Is Witch Hazel Bad for Your Skin

Witch hazel is a shrub that has been a lot of benefits when it comes to treating skin ailments that are related to inflammation and irritations. The shrub is indigenous to the United States, but you can find it in a drugstore near you. Witch hazel comes to inform of an alcohol rubbing bottle that is used to treat skin conditions on your face. Just because it is used on your face does not mean that is safe for your skin. That is why many are asking if witch hazel bad for your skin?

When you use witch hazel, there are different results that you can get. There are chances that you will get an injury, irritation, or even inflammation. You should however note that it does not work well for eczema. Witch hazel can reduce inflammation, but it will not get rid of the itchiness brought about by the rash. If you overuse it, it can lead to breakouts and dryness of the skin. Most dermatologists still recommend using over-the-counter acne treatments to be on the safe side.

Is Witch Hazel Bad for Your Skin

Is Witch Hazel Bad for Your Skin

Most of the research that has been carried out on witch hazel is still based on topical use. There has not been concrete reason to show that it can be used to treat anti-aging or even remove wrinkles and varicose veins. Most formulas still contain witch hazel, and it all depends on the type of witch hazel used. Make sure to check the ingredients that make the formula that you buy over the counter. Some may be sensitive to your skin and even cause inflammation.

Advantages of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel can be beneficial when it comes to treating noninflammatory acne such as whiteheads and blackheads. Witch hazel has active tannins that are good for treating acne blemishes just like any other over-the-counter treatment. It is safe to use on the scalp and can help reduce under-eye bags. Make sure not to apply it directly in the eyes as it can cause burns.

You can use witch hazel to treat minor skin burns gotten from chemicals and it is also safe to use for razor burns. Razor burns are the irritations you get after shaving. If you have been exposed to UV rays or any chemicals, you can use witch hazel to help with the burns. You can use it directly when showering or you can mix it with your favorite shampoo. Anyone with bruises, cuts, wounds, and diaper rash, can use witch hazel to treat them.


Witch hazel has been proven to be safe on the skin but not everyone has the same type of skin. If you are new to using witch hazel, it is advised to use it in small areas of your face just to see how it will react with your skin. Anyone with skin dryness is not advised to use witch hazel as it may cause rashes or even redness. Talk to a dermatologist before trying out any skin product.

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