your makeup looking great. The product does not budge on your oily skin and it will not cause any irritations. It will glide effortlessly on your skin and you can get it at any online store. All the reviews that this product has are all good which means you can trust it. It comes with a budget-friendly price that you can afford.

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