How to Lose Hip Fat

When it comes to losing hip fat, eating a proper diet and having good exercise can make a difference. You cannot however reduce fat in one specific area of your body by exercise and diet, it is always important to focus on losing overall body fat. Once your body starts losing overall weight, that is the only time you can focus on your hip fat. When you start losing body fat, your lower body will start to tone and build muscles making your hips leaner. So why do people still ask the question of how to lose hip fat. Continue reading and you will find out the best exercises for losing hip fat.

  1. Lateral Band Walk

This exercise is normally referred to as the banded walk because you will use a resistant band. The resistant band is what you will use to keep tension around your hips while you move laterally for a given amount of time. This exercise will help strengthen and tighten your hips and you need to use a band that has enough resistance. Start with ten reps in each direction and continue increasing the reps as you get better and better. You can also try walking with the band ten steps backward and forward.

  1. Quadruped Hip Abduction

This exercise is also known as the fire hydrant exercise and it is good for reducing hip fat. As you exercise, you will use your core muscles to help give you stability and you need to have a soft mat in case you have knee problems. Start by lifting your knees from the floor and rotating them from side to side and your knees should be bent. Repeat 10 reps and continue increasing them as you get better.

How to Lose Hip Fat

How to Lose Hip Fat

  1. Jump Squat

This exercise is just like the typical squatting exercise but this one has an added aspect of jumping. The jumping will help increase the power training and help reduce your hip fat. This exercise will be beneficial if you start with 15 reps after every five minutes and make sure to jump high when doing them.  Make sure that your landings are gentle to avoid hurting yourself.

  1. Lateral Lunges

Side lunges are also another good way of reducing hip fats. The exercise mostly focuses on the hip and outer thigh area. Start by making 15 reps on your left then repeat the same on your right. Make sure that your legs are spread wide apart for great results.

  1. Wall Squats

This exercise is another great way of reducing hip and thigh fat. It is good for building core muscles, losing weight, and testing your endurance. The exercise is easy, and you can start by standing up straight against the wall. Slide downwards slowly until you are in a sitting position then start the reps for 60 seconds then you stop. Repeat the reps after every 2 minutes until you get better. After one month, you will start noticing the difference.

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