Best Bleach for Dark Hair

Anyone who has dark hair has at some point fantasized about getting that platinum blonde lock. There are some types of hair that will naturally absorb light color without a hassle but others will need the help of hair bleach. Any hair bleach is meant to lift the shade of your hair and make it look excellent. There are different types of hair bleaches that you will find in the market but finding the best bleach for dark hair can be difficult. Below are some of the best hair bleaches for dark hair that will leave you looking great.


  1. Blonde ME Schwarzkopf Professional

Anyone who has used Blonde ME Schwarzkopf Professional lightener has always praised the product. You will get up to 9 levels of lift levels and the product can be used with or without a developer. Shade levels are easy to control from ash blonde up to platinum shade. You will get perfect results just after one session. The only downside that comes with this product is that you will get little irritations on your scalp.


  1. Multi Blonde Wella Powder Lightener

If you want to lift your dark hair up to 7 levels, then you need to use Multi Blonde Wella Powder Lightener. You will get perfect results just after an hour after applying it and you should not worry about getting brassy tones. The product is made with yellow pigments that will remove unwanted warm tones after lighting. It can work as a hair color or pre-color treatment which means it is very versatile.


  1. Flash Manic Panic Hair Bleach Kit

For anyone looking for a budget-friendly bleaching kit, then the Flash Manic Panic Hair Bleach Kit is the best choice. Once you buy the product, you will get a mixing tub, a developer, dust-free bleach powder, cap, brush applicator, and plastic gloves. This bleach can get you up to 5 level lifts and it has great results. Manic panic has been certified and has not been tested on animals and it’s vegan-free. If you are still new to bleaching, then you should try out this product.

Best Bleach for Dark Hair

Best Bleach for Dark Hair

  1. Quick Blue L’Oréal Powder Bleach

If you have been using hair bleach products, you know that sometimes it can be hard for you to get through hair roots without getting burnt. Other bleaches have a gentle formula that will not get the job done. Quick Blue L’Oréal Powder Bleach will help you lift your hair to 7 levels. People who have used this product, have gotten great results and have highly praised it. It is safe to use on the scalp and it comes at a reasonable price.


  1. Jolen Bleach Creme Formula

Jolen Bleach Creme Formula is the best for anyone who has sensitive skin. It has an aloe vera infusion which means you will not have any skin irritations. The product can work well for both brows and hair which means you will blend easily when you use this product. Once you buy the product, it will come with a mixing cup and it has a no-drip formula.

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