Splat Hair Dye Reviews

One client who has used splat hair dye said that she got a deep vibrant pink and when it fades, she got an attractive pink color. This was her first time using the Splat pink mist color, but the results were excellent. She said that she would try a different type of splat hair dye next time and she recommends other uses to try it out.

Another amazing client said that the product is affordable, and she got amazing coverage. It is easy to apply, and she stayed with it for two months before trying a different color. This product will keep your hair vibrant, and shiny and it will last longer than any other hair dye. She highly recommends using this product.

Once you apply this product for the first time, it will conquer and make your hair glow says another happy customer. She says it is easy to apply and she also uses it on her kids. Everyone in her family looks and feels unique and the product fades at a steady pace. The only downside she had was that it fades away with water or sweat.

The color that comes with Splat hair dye is amazing as it leaves your hair vibrant and soft. This customer loves the way the product makes your hair feel awesome and it can last for a long time. Once you use this product, all you will get are compliments.

Splat Hair Dye Reviews

Splat Hair Dye Reviews

Another client who has been struggling with getting a bright hair color loved splat hair dye after using it once. She says it is simple to apply and the fears she had initially about dying her hair quickly disappeared. The product dyed her hair heavily and everyone could notice her wherever she went. She says she would recommend the product to anyone looking for drastic change.

One customer said that Splat hair dye is the only product that gives her hair the color she wants. You will remain glowing and shinning for days after using this product but the only downside she mentioned is that her bathroom was colored red when it came to removing it. All in all, she would recommend it to anyone willing to dye their hair.

The product is the best when it comes to expressing your hair color. It will give your hair a vibrant look and can work well for any type of hair. It is a one-wash temporary dye that is easy and fun to apply. Just choose your color and you will get that perfect look.

Splat hair dye is affordable and once you apply it; it will stay for long. You can apply it yourself or you can go to a salon and have them do it for you. This product will make you look invincible and when you chose your color, you will see wonders. This product is highly recommended to anyone looking to have that new look.


Splat hair dye is a semi-permanent dye that will sit outside your hair when you apply it to your hair. It will dye the cuticles of your hair and it has no chemical reaction to your scalp. It has less damage, and it is fun to use.

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