Does Hair Dye Kill Lice?

When we hear of lice, we immediately relate them to children. That is however not the truth. Adults too can suffer from head lice. There are many people in the world suffering from the same problem but that should not worry you. So, does hair dye kill lice? Although there is no scientific evidence to show that hair dye has the ability to kill lice, anecdotal evidence shows that it can eliminate them. You should however note that hair dye does not kill nits.

Head lice are wingless, and they can live in any human hair. Even though applying hair dye will not permanently kill head lice, it may affect how they survive and even prevent them from laying more eggs. Lice can live up to one month in your scalp and they depend on human blood to survive.

How Does Hair Dye Affect Lice?

Different types of hair dyes can be used on your hair. Permanent hair dye can be used to kill lice in your scalp. The permanent dye has ammonia which is alkaline and very corrosive at the same time. That might be why permanent hair dye is good at killing lice. Most hair dye that are permanent also contain  hydrogen peroxide that will affect lice.

Does Hair Dye Affect Nits?

Hair dye will not kill nits because they are enclosed in a tough shell for protection. Hair dye chemicals will not penetrate the nit shell or even detach the shells from your hair. Hair dye will therefore be less effective at killing nits before they hatch.

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice

How Hair Dye Kills Lice

Those who have lice and they are willing to use hair dye to kill them, you are supposed to continue the process weekly until you are sure the lice are gone completely. You can combine vinegar with your hair dye to make it more effective. Vinegar can help loosen what attaches the nits to your hair. Vinegar has been found to destroy lice that are immature even though it is just anecdotal evidence.

Start by mixing a solution of vinegar and hot water in a basin then work the mixture down your hair scalp. Wash your scalp for ten minutes then rinse your head with water that is warm. Use a comb that will remove the lice and nits from your hair as you soak using hot water. Once you are sure that your hair is lice free, you can now apply your hair dye as you comb any traces of left lice.


Dying your hair does not mean that you will not be infested with lice if you come in contact with someone who has them. Make sure to repeat the process of dying every week as it will help keep off the lice. If your condition is serious, it is advisable to visit a specialized doctor who can advise you accordingly on what you can do.

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