How Long Does Hair Dye Last?

When it comes to applying hair dye, there are two things that you need to know. There is permanent hair dye and semi-permanent. Depending on the type of hair dye that you have applied, the lasting periods will vary. Generally, permanent hair dye will remain on your hair until it grows off exposing the roots of your hair. On the other hand, semi-permanent hair dye can be washed off.

Permanent hair dye will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks before it begins to fade. Those are around 28 shampoos before you start noticing a difference. Frequent exposure to sunlight can also speed up the process of hair dye fading. Semi-permanent hair dye can last up to 6 weeks if you avoid swimming and exposure to the sun.

Swimming pool water contains chlorine which when exposed to semi-permanent hair dye can cause it to fade. Semi-permanent hair dye will therefore vary in time that it lasts. If you consistently wash your hair using shampoo, the semi hair dye will not last more than four weeks.

Permanent Hair Dye


To those who have gray hair, there is nothing more effective than using permanent hair dye. Permanent hair dye works by removing pigments from hair and replacing them with a new color. The new color that your hair will get will not wash out but instead will grow out. Permanent hair dye does not need to be applied often because of the components that it is made of.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

How Long Does Hair Dye Last

How Long Does Hair Dye Last

Semi-permanent hair dye is short-term, and it is non-damaging to your hair. It does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, unlike permanent hair dye. This hair dye does not require any mixing of components before applying. You can simply apply it directly from the applicator. Most people prefer using semi-permanent hair dye because it can quickly get off.

Generally, the time that hair dye will last depends on two factors. One is the type of dye that you are using and the second is how do you treat your hair. If you are always washing a semi-permanent hair dye, it will not last long. Permanent hair dye can last up to 6 weeks if you are not regularly exposed to the sun.


If you notice that your hair dye is fading off, you should go for a re-coloring if you want to keep that great look. Make sure to choose wisely the type of hair dye that you want to apply. If you are still new, you should start with semi-permanent hair dye. Once you get the experience and the feel, you can then upgrade to permanent hair dye.

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