Winged Eyeliner Tools that Every Woman Must Have

In the world of makeup, we all have our ups and downs. No one wants to be left behind when it comes to looking beautiful. Everyone wants to look flawless and glowing whenever they pop out. That means investing when it comes to buying your makeup.

How much do you spend on your makeup on average? No need to mention because I am sure you invest a lot. It is not bad, everyone wants to walk in a room and have the attention of everyone and you can only do that when you look good.

Getting your makeup right is part of the process of making sure you have a flawless skin. Even after investing a lot in your makeup if you don’t apply it well, it will all be a waste because you will end up scaring people instead of attracting them.

When it comes to your foundation, you should make sure you staple it well and thin enough to avoid overdoing. You should also make sure that your powder and blushes are perfect for that perfect look. what about your eyes?

Your eyes are what people see immediately they see you, how do you do your eye makeup? So are you the simple type who only apply eyeliner and you are good to go or are you the type that gives details when it comes to your eyes?

For those who give attention to their eyes, this is for you. are you one of them? Setting time to make your eyes look good will go along way in enhancing the way you have applied the rest of the makeup. From smock eyes, eyeshadows and cat eyes, you need to make sure that the effort is shown.

Winged Eyeliner Tools

Winged Eyeliner Tools

You will show your efforts when you have a perfect result. Getting your eye makeup perfect can be difficult. That is because it involves a lot of curving and line drawing and getting it right can be a tussle. How is your experience so far? Do you get it right?

It is because of the messy experiences that people have that the cosmetic world has come to our rescue. This is by coming up it tolls that will help us get the art right. with the tools, you don’t have to be a pro, all you must do is use the tools correctly and you will end up with a perfect look.

If you have not invested in the tools, its time you go online to your nearest cosmetic store and get the tools. The tools include;

  1. Stencils

It requires a lot of experience for you to pull off a perfect cat eye look. that is why many women are afraid of eye makeup and opt to go safely and be simple. It doesn’t have to be this way. you can still do your eye makeup with the stencils available in the stores. What are they for?

Stencils are used to mark your path on where you are supposed to draw. All you must do is place the stencil on the eyes and fill in the look. quite simple, right? this can be a perfect help when it comes to making smock eyes and perfect curves that come with it.

  1. Eyeliner brush

This is perfect especially when it comes t gel eyeliner. It is used to make sure the curves around the eye eyes are perfect. When you use the eyeliner brush on the sideways and across the lid, your looks are enhanced, and you will end up with a perfectly made eye makeup.

Do you have this one in your collection? If not, you need to have one asap. If you want a line that is perfect and precise, you need to have the brush to take care of the lines for you. once you have the brush, you will see how easy it will be for you.

  1. Cotton swabs

I know you are wondering what they are for, right? you will agree with me that it is not always a walk in the park when you are working on your eye makeup. There are a lot of messy moments especially if you are new in this makeup world and you have no experience.

Thanks to the cotton swabs, you don’t have to carry the evidence of your messy work whenever you go. They are used to erase all the evidence of oops moment from your face. When you mess somewhere. All you must do is dip a cotton swab in a makeup remover and erase the mess.

  1. Thin eyeliner brush

Sometimes its all about preciseness for you to get that glow that you require. With that in mind, you need a brush that will help you achieve the goal of having a very accurate thick or thin line across your lashes, this is the brush that comes to your rescue.

For the fact that it is thin, it can draw a very accurate line whether thick or thin with no mistake and leave you with the end look that you so desire. When it comes to close to your lashes, you need something that will do a clean job and a thin eyeliner brush will do just that.

  1. Vamp stamp

Do you struggle with the wings? Yes, that curve that goes with the smoky eyes or the cat eye look? you are not alone. It is a struggle getting one right and it becomes even harder to make the second look like the first one. You don’t have to trouble again.

Thanks to the vamp stamp, you are in for a clean even line on both eyes at a perfect angle, what a relief, right? all you need to do is dip the stamp in the eyeliner most especially the gel one and see the angle you want your cat eye to be. You have two sizes to choose from so the choice is yours.

  1. Scotch tape

No, we are not wrapping anything here, just trying to make the lines perfect. For a perfect flick and a wing of a pro, you need to place a tape underneath your lower lash line at the corner and angle it or place it towards the end of your brows

This is good news for most of us who have shaky hands. Your line can be messy and not straight. When it comes to the angles, it is hard to get it right and even on both sides but thanks to the tape, you will be able to accomplish the look of a star without any mess involved.

  1. Angled eyeliner brush

I know you are wondering why the brushes are many and different. The answer is quite simple. Getting the eye makeup right to involve mastering the art of getting all the angles and lines right. You can only do that with the help of all this brush.

The above-mentioned brush is good for a precise and perfect wing look. that is because, with the brush, you can bend the side easily and draw along your eyelashes will be easy for you. the brush will leave you will a gorgeous look that only pros can pull off.

  1. Eyeliner shaper

This is a must-have for you. If you just can’t get your wing on the point you need this tool to help you out. Like mentioned earlier, you don’t have to be a pro to be perfect. You need to buy these tools and your work at the makeup table will easy and quick.

If you cannot keep your hands steady as you draw your flick, you have 2 types of angles on both sides to choose from. Look in the mirror and choose what suits your face and you will be amazed at the results that you will see.

  1. Mirror

What can we do without our mirrors? Nothing. The truth is if we get every tool that might aid us to have that radiant eye makeup without a mirror, it will all go down to drain. You need a mirror to make sure all the tools do what they are supposed to do perfectly.

When applying your eye makeup, it is advisable that you work in a well light room. You should have a large mirror for you to be able to see your self especially around the eye areas on all angles. Invest in a good one and using your tools, you will see how perfect your eye makeup will turn out.

Getting your eye makeup right can be a stressful moment. There is a lot of drawing and curving involved which can be tedious and messy at times. This does not mean you should coward from applying eye makeup.

When you have a perfectly done eye makeup, it is sexy and flirty and that is why you must make effort no matter how difficult it is. Thanks to eyeliner tools, you don’t have to stress yourself. Get the tools and start using the tools today. Be a pro in your own way when it comes to your eye makeup.

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