How Many Calories in Food?(Amazing Guide) [15000 words]

Having a healthy body sounds practical, right? That means you must have a disease-free body, fit and of the right weight. By the mention of weight, it becomes depressing. That is because we both know the hardest thing that ever exists is losing weight.

When you are set to lose weight, there are so many changes you make in your life to get the ideal weight. you work out and most importantly, you are told to avoid calories. Well, sounds easy right? What many people don’t know is what calories are.

When told to define calories, many people will say they are things found in food that we should count, watch out not to eat in excess because they make you fat. It is hilarious when it comes to people who have no idea what they are told to count, avoid and control. So, let us break the meaning.

How Many Calories in Food

How Many Calories in Food

What are calories?

Calories are units of measuring energy. You see, your body needs the energy to keep it moving. Just like a car that needs fuel, calories are used to fuel your body mechanism to function. Them or love them, we all need calories for the normal functioning of the body. Now, what makes calories such a demon?

Calories are all good for the body until you start consuming them in excess. when they are in too much in your body, you store them in your body in form of fat and that’s why you become chubby and fat. People don’t pay keen attention to the calories they consume until they want to lose weight. that leads us to the next question

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How Many Calories Do I Need?

For us to function in a normal way, we all need calories. We consume them to fuel metabolic rates in the body and that’s why they are vital. What many people don’t know is just how much calories to consume to fuel the body without having it in excess. The number of calories you need depends on;

  • Your age.
  • Your height.
  • Your current weight.
  • Your level of activities
  • The level of your body metabolic rate.

Now, you can’t accurately calculate the number of calories you need since it is difficult to count the amount in every meal. We have many online calculators that help people to try and calculate the amount being taken. Well, they may help but some are a sham

Nutritionist and scientist have tried to come up with an average of what you require in your body. It may not be accurate because again it depends on several factors. Studies show that an average woman needs 2002 calories to maintain your body while a man requires 2500 calories.

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How Many Calories in a Pound of Fat?

For you to consume the correct number of calories without gaining weight, we must understand the concept of pounds and calories. You are told that if you avoid a certain number of calories, you lose a certain number of pounds. Yes, that is true, and therefore.

There is a close relationship between calories and pounds. One pound is made up of 3500 calories. Now you understand why they advise you to cut calories to lose weight, right? That is because the number of calories you consume in food amount to the number of pounds you will gain. On can ask.

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How Many Calories Should I eat to Lose weight?

Now that you understand the relationship between calories and pounds, you should be able to determine the right amount to consume if you want to lose weight. unfortunately, that is what most people don’t understand. They say it is essential but how much are you should you consume?

For you to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficit. That means you should consume less than what your body is using. When you do that, you leave your body with no alternative than to use your body fat to produce more fuel for your metabolism and in the process, you lose weight.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should start counting your calories which you can use the online apps. On average, if you are a woman, consume 1500 calories to create a 500 calories deficit and if you are a man, consume 2000 calories to create a deficit of the same.

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How many Calories Are in Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits are a great source of nutrients and vitamins, no wonder they always advise you to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. When you eat them, you feel healthy and with a lot of energy. That is because they are full of nutrients that your body needs to function and perform different functions.

They keep you healthy and free from diseases like heart diseases, high blood pressure, and other dietary diseases. As much as they help our body, they also contain calories. Now that is a huge step back, I mean you are told they are healthy to eat yet they have calories, how do you know?

If you are trying to lose weight, it’s a high time you know what it is found in each fruit or vegetable that you take. Yes, they are healthy to consume but you should watch out for the underlying calories that can hinder your weight loss progress. Let’s look at various types of fruits and vegetables.

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How Many Calories are Found in a Banana

A banana is one of the most popular fruit in the world. With its distinctive yellow color, it makes them irresistible whenever you come across one. They are a great source of carbohydrate when they are green and as they ripen, they become a great source of calories and natural sugar.

It is a great fruit for an athlete, this is because it is full of calories and sugar that spikes blood sugar hence more energy. A banana is a fruit with a lot of calories such that some nutritionists are advising weight losers to avoid them. So how much calories do a banana has?

In a medium-size banana, you will find27g of carb and 14 gm of sugar. The number of calories found is105 calories. Some may see the amount to be a lot, but studies show that there is nothing to worry about, you can enjoy your delicious fruit, just make sure you take it with caution.

Eating a banana while dieting won’t do much to your weight. In fact, since they are full of fiber, potassium, vitamins, and antioxidants, they will help you to lose weight if taken with caution. One in, a day will keep you up and good for the day.

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How Many Calories are Found in An Apple

Your mother always remembered to pack one in your dish during school days, you also have one in your lunch pack whenever you go out, why is that? Well, you must have understood the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away. The saying is true due to the nutritional value of the fruit.

An apple is the second most consumed fruit after the banana. That is because they are readily available, are affordable and always on the season. It is a fruit that is full of nutrition. Being healthy, rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidant makes helps your body fight against diseases.

In a medium-size apple, you will find 89-95 calories. Is it healthy to eat? Yes, for the fact that it is fat-free, have natural sugar and is full of fibers, it has more benefits in your body. You can consume an apple each day and have no increase in your weight. I know you are wondering how about a green one?

In a green apple

When it comes to a green apple, the number of calories increases by 10%. That should not worry you as it as more benefits that the red apple, it is more packed with fiber which helps to get rid of digestive disorders making you healthy and happy. Have an apple as a healthy snack in your diet.

Whether green or red, the difference is minimal. An apple is the best fruit you can have in your diet. Have it whole and fresh. Its water and fiber make you full and clear any digestive disorder in your digestive tract. It also helps in diseases like cancer, blood sugar levels, and high blood pressure.

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How Many Calories are Found in An Avocado

An avocado is a pear-shaped fruit that is full of heart-friendly fats. I know you like to toast it in bread, have it in a salad or in a meal. Whatever your preference, have you very sit back and ask yourself how many calories you are consuming in an avocado? Here is the truth.

Unfortunately, the calories in an avocado are relatively high. A medium-sized avocado has a total of 227 calories. That can be a lot considering that an avocado is not the only food providing calories in your diet. That makes it less favorite among the people who are trying to lose weight.

Besides the relatively high number of calories, an avocado is rich in fiber, potassium, folate, vitamins some non-unsaturated fats. That makes it the best fruit to be consumed since it helps in easing constipation, heart diseases, and many other health-related issues. Should I worry about the fat?

The fat found in an avocado are good fats. That means unlike fats found in margarine, eggs, meat or cheese, the fats found in the avocado are easy to absorb and are good for the heart, that means it is healthy to consume an avocado but consider the portion you are eating.

Half an avocado

If you are watching your diet, it’s advisable to eat your avocado in portion. That means you consider consuming half for a fifth of the avocado. If you take a half of the avocado, you tend to take 114 calories which are a good amount. If you consider taking a smaller portion, you tend to reduce the total amount of calories in the fruit and that becomes manageable.

For the fact that it is sodium free, cholesterol free and contains less amount of sugar are enough reasons why you should include your avocado in the meal. All you must do is count the total amount of calories you will be consuming in that meal and you will be good to go.

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How Many Calories Are Found in An Orange

An orange is a sweet citrus fruit that is mostly yellow in color. It is a fruit that you can consider to be low in calories. That makes it a healthy fruit to eat every day. A minimum orange has a total of 62 calories which is low enough. It is also rich in vitamin C which is good for the immune system

How about a clementine

A clementine is a tangier hybrid of a mandolin orange and a sweet orange. It is a type of orange that divides itself into equal slices and tends to be juicy and sweet, it has a total of 35 calories. For all orange lovers, this is the orange to go for. You have a lot to gain with the orange.

A Cutie

It’s also a type of an orange. It has a total of 40 calories. It is healthy in that it is rich in vitamin C. that help in your immune system in that it boosts the immune and reduces cancer cells, prevents kidney stones and other diseases. It is safe to eat an orange whether you are losing weight or not.

