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Winged Eyeliner Tools that Every Woman Must Have

In the world of makeup, we all have our ups and downs. No one wants to be left behind when it comes to looking beautiful. Everyone wants to look flawless and glowing whenever they pop out. That means investing when it comes to buying your makeup. How much do you spend on your makeup on average? ...

Guide on How to Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows

You will agree with me that we all like to look beautiful, right? There nothing breathtaking like a beautiful face in front of the crowd. You can capture the attention of people hence you are able to drive a point with courage and confidence. How do you attain a beautiful face? For you to look ...

Green Eyes and Tutorials on How to Apply Eyeshadow

Eye colours are the most fascinating thing you will find in a human being, that is because they have a lot to say a lot about you and not to mention they also go further in defining your beauty. So, what is your eye colour? Well if you are green, count your self-lucky and read along. Green ...