Gorgeous Nail Shape Guide for Any Woman to Have

After a long day at work, our hands are tired and worn out. Ladies will agree with me that those nails can’t be attractive. We need to look for a way to make them pretty and worth looking at and the best way you can do that is by having a manicure.

So, you are in a saloon and say you want a manicure, the next question that comes on your way will be what shape do you prefer? It can be quite complicated to choose a perfect look for your nail and it becomes even more difficult if you don’t know the various shape available.

Over the years, people have discovered ways of making their nails prettier. Women are coming up with ways of getting out of the same old look of their nails by going out of their means and getting a manicure. What really happens?

When you set your mind to get your nail done, it means you get to choose or your makeup artist chooses a nail shape that best compliment your nails. Then the nails are shaped with a nail file to the style that you have preferred. Sounds simple right?

Well, it’s not a walk in the park especially if it is your fast time. That is because you don’t know the shapes available and what best suits your nail. Once you get accustomed to making your nails, you will find it simple that you can even do it at home.

Gorgeous Nail Shape

Gorgeous Nail Shape

If you are having trouble when it comes to nail shapes, this is for you. read along and you will learn about the different types of nails shapes available so, you won’t have to be confused the next time you visit your stylist.

Before I guide into different shapes, it is good to remember that you should mind the condition of your nails before you go for a certain shape. That is because some looks make the nails week while some apply for a certain length of the nail. Here is how you know what best for you;

How to know what shape is best for you

Long and wide fingers

If you have this kind of fingers, you need to balance the length. The best way you can do this is making sure you always maintain long nails. With the long nails, you can now have the oval or the almond shape on your nails.

Long and slim fingers

If you have this kind of fingers, girl, you are lucky. That is because you can have any look you want. You have an advantage of having any shape looking good on you. to make your nails more edgy and elegant, go for square and squoval as this shape make your nails look wider.

Short and wide fingers

With this type of hands, you need to keep and maintain your long nails. That is because, with the oval and the round shape, you will be able to create the illusion of long fingers on your hands hence striking a balance.

Short and slim fingers

When you have such hands, you feel like you have little girl’s hands, you need to look for a way to make your hands look more feminine. Almond, oval and squoval will do the trick. They will make your hands appear wider and longer.

Now that you have known how you can come up with the perfect nail shape to compliment the shape of your hands, its time to know more details about the shape. Before you walk into any salon and demand for a look, you need to have an idea of how the shape looks like and how to work towards achieving the shape. Here are some of the shapes available;

  1. Round shape

Just as the name suggests, you are going to have your nails edges shaped round. The curve follows the natural shape. The look is simple and easily made with little efforts. The good thing about this type of shape is that it can work on both short or long nails.

Do you like playing safe or want to look simple and more feminine? The look is good for you. all you must do is walk into your salon and ask your stylist to shape them around. You will still end up stylish and trendy with the nail shape.

  1. Oval shape

This is a look that you will find on so many runways and red carpet. Celebrities have embraced the look and it has become quite a hit. The shape makes your hand appear slenderer and longer. Wonder how the look is pulled off?

Well, the look is easy to pull. It is more like almond. the nail remains the same width from base to the tip. It is filled on the sides and the tips and the edges tend to be more extreme. If you want to look more girly and you have long nails, this is one look you must have.

  1. Square shape

Just like the name, the nail is shaped square and have a not so soft edge. This is the look you want to have if you have been trying to grow your nails but no success. When the look is finished, your nails will have a shape of a square with pointed corners.

If you struggle with your nails and still want a simply stylish look, why don’t you give this a try? You will be surprised at how your nails will end up being. You don’t have to have same uneven nails just because they never grow. You will be inspired by what you will see once this is done.

  1. Almond

I know the names are becoming more complicated, but you need not worry about this. Almond is like an oval. The nails are shaped wider at the base and slenderer at the tip. The shape will make your hand appear slenderer and elongated.

The look is elegant on almost all nail type and is simple to pull off in the saloon or at home. all you are required to have is the basics on how to go around it and you will be good to go.  If you want from the normal look, why don’t you give this a try?

  1. Stiletto shape

Are you the drama type, always looking to capture attention or you are the type that is always looking for a change? this is perfect for you. the shape is achieved by filling away the sides of the nails leaving the nail thin and pointed.

The look is good for dram and change. The only disadvantage with it is that the drama and change come at the expense of the nail strength. Many nails end up breaking because they cannot withstand the filling. If you want the look, try it out with some acrylic nails.

  1. Squoval shape

It is normal to like two shapes. You love the way the round and the oval shape look, guess what? You can have both looks on your nail, sounds good right? the look is a combination of how the oval and the round shape looks like.

Hen you look closer at the look, the edges look slightly different than the square but are delicate as the oval shape. This way you will get to confuse people as to what shape you have on your nails. That is because the base is square but has an outlined top rounded shape.

  1. Ballerina’s nails

This is a look on the runway too. Most models find themselves with the shape because it is stylish and edgier than other looks. If you want to look more modern and with a don’t care attitude, the look is a good one for anyone who wants to get noticed.

It is also called the coffin shape. That is because it is shaped like a coffin. No need to fear the look as this is just a name. you can pull the nails even during the Halloween when you want to stick to a theme and just don’t know which one.

  1. Lipstick shape

Though rare, it is a look you will find in the streets. The look is a new trend that is being embraced by edgy people who can be able to pull the look. inspired by the edge of your lipstick, you can have the look for a more out of the box look.

  1. Flare look

More and more looks are being discovered. With looks everywhere, people are being inspired by many things to come up with nail shapes. Just like the name, the shape is flare upwards out and is also known as the duckbill shape thanks to its shape that looks like a duck Bick.

There is so much to choose from when it comes to your nail shape. You don’t have to stick with your usual look. what you need to know is the shape of your hand then pull off the look for your fingers to look more feminine and stylish for the day.

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