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How Many Calories Are in A strawberry

A strawberry is a sweet, fiber-rich fruit that is found all year long. It is found in over 100 species and subspecies. They are awesome when it comes to backing, making smoothies and even in your yogurt. Just how much calories do you consume in a strawberry?

Strawberries are healthy snacks that you can indulge in as a snack. In a cup, you are consuming 49 calories which are relatively low. It is also rich in antioxidants that help fight diseases and boost your immune system. What it makes them healthier is that fact that they contain less fat and more fiber.

To get most of the strawberry, you should have them whole. The seeds are edible and healthy to eat. Go for fresh ones and if possible organic once. This is because they have a soft skin making it venerable to pesticides. Daily intake of a cup of strawberries will be healthy for you and safe for your weight.

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How Many Calories Are found in a melon

I know you probably have come across this fruit most of your time. An oval big fruit that is green on the outside and red on the inside. A melon is any fruit of the cucurbitaceous family. It usually has an edible watery fresh in the inside. When you consume, how many calories are involved?

A cup of scooped fresh of melon is approximately 49 calories. Apart from being low in calories, it has a lot of water, and high in fiber which makes it ideal for weight watchers. When you take it, you remain full for longer hence no snacking. Did I mention about the vitamins?

It is packed with vitamin c and A. the vitamins boost the immune system hence disease like heart attacks, high blood pressure and many more diseases are kept at bay when you eat the melon. Don’t shy away from consuming a melon, as you can read, it is a fruit full of benefits.

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How Many Calories Are Found in a Potato

I know you are thinking about French fries, right? There are so many ways in which you can prepare potatoes. They are starchy, a tuberous crop that is highly we all highly consume. This is because it is readily available and affordable. You can have a variety of meals using the potato.

When it comes to calories content, it depends on the size. Potatoes are found in different sizes depending on its growing condition and its type. In a 100g of potatoes, you can get a cool 75 calories. It is a safe amount; the issue comes with that it is a starchy vegetable.

Starch is carbohydrates and when you consume in large amounts, it leads to storage of some in your body hence you gain weight. That is the reason why many studies have said that it is advisable to avoid potatoes when you are watching or trying to lose weight. If you must consume, take less.

In a sweet potato

A sweet potato is a type of potato that is usually sweet and rich in fiber. Unlike a normal potato, a sweet potato has more benefit in your body in that, it has natural sugar which keeps your blood sugar at a normal level hence control hunger when losing weight, it is full of fiber making your digestive system healthier.

Asking about calories? A medium tuber of sweet potato has approximately 86 calories and when baked, it comes to about 120- 162 calories. There is nothing to worry about when consuming sweet potatoes as you gain a lot when you consume the potato. Have it baked, boiled or even raw.

Mashed potato

It is a kind of meal that you prepare by mashing potatoes together. You may add other ingredients like garlic, onions, butter or you may just prepare it by boiling and mashing with adding the only salt. This kind of meal has a total of 88 calories in 100g. when it comes to potatoes, take them moderately.

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How Many Calories are Found in Grapes

Who doesn’t love a cup of grapes? I can find myself eating them every day as a snack. A grape is a sweet small fruit that is low in calories of about 62 calories in a cup and high in glycemic index. It is used as a topping in a salad or in a smoothie. It is more delicious when taken straight from the branch to your mouth. The taste is out of this world, do you feel that too?

It is a fruit that is good to consume but raises concern for people who are trying to keep their blood sugar stable. This is due to their high glycemic index. That makes the sugar I them to be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream once you consume them, so, should I get worried about the amount I consume?

If you are a grape lover like I am, you should continue to enjoy your grapes. What you should remember when doing this is to keep the limit of one cup. If you must have it in a smoothie, combine with protein or fat so that they can slow down the sugar absorption slowing down the rise of blood sugar.

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How many calories are found in a cucumber

Have you ever asked yourself if a cucumber is a fruit or a vegetable? I was confused too. Researchers say a cucumber is a fruit, yes! A fruit. It is of the same family with the melon. Nutritionists wish that all fruits will be like cucumber. Why do they all want that?

A cucumber is a low in calories, very nutritious and a hydrating fruit that is readily available. Naturally, you are supposed to have it sliced in a salad or have it on its own. Once you consume a cup of cucumber, you consume as low as 16 calories. Aha! That is why nutritionists term it as a weight friendly fruit.

It is recommended to add a cucumber to your salads or drinking water. That is because it is full of hydrating factors and help you keep many diseases at bay. It is true, a cucumber should be everyone’s best friend. It is rare to find such goodies in one fruit.

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How Many calories are Found in a Tomato

A tomato is a household fruit, or should I call it a vegetable? You can use it in salads, soups, eat them raw just like an apple, and not forget the beauty part of it. it is a brightly colored fruit that is 95% water and the rest is nutrients that are good for you.

When you consume one tomato, you consume 15 calories which are relatively low. That makes it healthy for our body to consume every now and then. Apart from the low calories, it is full of vitamins, and a good source of lycopene.

Lycopene is an antioxidant that is helpful to your body. It helps in fighting against cancer. The more colorful the tomato, the more the lycopene. Next time you crave for some crisp, substitute it with a bowl of tomato soup and enjoy the nutrients that come with the bowl.

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How Many Calories Are Found in a Carrot

A carrot is a root vegetable. It is crunchy and tasty, so you may have it raw, in your smoothie or juice or you may have in a salad or a meal. Whatever your preference, it is good for your body. A carrot one of the veggies that you can have every day and still don’t gain weight at all.

When you consume a medium size carrot, you tend to take calories which are low enough for your health. The sugar content, cholesterol and amount of fat make it a perfect snack whenever you feel hungry and want to snack on something.

Apart from the 25 calories, the carrot is rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin k and beta-carotene the reason why your mum always told you to eat your carrot, good for your eyes. They are also 85-95% water making it a good veggie for hydrating your meal.

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How Many Calories are Found in broccoli

It is a vegetable of the cabbage family which has an edible green head and stalk. If you come across a broccoli, you will notice that it has two parts. The head which is a greenly flowery part and the stalk which holds the greenly part. Both parts are edible and safe to eat.

Whether steamed or cooked, half a cup of broccoli contains 31 calories. That makes it safe to eat though caution should be taken on how much you consume. That is because a lot can upset the stomach and make you uncomfortable, but generally, a broccoli is a safe vegetable for weight watchers.

It is a good source of vitamin k and c. that makes them good for your immune system. They build up collagens that are responsible for building muscles and repairing your skin. A broccoli is a good antioxidant to your body so make sure you consume them for good health.

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How Many Calories Are in Blueberries

Just like other berries, they are small, juicy and deep in color. They are edible and a good source of a variety of vitamins. Are they safe to consume? Yes, but do it moderately, this is due to their fructose content which when you consume in large number, you might end up upsetting your stomach and can lead to bloating.

In a cup of blueberries, you will find 80 calories. That means it is safe to have especially since you are consuming a whole cup. For weight watchers, there are some benefits of consuming the blueberries. They know n to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body.

They are rich in fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamin C. when you consume the berries, they enter your bloodstream and start acting on the cholesterol in your blood and in your tissues. That is why they are called heart friendly berries.

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How Many Calories Are Found in a Mango

A mango is a juicy, sweet tropical fruit that is mostly found in the summer. They are colorful and common in most smoothie, juices and fruit salads due to their high nutritious value. One cannot help but to wan more of this fruit. Is the fruit good for you?

Many have had concerns about the sugar found in the mangoes, but more on the number of calories. A medium mango has a total of 150 calories. With the way the mango is sweet, chances are that you will be tempted to have two or more and that’s where the problem lies.

