Do Saunas Help Acne?

Saunas if used properly can help with acne that is because they use dry heat to open your pores. When your pores are open, bacteria, dirt, and oil can escape from your body through your skin by sweating. After visiting a sauna, you need to take a quick shower because if you do not, all that debris that was released from your pores will get trapped again leading to breakouts. To answer the question, do saunas help with acne, we need to look at the history of a sauna.

Saunas were invented way back in the early 2000s by the Finnish. Saunas in the early days were dug within the ground but were later reconstructed into wooden logs. Rocks were used to heat the sauna and when it reached the ideal temperature, people could get in. So even in the early years, people knew that a sauna could help you relax and clear away your pores. This ideal was brought to America and that is when the modern saunas were invented.

Importance of Saunas

There are many benefits that come with using a sauna and if you have never been in one, then it’s high time you get to hop inside one. A sauna will help your body to burn calories and it is estimated that it can burn 56 calories in just 30 minutes. It will also help you relax your muscles after a heavy workout. You will feel a tranquilizing effect that will help loosen your joints and relax your muscles. But the most important thing that a sauna will do is to help you unwind after a long day at work.

Do Saunas Help Improve Your Acne?

Saunas have been found to be good for people who have acne as sweating will help reduce the oiliness of your skin. It will also help your body to regulate its pH balance. That means your chances of getting pimples are very mild because your skin will produce less sebum. Sweating also helps to get rid of harmful substances from your skin because bacteria and dirt normally tend to get trapped on the sebum. So, after visiting a sauna, it is advisable to take a shower to help clear your skin.

Do Saunas Help Acne

Do Saunas Help Acne

Disadvantages of Saunas

Even though there are many benefits that come with using a sauna, it is not meant for everyone. There are certain people who should never use a sauna no matter what. This includes pregnant women if you are feeling ill and if you have high blood pressure. A sauna can make this condition even worse. So, if you are one of the above-mentioned people, you should opt for other alternatives to treat your acne. You can try retinoids, glycolic acid, or even benzoyl peroxide.

As We Conclude

Understanding how a sauna works with your body is very important because not all of us are the same. The fact is that saunas will help with your acne problem if you use them properly. So next time if you do not have any underlying health problems and you want to get rid of acne, you should try using a sauna and see how it will work wonders.

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