Green Eyes and Tutorials on How to Apply Eyeshadow

Eye colours are the most fascinating thing you will find in a human being, that is because they have a lot to say a lot about you and not to mention they also go further in defining your beauty. So, what is your eye colour? Well if you are green, count your self-lucky and read along.

Green coloured eye people are the most spectacular people you will find around. Not only are they mistaken for hazel eyed people, but they are also very rare to find in the world. It is estimated that there are about 2% of people with green eyes in the whole world. See how rare your eyes are?

The colour is separate and distinct. When you have green eyes, you can have a shade of hazel, emerald, jade or blue-green. Now you understand why people mistake you to be hazel. That is because, at times, you can take different shades like that of hazel.

Now that this type of eye colour is rare, it is interesting to know what brings about the eye colour. The colour being term as attractive and sexy, one can’t help but want to know how that colour came about. What is the science behind it?

Green Eyes

Green Eyes

How green eyes come to be

In our eyes, there are many components that are found there. The ones that determine the colour of the eyes are the iris and the melanin in the eyes. For the green colour to come to be, there must be;

  • An umber of light brown pigmentation in the strum of the iris.
  • The blue shade caused by the Rayleigh scattering of the light in the iris.

One may think that there is a green colour in the eyes but that is not true. The colour of your eyes is determined by the melanin your iris, the darker it is the more intense the colour of the eyes. People with green eyes have a low or moderate melanin colour. What can make the colour to change?

Causes of colour change

Like mentioned earlier, the colour of your green eyes can vary in shades depending on several factors. These factors make you look like you have a different type of eye colours. The factors include;


It is true that the way you are feeling has a way of affecting your eye colour. If you are happy or angry, your eye pupil dilates hence more light comes into the iris. That makes your eyes have a more intense colour than when you are dull and sad.


The weather condition too has a long way of determining how your eyes will look. That is because the condition of the weather affects the ambient of light. That means when the weather is cold, there is no much lighter than when the weather is sunny. The amount of light entering your eyes will be different.


The colours you are earing and the colours in your surrounding will also have a lot to say when it comes to the intensity of your eyes. When you have complimenting and bright colours. Your eyes will stand and pop out than when you have dull or cold colours.

Medical condition

Sometimes due to unavoidable reasons, one may be having a medical condition that can make him or her to change the colour of the eyes. You may be knowing, or you might not know that you are developing a condition. It is good to have a checkup if you notice the sudden change of colour in your eyes.

Personality traits

It is also true that your eyes have a lot to say about you. many eye colours are associated with different personality trait and it will be hard to differentiate the eye colour from their personality trait. The people with green eyes tend to be;

  • Curious about nature. They are always exploring and always want to know more about the nature they live in and their surroundings. They love animals and nature and want to take care of them.
  • They are known to be passionate in their relationship around them. That means they are loving and when in a relationship. They will do what it takes to maintain it.
  • They are positive about life, take things positively and have a creative outlook on That makes them magical because they seem to have a solution to every problem.
  • They get jealous easily. That is because they have a lot of love in their heart and want to protect what they have.
  • They tend to be spontaneous in their actions yet remain strange.

Now that you know your eye type and how they influence your personality, how do you make them pop? Let’s look at ways we can apply eyeshadow for a more beautiful you.

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Eyeshadow Tutorials for Green eyes

If you have green eyes, you already have beautiful eyes. That is because the eyes are rare and beautiful to have. That explains why many people would go for a cosmetic surgery just to have the eyes that you have.

Beautiful is not enough, you need to make those pair pop and stand out. The eyes are already warm, bright, colourful and interestingly represent nature. It will take you little effort to make them pop and stand out to be noticed. How do you do that?

You do that by using complementary colours. They blend well and stand out when you apply them. We are talking about bright and neutral shades from brown to navy to bright pink. The thing with working with your eyes is that they are already beautiful, you just need to enhance the beauty.

If you are not sure about the colours to use, it is good you look for a professional makeup artist to assist you for a start. Once you get used to the look, it will be easier for you to do it on your eyes without messing things around. Here are some colours in which you can use to enhance the green eyes.

Use green shadow

Who said since you have green eyes, you cannot apply green? They must have told a lie because green will enhance the already there green in your eyes. All you must do is apply the green safely and carefully. You don’t want to overshadow the green in your eyes, you just want to make it stand out.

Use shades of green that are safe to use and are warm to your skin tone. Make sure you blend well and have a more polished look by adding mascara and a black liner. green is a cool colour to have if you apply it with caution.

Neutral browns

Do you need a makeup you will have all day long? From your office to your cocktail party and still look stunning and beautiful? This is the look to go for. You need to make use of the pale and the neutral shade.

The amazing thing about applying neutral brown is that you don’t have to be an expert. That is because it is safe and close to your colour tone. Use pale when you want to brighten and make the green eyes prominent and neutral when you want them to stand out and be noticed in a crowd.

Pink, purple and red

Wow, they are all feminine colours and the cool thing about using the colours is that there are different shades of colour to choose from. If you don’t like red, you can go for reddish brown and when it comes to purple, you can have violet to pitch purple and get away with it.

The colours are good since they are cool, and you can wear them during the day or in the evening for a night out. Be sure to blend in the colour well and polish up the look so that the green eyes can be enhanced in a more elegant way.

Use blue

I know you are afraid of using blue, but hey, blue can be worked on to produce a very stunning look. What blue needs are you use the right shade and brightness to produce a more cool and polished look? When you use it with a black liner, it might shock you how cool it will end up being.

Go for gold

At times, you want an elegant and classy look when you are out with your girls. Gold id a good way of achieving the look. Using different shades of gold will give you the same classic look that you want to achieve, and you can go ahead and rock the night.

Having green eyes is such a unique and rare occurrence existing today. You are lucky since you have eyes that are already bright, warm and elegant and all you must add is a breathtaking eyeshadow to make those pair stand out and pop for the world to see.

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