Other than a relatively high number of calories, the mango is high in vitamins, potassium, folate, fiber and low in carbohydrates and fat. That makes them good to eat for as long as you are taking one. It is a good snack when to take on its own without a meal so that the number of calories can be controlled

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How Many Calories Are in a Peach

A peach is a wild fruit that was first domesticated and cultivated on the slopes of the Kunlun Mountains. The fruit is juicy, sweet and can be cooked or eaten raw. What is good about the fruit is that it is rich in minerals making it a rare fruit to have.

It is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, prosperous, zinc and copper. This mineral in the body helps maintain a radical balance and makes your body in balance and in good condition. It also helps in building the immune system keeping the disease at bay.

In a medium-size peach, you will find 58 calories. That is a good number making it a good smack when you are losing weight or if you are striving to maintain your weight. Have it as a topping in your yogurt or just as a plain fruit and you will have the full benefit of the fruit.

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How Many Calories Are Found in Grapes

A grape is a refreshing, sweet fruit that is grown in wide California and in the USA for its nutritious purpose. It is used to make jams, juices, wines and many other foods. It can be seedless or may have seeds. When you have a cup of this, you have a lot to gain in your body.

When you snack on a cup of grapes, you consume 67 calories. Low enough from a single snack, right? That makes grapes good for a snack when you feel low and just want to eat. The issue that is alarming with the grapes is the glycemic index which is relatively high compared to other fruits

When consuming the grapes, make sure you limit yourself to one cup. Consume them with some fat and protein so that you can slow the absorption of the sugar in the grapes. Consume them while fresh either raw one by one or you can have them as a topping in your favorite smoothie or yogurt.

It is worth to mention that when it comes to green grapes, they have a relatively lower calorie. In a cup of the green grapes, you get to have 32 calories. There are no referred grapes since the nutrition value is the same but if you are a weight watcher, I think going for the green once is a wise choice.

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How Many Calories Are Found in A Pears

It is a fruit that is found in many distinctive colors ranging from red to green, have different taste and texture. It can be sweet to a bit sour and is crunchy to bite and chew. It is an all year fruit, enjoyed in almost all the months of the year, what are the calories in the pears?

In a medium-size pear, you will find a whole 100 calories. Not to worry about that, you will also find 29% fibers which makes a pear good for your digestive system since it eases the process of digestion. With a pear, there will be no bloating and stomach upsets.

When it comes to losing weight, it is recommended to eat pears. This is because they contain fibers. Fibers make you feel full hence you eat less. Grab a pear before a meal as it will curb your appetite hence you will eat less in your next meal. The fruit is available in your nearest market at affordable prices.

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How Many Calories Are Found in A lettuce

A lettuce s a vegetable. You can have it mostly in your salad. The good thing about a lettuce is that you can consume it as a leaf, stem and seed vegetable. It is also awesome since you can consume a lot yet gain fewer calories from it. this is because it has very few calories in it.

In a cup of chopped lettuce, you will find 8 calories, yes, 8 calories. That is why lettuce is called free vegetables and are advised to consume when you are losing weight. Caution should be taken not to rely on lettuce alone in the name of they contain fewer calories.

Yes, they contain fewer calories but also in other nutrition.  When you feed on lettuce alone, your body will not get the other nutrients that I need for proper functioning. When you are losing weight, it is advisable to mix meals that are low in calories and help your body function well.

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How Many Calories Are Found in Almond nuts

An almond is a nut tree native to Mediterranean climate region of the middle east. Just like any nut, you are set to gain a lot when you include nuts in your diet. An almond nut ranks highest in protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins, and niacin which are all good for your body.

In the matters of the calorie content, 23 almond nuts contain 160 calories. It is relatively high in nuts, but it is worth to consume the almond nut due to the nutrition value. When you consume the nut, you will gain a lot of nutrient from one nut.

The benefits of consuming the almond are it is full of good bacteria and proteins making your digestive system healthy. They are essential in losing weight in that they make you full for longer hence curb your appetite. They also have a lot to offer terms of nutritional content.

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How Many Calories Are Found in A Pineapple

A pineapple is a well-known, available and affordable fruit. It is a delicious, nutritious tropical plant with an edible multifruit. For the most fruit drink manufacturer, this is one of the gradients most seek to make soft drinks. With its availability, is it safe to consume a pineapple?

For you who are trying to lose weight, this is a perfect fruit to eat. There may be a concern for diabetic people due to its sugar contest but generally, it is a good fruit. You will find 50 calories in 1000g of pineapples. If you stick to two slices, you will be in for a good and healthy change.

A pineapple is full of vitamin c, fiber and since it is low in calories makes it a good snack to start up your day or as an afternoon snack on a hot sunny day. Juice it, or have it full, it’s your choice. For diabetic people, you can consume a pineapple with a protein to slow down the sugar absorption.

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How Many Calories Are Found in A Careys

Light green in color with long stalks, a celery is a popular ingredient in our kitchens as it is known to be healthy and full of benefits. Apart from having it raw in salads and you can also cook them in meals and still the same nutritional value in them.

When it comes to its calorie content, you will get as low as 17 calories in a cup of celery. This makes them safe to consume and fill your belly without worrying about the calories menace. Due to high water content, they make you full for longer hence you eat less.

The benefits of having the celery in your diets are that not only do they keep you full, but they also help in blood clotting. That make you healthy and in fit from any danger of over bleeding. If you want to lose weight, keep them near you as you enjoy your weight loss journey.

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How Many Calories Are Found in Zucchini

A zucchini is a vegetable that is widely used in salads and eaten raw. some prefer it in their muffins, soups, tacos and many other meals. It is widely proffered because of its nutritional value and for the fact that it has a lot to offer.

When you consume one large zucchini, you are set to gain52 calories. This is relatively low compared to other vegetables and that is what makes it a more preferred vegetable by people who are losing weight, are you one of them? Pay attention to this.

It is also low in saturated fat, sodium and very low in cholesterol making it ideal for consumption. It is a good source of protein, vitamin, thiamin, niacin, and fiber all of which are needed for the body to function in the right way. you should always have this in your shopping list for more weight shed.

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How Many Calorie Are Found in A Cantaloupe

Also known as the muskmelon, it is a large melon like fruit that has a bright color when it ripens. Usually, it’s high in nutrition and low in sugar centrally to what many people believe. The sugar in it is safe to consume so no worrying alarm. How about the calories content?

In 100g, you will get 34 calories. This is ideal for weight losers as you can have enough to feel your belly and not worry on the calories intake. If you didn’t know that, you better make changes to accommodate one in your meal.

They are high in water of up to 90% making them a good fruit to hydrate your body. The body makes you full for longer hence you tend to eat less. They are a good source of vitamin C, An and beta keratin making them good for your eyes and a good antioxidant.

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How Many Calories Are found in cherries

They are small mouth full sweet fruit that is full of taste when fresh. It is a spring fruit that once you taste, you end up wanting more. It is one of the perfect snacks that you can have at any time whenever your craving strikes, what is the calorie content of this brightly colored fruit?

In an ideal adult handful which can hold up to 10 cherries, you will find 43-50 calories. That is ideal and good to work with especially if you are working to lose weight. You can have a lot and still not worry about getting fat.

Apart from the number of calories being low, you also get to have a lot with cherries. They are full of fibers, vitamin C minerals and with all this, your body is regulated, and immune system busted. That means diseases like gouts and other diseases will be kept at bay when you enjoy the fruit.

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How Many Calories Are Found in asparagus

This is a vegetable with a bright green color a mostly enjoyed due to its nutrition value. The spring superfood is rich in vitamin A C E K and B6 which makes the vegetable one of the most nutritious vegetables we have, worried about the calories content?

Well, don’t you get worried, in 100g of asparagus, you will find a cool 20 calories. This is exciting, right? The vegetable is ideal for people who are losing weight in that they get to get a lot and yet consume fewer calories just as recommended.

When you consume the vegetable, you also get to gain a lot of soluble fibers that help you feel full. They contain antioxidant that helps you fight different kinds of cancer not forgetting folate, iron, calcium, copper, and protein, all of which are beneficial to your body. You will never go wrong with this veggie. Roast it, grill or toast into a pasta meal and enjoy your meal.

