Does Drinking Water Clear Acne

You have heard many times people trying to understand whether drinking water can help reduce acne. Water is good when it comes to hydrating your skin but there is still no concrete answer that shows that water can help clear acne. In this article, we are going to look at some of the benefits that come with drinking water and try to answer the question does drinking water clear acne? Let us look at some of the benefits that come when you hydrate and how it helps improve your skin health.

Drinking water will help protect and heal your skin from environmental pollutants. When your skin lacks enough hydration, it can be prone to issues such as drying which may lead to other major issues related to your pores. Taking enough water will make your skin hydrated and your skin cells will plump up. Having plumped-up skin cells means you will have smooth and firm-looking skin. If you hate flakes and dry skin, then you should drink enough water.

Taking lots of water may help reduce the excessive production of oils. If your skin is dry and does not have enough hydration, it may lead to a ramp-up production of natural oils from your skin. This means you will have increased production of sebum, which is not good news because eventually, you will start having acne issues. Proper hydration also helps other parts of your body to function properly. For your body to be able to get rid of toxins, you need to drink water.

Your kidney, liver, skin, and lymphatic system all need water for them to operate fully. Toxins are normally flushed out through sweating, urinating, or even pooping. When you sweat, you are removing toxins from your body and that water comes out in form of sweat from your skin. Your liver and kidney also play a very important role when it comes to removing wastes from your body. So, to be healthy and alive, you need to drink water.

Does Drinking Water Clear Acne

Does Drinking Water Clear Acne

How Much Water Should One Drink?

Many times, we hear about drinking 8 glasses of water is good for your body and skin, but people are different. Someone who works out every day will not take the same amount of water as someone seated in the office. The more active your body is, the more hydration you need. Your environment and your current health condition will determine the amount of water that you will take. Studies show that someone with acne can benefit by taking water because it will help with the functionalities of skin barriers. Different types of water are available on the market today. So, does that mean you should take any water? No! you should only take clean unflavored water. Flavored and sweetened water is not good for your body.


In Conclusion

There are a few reasons that back up proper hydration and your skin health. More research still needs to be carried out to strongly confirm that water and acne are related. We are however still advised to take lots of water because, in one way or another, it will help your body and skin to stay healthy.

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