Does Exercise Help Acne

As we all know, exercise can positively affect our health and that is why experts recommend that you try and exercise daily. It can help solve problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. So, does exercise help acne? Exercise has its own benefits that such as keeping you in shape, feeling good about yourself and it can also help you mentally. There is no clear answer as to whether exercise will help improve acne, but we surely know that it will not hurt you to do it.

Exercise helps to increase blood flow throughout your body, it helps to clear pores when you sweat, it will help you with your stress which is a major trigger of acne. Seating on the couch will not help you either if you have acne, so you better try exercise because it has a lot of benefits to your body. In this article, we are going to look at whether exercise will help clear acne and look at some positives and negatives of exercising.

What to Do Before Exercise

Step One

  • No Makeup

If you want to fully benefit from exercising, you should not wear your makeup. Pores tend to open during exercise and when you block them, they will not be able to breathe naturally. Make-up can cause clogging of pores which can later cause acne. It is advisable to use a light moisturizing liquid.

Step Two

  • Avoid Hair Products

Before you start your daily exercise, it is good to avoid products that contain oils and any other leave-in conditioners. When you are exercising, oils from those products will run down your face leading to clogging of pores. This will cause your face to develop pimples, especially on your forehead.

Step Three

  • Clean Your Gym Equipment

Gym equipment tends to have all kinds of bacteria that can be harmful to your face. So, before you start your daily exercise, it is good to clean all the equipment using a paper towel and a sanitizer. If your gym does not have paper towels, you can carry some from home.

Step Four

  • Shower After Exercise

When you exercise, your pores will open exposing them to dirt and bacteria. Sweating helps your body to release sebum and if you do not take an immediate shower, your pores may clog leading to other problems. If you already have acne, make sure that you have a clean towel when exercising as you can use it to wipe sweat from the affected areas.

Does Exercise Help Acne

Does Exercise Help Acne

Why Should You Exercise?

Exercise is very important as it will keep you motivated throughout the day. If you have never done it before, it is good to start with short training and as you get better, you can start with intense workouts and exercise. Once you have started your daily exercise routine, you should not lose sight of your goal. Exercise will help keep your body healthy and your skin will stay clear.

In Conclusion

There is no scientific evidence that directly links exercise and acne improvements, but we all know that you will become healthy if you exercise. Not exercising at all has its own consequences. When you sweat during exercise, your body tends to release harmful toxins and in the long run, it also helps to clear your pores.

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