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 How Many Calories Are Found in Spinach

Spinach is a common vegetable in our dining table. That is because you can have it in different meals both cooked or raw in salads.  It is loved by many because it is low in calories and high in fiber making it ideal for losing weight.

When it comes to its calories content, you will love this. That is because in a cup of uncooked spinach or have a cup of cooked spinach, you will find just 7 calories. I know it is a relieve to weight watchers as they can enjoy the vegetable without an alarm.

Love it for its volume, color, texture, vitamins, and minerals. You can have it in your soup, salad or any other meal and be on your way to a healthier you. That is because the nutrient in it lowers cholesterol and makes you full due to the fiber content making you fuller for longer.

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How Many Calories Are Found in an Onion

It is a vegetable that grows underground as a bulb. It is common in your market area because it is a common ingredient when you are cooking any meal. That is because it brings in flavor and taste in your meal. They are found in many types from red to white to golden.

One medium-size contains 44 calories. That is an ideal amount to work with. With weight watchers, they can have it raw in salads or grill it and incorporate in various meals, there is nothing to worry about in fact, you get to gain a lot when you use an onion in your meal.

That is because it contains water, fiber, vitamins, calcium, potassium, folate, vitamin A, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that are good for your body. Onions help your body fight against some cancers and diseases making you healthy always.

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How Many Calories Are Found in raspberries

Raspberries are small fruits that are delicate to handle and have a tart flavor with a velvety texture. They are mostly imported from New Zeeland and South America from May to November. Just like other berries, they are full of nutrients yet less in calories making them ideal for your body

Either black, purple or golden you will find 64 calories in one cup of this. With the 64 calories, you can be able to count the number of calories you are consuming in a day and still be able to enjoy the berries with no worries of gaining weight. What do you have to gain with the berries?

As mentioned earlier, they are full of nutrients and fiber. The fibers make you fuller and the nutrients in it keep heart problems and cholesterol away. They regulate bowel movement and keep your body free from certain cancer. There is a lot to gain with the fruit so have it in your shopping basket next time you go shopping.

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How Many Calories Are Found in Baby Carrot

What is this crunchy tasty stick? It’s simply a baby carrot. Yes, a carrot was eaten prematurely for its benefits. It is a great substitute for that bowl of chips or chocolate bar snack that you have been taking every day. This is because it is full of nutrients and low in calories hence good for your health.

In a large baby carrot of about 15g, you will get 5 calories. With a medium carrot of about 10g having a total of 4 calories. When you are trying to lose weight, you should strive to consume fewer calories than you burn hence, this carrot helps you consume fewer calories s you get to lose weight.

Apart from helping you lose weight, it is full of nutrients. It has beta keratins and anti-oxidants which helps your body against cell destruction, diseases and in the process makes you healthy and functioning in a good way. swap that snack with baby carrot and see that weight shed off.

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How Many Calories Are Found in Mushrooms

A mushroom is a fungus. It belongs to another family other than of animals and plants. They are not vegetables, but we cook and serve them as vegetables. They are sweet to eat, low in calories and carbohydrates making it a great dish for everyone. How many calories will you find?

In a cup of mushrooms, you will find 15 calories which are safe and good to consume. Whether its white button type, cremini, portabella, enoki, cloud ear or any other type, you will get fewer calories when you consume them, so you can have as much as you want.

They are full of nutrients. Fibers make you full for longer hence you eat less. If you are losing weight, this is a good meal. With beta-glucan, it prevents your body against various types of cancers hence your body stays healthy and in good working condition. Next time, go for the right mushroom and have a delicious meal full of benefits.

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How Many Calories Are Found in a Kiwi

Have you ever had of a kiwifruit? Or a Chinese goose fruit? Well, it is an oval shaped fruit that had a thin fury brown skin and is widely found and consumed due to its benefits. The flesh inside is bright green with a white core and black seeds. What is the calories content?

In one medium kiwi, you will find 42 calories which are a good number to work with. If you are trying to lose weight, this is the fruit to have in your basket. That is because it is low in calories, sugar, and fat making it a good afternoon snack or a fruit you can have any time you want.

Apart from being weight friendly, it is also an excellent source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a soluble vitamin which helps the body against various types of cancers. Next time you come across a kiwi fruit, grab a bite or two and eat yourself to a healthy body and a healthy you.

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How Many Calories Are Found in a Cauliflower?

It is the king of the cabbage family, as it is mostly referred. Its stalk produces creamy white florets that can be steamed, fried, roasted or blanched to make a meal. It is most common since it is recommended in many weight loss programs like paleo and ketone diets.

A cauliflower is low in calories, carbohydrates and fat, making it ideal for weight loss. In one piece, you will get 14 calories which are low enough. It is also full of vitamins, fiber, potassium and other nutrients making it good for the body when consumed.

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How Many Calories are Found in Green Beans

Green beans are just baby beans. They are unripe young fruit and protective pond of any type of beans. Did you know that if you are growing beans in your farm, you can have them as vegetables before they get to produce beans? Yes, you can consume it as a green bean meal.

Just like a baby carrot, you want to consume the plant when it is packed with the nutrients. It is full of vitamins, fiber, antioxidant and your body can gain a lot if consumed in this form. In just 100g, you will find 31 calories. This is a good number to work with according to nutritionists.

So, if you have them on your farm, why don’t you try out. You can either wait for them to dry and produce actual legumes or you can have them before they mature as vegetables. You can gain on either side of the meal.

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How Many Calories are Found in Pickles

A pickle is a cucumber. What makes them different is the fact that for them to pickle they are dipped in brine, vinegar or any other solution and left for some time to ferment. As a result, you will have a cucumber that will be full of good bacteria that will be good for your body.

With a pickle, you will get 11 calories which makes them a good snack. The thing is with a pickle, you won’t gain a lot of nutrients from it, but your body will be packed with good bacteria which will help maintain balance in the body and aid in the digestive system.

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How Many Calories are Found in a Plum

A plum is a mall fruit that is full of sweetness. There are over 140 types of plums which can be found in different colors from yellow, red, dark red, blue or even purple. A plum is a great fruit which you can have as a snack inside the house.

In half a cup of sliced plums, you will get 40 calories. According to experts, it is a good number of calories from a single fruit hence recommended to beaten more often. Next time you are out doing some grocery shopping, add this to your list and enjoy the benefits.

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How Many Calories are Found in Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are small tomatoes that have a lot of nutrients compared to the normal tomatoes. They range in size, shape, and color and are often sweet on themselves or in a meal. Want to know what you can gain from these small tomatoes, well, read along

In justs cherry tomatoes, you can have 20 calories. For any weight watcher out there, this is what they want in their plate. There is nothing fulfilling than to know what you are consuming won’t make you fat, right? Especially if you are trying to lose weight. This is a good snack to have.

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How Many Calories Are in BlackBerries

Blackberries are soft and delicate fruit that normally grow on thorny bushes or on trailing vines. They are sweet and full of juice and low in calories. No wonder they are recommended by many weight loss programs. Do you want to know their calorie content?

According to the standard calories calculation, in 10 blackberries, you will find 20 calories. That is the good news everyone trying to lose weight looks up for. That is because for you to lose weight, you must consume less than you consume and with the fruit, you are good to start.

The berry has other nutritional benefits other than being low in calories and carbohydrates. They belong to the class of Phytochemicals called the anthocyanin. The chemical protects your body cells from radiation and radical changes making consuming of this fruit more beneficial than we all that.

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How Many Calories are found in Corns

Corns are also called maize. It is a common cereal that originates from Mexico. Due to its sweet taste, you may assume it to be more starch but in fact, it isn’t. what is needed of it is you harvest it fresh and consume it without storing because the more you store, the more it becomes starchy.

Whether you boil it or roast it, in a medium-size corn, you will get 99 calories from it. when it comes to a larger one, you will get 113 calories.  There have been questions whether corns are good for your general weight or one should avoid them.

For you to lose weight, you must burn more than you consume. Overindulging in any kind of food can lead to an increase in the overall calories intake which won’t be good for you. when it comes to taking corns, a portion should be taken into consideration to make sure you don’t exceed your intake.

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How Many Calories are Found in Bell Pepper

It is a spice of the species capsicum annum that produces fruits of different colors. You might have come across it in the grocery store in green, yellow, red and pale-yellow colors. What makes them special is that they make the food spicy and give them color too.

The bell pepper is a good veggie since it is low in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. In a large size bell pepper, you will get less than 44 calories. That makes them good for soups, garnishing foods and in our main meal.

They are full of nutrients. With fibers and antioxidants that help keep diseases at bay. You ask about the weight loss? For the fact that they are spicy they increase metabolism level in the body making you burn calories. Have a try and don’t be afraid of the spiciness, it isn’t bad at all.

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How Many Calories are Found in Nectarine

Do you have stubborn rashes? Dryness of the skin that won’t just goes away or any other skin condition that you are treating? It is a high time you start increasing the intake of the nectarine fruit. Not only is it low in calories but also it is full of vitamin C which is good for your skin.

In a large nectarine, you will find less than 70 calories and in a small one, you will get 44 calories. That is low enough if you watch the number of calories intake you take per day. You also get to gain a lot from the fruit due to its other nutrition content.

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 How Many Calories are Found in a Cabbage

You probably have consumed this leafy vegetable in your meals. It is great for salads or steamed as veggie on their own. It is a leafy green, red, white or purple biennial plant we consume as a vegetable. It is common in our grocery stores hence you should utilize its availability.

In a 100g of the cabbage, you will get 24 calories. That is why in each weight loss plan, you will find a cabbage meal. That is because it is one of the vegetables that you will have a lot without gaining weight. It aids in your calories count because it is low enough allowing you have enough source of calories.

It is worth to mention that when you consume a cabbage, not only do you get fewer calories, you also get to get lots of nutrients. A cabbage is full of vitamin K, C, and B6. It is also rich in manganese, fiber, and potassium, all helping in the normal functioning of your body.

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How Many Calories are Found in Brussel Sprout

You might have mistaken it for a cabbage, many people do after all if they are of the same family. It is a small vegetable like a cabbage and used for its edible buds. They are like mini cabbages with more soft leaf’s and mostly used for salads.

In 100g of the brussels sprout, you will get a whole 43 calories, not bad at all, right? Especially if you are a weight watcher. If you are losing weight, you will tend to avoid foods that will make you consume more calories than you are burning. Consuming brussels sprout is an ideal veggie.

What raises eyebrows about the vegetable is the fact that it contains raffinose. That is a major cause of bloating and farting. When you consume Brussels, be ready for a nasty fart. That is because the fart from this veggie smells awful and unpleasant.

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How Many Calories are Found in Lemon

a lemon is the most consumed citrus fruit of them all. Every time you come across a weight loss program, you get to hear “drink lemon tea, lemon water” and it comes to the question, what does lemon has to do with our weight? Well, here is the answer.

A lemon is low in calories and carbohydrates.  When consuming a lemon, you should consider what you are taking from the lemon so insignificant since we consume less from a lemon. In a lemon, you will find only 17 calories that we don’t even consume all.

We use lemon to add flavor to our salads and desserts, for freshness, to add acidity in our drinks and garnish our meals. Mostly, we use lemon juice, so we don’t all the calories in the lemon. When we take lemon juice, we elevate the level of metabolism hence we burn more calories. Thais why is commonly used in losing weight.

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How Many Calories are Found in Meat and Eggs

Meat and eggs are the most common sources of proteins. Proteins are bodybuilding foods in our bodies. When you consume them, they go to aid in building and repairing tissues in your body making you healthier and your body functioning normally

When you are watching or trying to lose weight, its good to know the number of calories that are in the meat and eggs you are consuming. That is because when you take more proteins than your body requires, it is eventually get stored as fat in our body which is what we don’t want to happen.

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How Many Calories are Found in an egg

Yes, the egg that you have almost every morning. Eggs are laid by animals of any species including birds which is the one we consume most. You can cook an egg in many ways including crumbling it, pouching it, in salads, you can use in baking, in ice-cream, and in soups.

The exact number of calories in an egg will depend on the size of the egg, you might have noticed that the eggs have different sizes. If you have an egg of 50g, you will consume a total of 72 calories and if you have a which is lesser, you will get fewer calories

Egg white

This is the clear liquid that you find in an egg. It is found in the formed section of the layer of secretion of the interior section of the hen’s oviduct during the release of the egg. If you decide to go with egg white, you will consume a total of 17 calories

Boiled egg

Sometimes we choose to boil an egg. It is a healthier choice of preparing the egg since no added fat will be added to the egg. You will get a total of 78 calories in a boiled egg. This is because you are consuming even the yolk which is high in calories and not forgetting the cholesterol.

Scrambled eggs

When you scramble an egg, it means you add cooking fat hen cooking it. this is to avoid the egg from sticking on to the cooking pan. The negative part of cooking this way is that by adding cooking oil, you are adding the number of calories in your egg hence a scrabbled egg has 100-143 calories.

Fried egg

Just like the scrambled egg, you will raise the number of calories when you fry the egg. Unlike scrambled, the fried egg is left to cook on one side then it is carefully turned on the other side. When you fry an egg, you are more likely to consume 196 calories which are relatively high.

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How Many Calories are Found in a Chicken

Is chicken yummy, right? Whenever you have chicken on the table, you just want to have more and more. If you are trying to lose weight, eating chicken will help you more than any other meat. This is because chicken meat is termed to be white meat which is lenient in calories and fat.

Calories intake mostly depends on the parts you are eating. For easier eating, a chicken is divided into various parts and you will have to serve yourself a portion of the part when you are eating the chicken. Each part of the chicken contains different calories count.

Have you ever wondered why people skin the chicken? I mean it is too part of the chicken and should be eaten too. Do you eat the skin? According to nutritionists, the skin has the highest number of fat in the whole chicken. If you are trying to lose weight this is a part, you should avoid and that is why it is mostly skinned.

Chicken breast

When cooking the chicken, some may prefer eating the breast. It has a lot of meat and mostly preferred hen cooking. When you consume a chicken breast, you consume between 142-163 calories… you may want to look at the topping that you put when you are eating the breast because you might be adding some more calories.

Grilled chicken breast

There are so many ways of preparing a chicken breast. You can make soup, fry it or roast it in a grill. When you do this, chances are you won’t add anything since the chicken tend to cook itself. What you should watch out on is the amount of source or marinade you use so as not to add calories.

Chicken wing

It is the list preferred when you are eating a chicken because it is full of bone and you won’t enjoy eating. The good thing about this part is that it is low in calories. In a chicken wing, you will consume only 61 calories. This is the part you want to eat if you are losing weight

To have or not to have a chicken is your choice, all you must do is watch your portion. Chicken is delicious but if you are losing weight it is good to limit yourself to one part of the chicken for easy calculation of the calories. If you can have a skinless chicken to reduce fat intake.

Chicken thigh

When you are having a chicken, you want where you can get all the meat. The thigh contains most of the meat after the breast. In many eating outlets, it is the most served since you will get enough of the chicken when you eat this part. Whether it is boiled, roasted or backed in a small thigh, you will get 135 calories when you consume it.

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How Many Calories are Found in Shrimps?

Shrimps are seafood. They are a popular meal among the Asians but has become popular worldwide with time. People say it is safe to eat wild shrimps than eating domestic once. Well, this is a topic for another day. How many calories are in shrimps?

shrimps are more popular because they aid to lose weight. That is because they are less in calories and rich in proteins. In a single shrimp, you will consume 7 calories. This is low enough because even if you consume a dozen of them, you will have consumed only less than 85 calories.

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How Many Calories are in Steak

Many dieter advice people to avoid red meat and lean on the white meat but you might be getting a lot from your red meat than you knew. A lot of calories from a steak comes from the fat and the protein. If you trim some of the visible fat, you will end up consuming low calories than you knew.

In a steak, you will get a total of between 160 and 230 depending on the part where the steak is coming from. The trick when it comes to eating a steak is to trim off the excess fat then cut them into smaller chops so that you can exercise potions and you will be set to enjoy your steak

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How Many Calories are Found in Salmon

Salmon is a common name used to all species of ray-finned fish. They are commonly found in North Atlantic and the Pacific. The salmon can be found in your nearest food store and can be either fresh, frozen or canned, it is up to you to choose.

It is a commonly eaten fish since it is low in calories and high in protein and omega 3 oil. Th number of calories found in this fish depend on the type of the salmon and the method you are going to use to cook the fish. On average, the number of calories in 100g of most salmon species has 139 calories.

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How Many Calories are Found in a Bacon

What is a bacon? It is a salt treated or cured pork it is prepared by different parts of the meat from the pork belly to the back. You can find pork in any food store near you. so, let’s see how many calories you can get from consuming a bacon.

According to nutrition experts, a bacon tends to be high in calories. In a 100g of a bacon, you will find 541 calories. It is relatively high since you are getting your calories from other sources. If you are trying to lose weight or you are a weight watcher, it is advisable to take a bacon with caution.

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How Many Calories Are Found in a Porkchop

A pork chop is a cut made straight to the spine of a pig to remove a piece of the meat that contains a rib. It tends to be leaner since they are less processed. In 100g of pork chop, you will consume between 210 and 231 calories. It is better compared to the other parts.

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How Many Calories are Found in Drinks

We all take a drink at least more than two times a day. This is to quench our thirst or for social purposes. So, what is a drink? A drink is a liquid that that is made or exist for humans to consume. There is a different kind of drinks like coffee, tea, water, juice, alcohol etc.

When we drink, it is hard to imagine we are consuming calories. Many people think that calories can only be found in food.  Here we are going to check out how many calories are in different drinks. This is to enlighten people to be aware of the calories found in the drinks they are consuming.

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How Many Calories are Found in Water

We consume water all the time. It is the drink that we consume most. That is because it is essential for our body to function well. When you are trying to lose weight, you are normally advised to take a lot of water, have you ever wondered why water is vital in weight loss? Here is the reason.

Apart from quenching your thirst when you are all dry and thirsty, water increase metabolism in your body, this in turn increase body metabolic rate hence you burn more calories and lose weight in the process, that is why you are advised to take a lot of water when you are losing weight.

The good thing about water is that it is free from all potential elements that can make you lose weight. It has no calories, no fat, no carbohydrates and no proteins making it the healthiest drink to take. Whenever you feel thirsty, reach out for a bottle of water for a healthier you.

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How Many Calories are Found in Vodka

Many just know vodka to an alcoholic drink. Yes, it is an alcoholic drink, but do you know what it is made of? Well, a vodka is a distilled beverage of water and ethanol and some added flavor. Did you know that also vodka contains calories? Read through and know how many.

All alcohol, you will get 7 calories per gram. The more the alcohol content, the more the calories you will find in your vodka.50% alcohol to 100% proof has 125 calories. Restrict yourself to one shot if you don’t want to gain weight or you are mindful of your daily calorie intake.

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How Many Calories are in a Bottle of Wine

Who doesn’t like some wine? One in a while, you want to sit down and sip a glass of wine as you think through. Wine is also good and healthy if taken in moderation. When we talk of calories content, it all depends on the type of grapes used, the time it took to ferment it and the amount of added sugar that was added.

You see, wine is made of grapes. Different grapes have different calories content and that is why the calories content for the white wine cannot be the same as calories content of the red wine. When you take your wine, do you know the number of calories you consume?

A glass of red wine

Do you take red wine? In a bottle of red wine, you will find 625 calories. In 5 liquid ounces, you will get 125 calories. Since it is a lot to consume a bottle of wine, how many calories are in a glass? One large glass of red win will contain 120 calories.

A glass of white wine

If you want to enjoy your white wine, have it when chilled. That is why the wine is most enjoyed when it is hot. In a bottle of this wine, you will find a cool 605 calories. And 121 in 5 liquid ounces. When you want to take a glass, in a small glass of dry wine, you will get 85 calories. In a medium, you will get 95 calories and in a sweet glass of wine, you will get 120 calories.

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How Many Calories are Found in coffee

Coffee is one of the beverages that you take when you want to boost your mechanism. When you are low, all cold and just don’t have energy, a mug of good brewed coffee will keep you going. Coffee has zero calories. Calories come in when you start adding addictive like milk and sugar into the coffee.

Black coffee

You will have less than five calories in black coffee. For you to ensure you have that low number of calories, you must have it freshly brewed from the coffee berries. Coffee is safe to take when you are losing weight because not only does it has low calories but also does not contain carbohydrates a fat.

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How Many Calories are Found in a Beer

This is one of the oldest commonly consumed drink after coffee and tea. What is a beer made of? Bear is made of barley, water, hops, and yeast. The whole process of brewing beer involves extracting sugar from the barley so that the yeast can turn it into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Coors light.

It is a product of poor brewing company. It is healthy and good to consume since it is low in calories and carbohydrates. In one can of color light, you will consume 148 calories which are low enough to allow you to get calories from other sources.

Michelob light

Michelob light is one beer that you will take and be tempted to take more. That is because it is sweet tasting and flavored making it appealing to the mouth. Amazingly, it is low in calories so very safe to consume it. in 12 ounces you will consume 95 calories


The beer is a product of a Heuser. It is well known for its beechwood chip aging system. With this system comes with the signature taste that it has. In 12 ounces of the beer, you will get 145 calories from it.

Miller light

You will have 110 calories and 4.4 calories by volume. The thing is, with beer, you are set to gain weight if you don’t take it responsibly. Taking beer and eating food with calories will make you exceed the amount of daily calories intake. As much as you want to enjoy your beer, limit your intake.

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How Many Calories are in a Shot of Tequila

Tequila is a Mexican alcoholic spirit made of the agave plant. Want to have fun and don’t get hungover, you should consider having a shot of tequila. When it comes to calories, it is considered to have low calories. Ina shot of tequila, you will consume 64 calories.

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How Many Calories are in Whiskey

When you take a whiskey, you are consuming an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains. The grains can be barley, corn, rye or wheat and then the drink is aged in wooden casks. In a 1 ounce of 80%proof whiskeys, you will get 64 calories.

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How Many Calories are Found in Bud Light

Bud light is a beer that is commonly consumed due to its low calories than any other beer. In the beer, you will get 30-50 calories less than other beers making it good for the people who want to enjoy a bottle of beer while still minding their calorie intake. In 12 ounces of the beer, you will get 110 calories.

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How Many Calories are Found in Milk

Many of us wake up in the morning looking forward to a cup of milk every morning. It is a good drink to start your day with since it supplies the body with calcium and vitamin D. In a cup of milk, you will get 146 calories.

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How Many Calories are Found in Honey

Honey is a good natural sweetener. it is a liquid-like substance made by bees from natural nectar from flowers. It is a good source of natural sugar which is termed safe to consume. In 1 ounce of honey, you will consume 86 calories.

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How Many Calories are Found in Coke

Coke is a carbonated drink that is found almost in every store across the street. It is largely consumed and mostly used in fast food joints and drinks. Drinking carbonated and artificially sweetened drink can pose danger to your health especially the calories you are adding.

For you to be able to maintain your weight or trying to lose weight, you must avoid food that has high calories and artificial sugars which are in coke. That makes coke unsafe to consume all the time. In a can of coke, you will get 140 calories which are termed high compared to what it is made of.

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How Many Calories are Found in Fast Food

Just like the name, fast food is foods that you can take fast when you are hungry. They are snacks or food made in and served in a quick way for you to have or take away. The food takes a short time to be cooked than the traditional meals and tends to be less nutritious than other dishes.

For the fact that they are prepared in a faster way and in mass, they tend to contain a lot of carbohydrates, added sugars unhealthy fats and high calories. It is because of this reasons that you should be keen on what you are consuming at a fast food always. Here are some fast foods;

How Many Calories are found in a Slice of Pizza

From Italia, a pizza is a dish that consists of a flat circular base of dough backed and with toppings that vary from cheese, fish, meat, vegetables, and tomatoes. A pizza is served in slices since it will be unhealthy to consume a whole one

The toppings of the pizza are what makes the difference on how much calories you will get from your pizza, though it doesn’t make a significant change. In an average pizza, you will get 272 calories which are high. The calories tend to go high when you change the topping.

The pepperoni pizza has the highest number of calories. This is because of the cheese topping found in them. In one slice of the pizza, you will consume 298 calories. Pizza is fun to take like once in a week, just make sure you don’t exceed the number of times you take so that you may not increase your calories intake.

How Many Calories are Found in a Whooper

This is no ordinary burger. It is a signature sandwich that is widely sold in fast foods in the USA. It is high in calories making it unhealthy to consume. In a whopper with cheese, you will consume 760 calories. Regular consumption of the sandwich could lead to a weight increase.

How Many Calories are Found in big Mac

It is one of a kind type of hamburger. this is because it is big and contain 2 hamburger patties. It is one of the unhealthiest fast food you can find at Mac Donald’s and it is advisable to take it once in a long while. In one big mac, you will find 540 calories.

How Many Calories are Found in a cheeseburger

A cheeseburger is a burger that has a cheese topping placed on top of the meat patty. They are high in calories due to the cheese topping in it. in a plain cheeseburger, you will get to consume 317 calories which are relatively high to have in one meal.

Mac Donald cheeseburger

It is a burger specifically from Mac Donald. They have a distinct taste and label from the fast food outlets. They make their fast food in a unique way that is distinct from the other foods from other eateries. The burger contains 240 calories. while it is tempting to eat the burger, do it with care.

How Many Calories are Found in a Donut

A donut is around snack with a whole at the center. The thing with a donut is you can never have enough. Once you have one and enjoy the sweet taste, you want more and more which is not advisable. This is because donuts are full of empty donuts which are not good for your body.

The number of calories you consume depends on the type of donut you are having and the size. When you are having a glazed donut, you are consuming 255 calories. Now, when you are having a Krispy Kreme donut, you will be consuming 190 calories.

When you are consuming a donut remember, one with a cup of tea or coffee is not bad, things go south when you start having three or four of them that is because donuts not only do they have a lot of calories, they also have a lot of sugars and fat making them not fit for consumption on all the time.

How Many Calories Are Found in French Fries

You will always come across them in every fast food you come across. They are potatoes cut in finger-like shapes and are deep fried to be ready also known as chips or finger chip they are the most available fast food for you when you are hungry.

As much as they are available for you to eat, they are also one of the unhealthiest food to always have whenever you feel hungry. That is because they are full of empty calories and in fact making, you gain weight if you take them too much

In a big serving, you will 730 calories and in a small serving, you will get 370 calories. Consumption of French fries needs a lot of discipline. That is because once you have a small amount, you want to have more and the more you consume the calories. Caution should be taken with the fries.

Potatoes on their own are full of starch. when you overeat the chips, they are stored in the body as fat and therefore you appear fat. In addition to the starch, they are cooked using oil, that is fat which is also excess in case it is in excess in the body. That is why chips or French fries are not an ideal food.

How Many Calories are Found in Hotdog

It is a snack made with a sausage. Also known as frank further dog or wiener is a quick snack you can take away from your fast food joint on your way to work. With a bun, you will be consuming 260 calories and without a bun, you will be taking in 180 calories. Now you know.

How Many Calories are Found in MacDonald chicken

Every time you are having chicken, it is good to remember that the number of calories you consume depends on the part you are consuming. With the mac Donald chicken, you will find that they have a slightly high calorie in their food due to the way they prepare them.

In a chicken breast from the place, you will get 120 calories. In their chicken patties, you will consume 120 calories and in their chicken mayo, you will be consuming 330 calories. Their chicken is delicious, it is not to enjoy it occasionally. At least once a week will be a good one.

How Many Calories are Found in an Mc Donald double cheeseburger?

When you are trying to lose weight, or you are maintaining your weight, it is good to always be cautious of the calories you are consuming. That will help you keep the calories you consume less than what you burn, in a double cheeseburger, you will get from 440 calories to 800 calories depending on the type and the size.

How Many Calories are Found in a Peanut Butter and Jerry Sandwich

Are you into carrying sandwich to work, then this is a healthy one to carry to work. It is easier to make and does not take much time. All you need to make the sandwich is peanut butter, jerry or jam and two slices of bread. The layers of peanut and jerry you put determine the calories count.

This kind of sandwichs healthy. It has peanut butter which is full n unsaturated fats and good for your heart. Though the jerry has sugar, the healthy benefits of the sandwich still stand. Make sure you create some time in the morning and make one sandwich for your midday snack all for 385 calories.

How Many Calories are Found in Egg Mc Muffin

Do you want something tasty and full of protein, this is the sandwich to have. Made from English muffin with butter, bacon, and cheese with egg, it is a good source of protein and energy hen at work before you take your lunch. It is also simple to make and carry to work. It has 300 calories.

How Many Calories are Found in a Turkey Sandwich

It is a good sandwich since you make with lettuce which is low in calories. You top up with swiss cheese and two slices of bread. The number of calories in the sandwich depends on the type of bread you use. A sandwich made will have from 405 to 423 calories.

How Many Calories are Found in a chipotle burrito

It is made of flour tortilla with your choice of filling. This can be meat, rice, beans and many more. For you to enjoy the burrito without worrying about the calories, you need to choose your filling carefully. A chipotle burrito can have up to 790 calories. Make your choice wisely.

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How Many Calories are Found in Snacks

A snack is something you take in between meals. It is food you take to boost your energy before you take the main meal. The choice of snack you have in between meals dictates a lot about the number of calories you consume in a day. It is therefore important to make a good choice in the type of snack you take.

A snack is something you can make at home or you can buy at your nearest fast food joint. What you should have in mind when getting a snack is how long it will make you full before you have your main meal. Don’t go for food that has empty calories and will make you hungry faster. Here is calorie content of some snacks we take;

Calories in bagel

It is a simple round like snack that resembles a donut. The snack has its origin in the Jewish community of Poland is made of wheat with yeast and shaped into the form of a ring. Since it is made of flour, it is known to have empty calories so once you consume one, you feel hungry quickly.

The bagel on its own has 270 calories. when you start adding crème and cheese, you tend to increase the number of calories in it with a bagel with crème having 436 calories. Many people don’t know, and I am sure you too don’t know that when you take two or three, you end up taking a lot of the calories.

Calories in Margarita

After a hard work during the week, you need to relax over the weekend with your favorite drink. Do you choose margarita? Then you make a good choice since a margarita has as low as 153 calories. Made of tequila, triple sec and lime juice it is a good drink with no extra calories.

Calories in Popcorn

Popcorn is a whole grain that is low in calories and high in fiber. It is made by using a type of grain being popped in an air popper. It is a good choice of snack since it has less than 100 calories when it is plane. Once you start adding stuff, the calorie content start going up

Calories in Chocolate Chip Cookies

A chocolate chip cookie is a drop cookie that is made of chocolate and other unique ingredients. It has its origin in the USA and is common among young people. In the 100g cookie, you are set to have 488 calories making it not safe to consume more often.

Calories in Pancake

This is something you find in many tables in the morning. It is an accompaniment taken with tea, coffee or a cup of milk before you start your day. It is a thin, round flat cake prepared from flour and can have eggs, butter, and milk. A small weight of 85g pancake has 85 calories shave one or two for a day.

Calorie in Hershey Kiss

They are termed as small yet packed with more calories than you can expect. They are served in serving and one serving has 9 kisses. Each kiss has a total of 22 calories so when you are served one serving you will get more than 200 calories. They are also high in sugar and fat so should be avoided.

Calories in Tacos

Tacos are traditional Mexican food that contains corn or wheat tortilla rolled around a filling of your choice. A homemade taco will have a total of 200 calories while a taco bell taco will have 190 calories. Make a healthier choice on the type of filling to reduce the number of calories

Calories in saltine crackers

They are thin biscuits like snacks made of white flour, yeast, and baking soda. They are termed to be full of empty calories since they have a lot of calories but no nutritional value in them. In two of them, you will get 26 calories. Use them to calm your nausea but not as a snack to make you full.

Calories in Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese on its own cannot be termed as a healthy snack on its own. The problem comes when you add up extra cheese or a large amount of butter or oil when grilling. In a normal one, you will get 160 calories which are good. Use one slice of cheese, whole grain bread and olive oil in grilling.

Calories in Tortilla

The tortilla is used a lot I many meals especially in Mexico. It is a thin unleavened flatbread made from ground maize. It can also be made from flour but the one mad of maize is healthier and god to consume. In a medium tortilla, you will get 94 calories.

Calories in Brownies

Brownies are made of chocolate. They are square desserts that can be spongy of can be cake-like depending on your preference. In it, you will find nuts, frost, cream, cheese, chocolate chips and many more ingredients. In an ideal 3 by 3 brownies, you will get 100-200 calories.

Calories in Oreo

Oreo is a six-pack cookie packet that is mainly taken with milk or a cup of coffee. It is considered ideal since it is readily available in many store outlets. In one cookie, you will find 45 calories so, in a pack, you will get almost 270 calories. Snack with caution to void accumulating your daily calories.

Calories in English Muffin

Small, round and flat leavened bread is mostly consumed in place of a bread. That is because it is less in calories than a bread hence healthier to consume. You can toast it or butter it before you eat, it depends on your preference. In one English muffin, you will get 140 calories.

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How Many Calories are Found in Other Foods

There so many foods found in the market that you can consume. Our body needs the food for proper functioning. If you are cautious about your weight or you are trying to lose weight you find yourself in a dilemma on what to consume and what to leave.

We have covered a lot of foods and calories they contain. It is not enough because some basic food we consume daily has not been covered here. Let’s us have a look at some of them, hope they will give you an insight of what you are consuming and what to watch out for when consuming certain foods.

Calories in salad

We all take salad in one way or another. Its a mixture of several foods mostly vegetables. When you are losing weight, it is advisable to take a lot of salads since they are low in calories and high in other nutrients. The calorie count starts worrying when you add toppings to the salad.

The good thing about salad is that you can make a salad with almost every vegetable. From spinach, carrots, lettuce, cabbage and many more. You can also include fruits and even proteins like chicken. Just remember the more you add other foods the more the calories will be more.

When you are making a salad, it is advisable to choose healthier foods. Foods that are low in calories and rich in other nutrients like fibers. In the case of causa salad. It tends to be high in calories because of the choice of food and the topping. It has 184 calories in a cup.

Calories in a slice of bread

Bread is in our table almost every day. It is considered as an accompaniment to our breakfast with tea, coffee or a cup of milk. Bread is considered to have high calories and you will be safe if you take only one slice of bread per day which is 53 calories.

You may also go for whole grain bread which has fewer calories and is considered to have a lot of fiber. It is a good alternative, or you may look for other foods to eat for breakfast other than bread. This will help you cut the daily calorie intake.

Calories in croissant

It is an alternative to bread on your table. The difference is that it has a lot of butter which increases the number of calories. In a mini croissant, you will consume 114 calories and if you go for a small one, you will get 171 calories. In a medium and large croissant, you are bound to get 231 and 242 respectively.

Calories in Rice

Rice is s cereal grain which is a common staple food among the Asian communities. It is spread all over and now we have rice as part of our everyday meal. In one cup of rice, you will be serving yourself 204 calories. Rice tends to be avoided since it is starchy.

Brown rice can be a nice alternative to white rice. This is rice that is whole with the inedible outer hull removed. It almost reduces the number of caloriess. In a cup of brown rice, you get 111 calories. Alternatively, you can cook your rice with coconut oil and reduce the calories.

Calories in oatmeal

This s one of the healthiest meal you can have in a day. If you can manage to get one and a half cup of oatmeal in a day, you will have consumed g of fiber and is a good meal for diabetic people due to the rate of absorption into the body. It does not spike blood sugar.

If you are losing weight, having this meal makes you fuller for a long time hence curbing your appetite. In 100g serving, you will consume 68 calories which are low enough for you. oatmeal is ideal for you especially in the morning when you are looking forward to the day.

Calories in a teaspoon

Sugar is common in our daily foods. We use it in baking cooking or adding in our drinks to sweeten our foods. The amount you put in your food determines the number of calories you will get. A teaspoon is equivalent to 4g which has a total of 16 calories. Use it moderately to enjoy.

You can also opt to use honey instead of sugar. Sugar is a saturated form of carbohydrates and the more you consume, the more the calories you tend to consume. Honey is a non-saturated and is fully absorbed by the body making it healthier than normal sugar.

Calories in spaghetti

Spaghetti are long, thin solid cylindrical pasta that is cooked by boiling. In a bowl of plain pasta, you will consume 392 calories, and, in a cup, you will be getting 22o calories. They are known to be starch hence should not be consumed in more often or you should exercise portions

Spaghetti squash. This is spaghetti made of vegetables. It is considered healthy since you will get 31 calories in a cup of this spaghetti.

Calories in Sushi

This is a Japanese meal made of small balls of vinegar-flavored cold rice served with vegetables, eggs or raw seafood. You can find this meal in almost all Chinese restaurant and eating outlets because it is one of the favorites of both the Asians and non-Asians.

The number of calories in sushi depends on the topping you are using and the method of cooking. A normal roll of maki sushi has a total of 45 calories

California roll

Unlike the sushi roll, a California roll has a total of 255 calories with one piece of the roll containing 42 calories. This makes them healthier to eat due to the low calories in them. That does not mean that you should overindulge since the more you consume, the more calories you take.

Calories in peanut butter

Peanut butter is a smooth food paste made of roasted peanuts. We mostly use it to spread, to bake or as a topping in most of our foods. It is high in calories but healthy because most of the calories are from monosaturated fats from the nuts which are healthy. You will find 588 calories in 100g of the peanut butter.

Calories in Corn in a Cob

Corn in a cob is a name given to an ear of the maize cob straight from the farm. It is usually fresh and prepared by boiling. It has low calories than most calories which are 125 calories in I ear. It’s healthier to eat maize from the farm before it starts making starch from the milk in the grains

Calories in Butter this is a dairy product made from milk. It is termed as fat from the milk. It can be solid at room temperature or can be heated and melted to cook. It is not a healthy fat to use when cooking especially cooking since, in 100g, you will find 717 calories which are considered a lot in a single meal.

Calories in Cheese

This is protein and fat in milk. It is removed during the processing of the milk and is used to make sandwiches and other foods and snacks. In a slice which is equivalent to 30g, you will find 96 calories to 113 calories. This is low enough to consume in a day.

Calories are something that should be on your mind when you are losing weight or maintaining the current one. You should be able to make a judgement on the number of calories found in every item you eat to calculate the daily number of calories you are consuming.

For you to lose weight, you must be able to consume less than you consume. This will create a deficit so that excess fat can be burnt. Knowing the number of calories make you conscious and make you know which food you should avoid and which you should consume.

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