How Much is Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a much-complicated procedure than other in-office procedures. Other in-office procedures have relatively fair pricing as compared to laser hair removal procedures. On average the cost of laser hair removal is 287 US dollars according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics of 2019. This amount is only part of the total price which means you will have to include other expenses.

It is always good to consult with your plastic surgeon on the exact amount you will have to pay after the procedure. Not all plastic surgeons are the same and the price will depend on the level of experience and qualifications of the specialist. The price may also be affected depending on the type of procedure, effort and time the treatment requires, and sometimes the geographical location of the office.


What Costs Are Included in the Laser Hair Removal?

If you want to have a laser hair removal procedure, you will have to consider other costs apart from the one mentioned above. You will need to include the procedure cost which means that every procedure has its separate cost. The second cost is the prescriptions for the medication. After the procedure, you will be required to purchase some medications to help you get better.

Laser hair removal costs, therefore, vary from time to time. Many health insurance plans will never cover cosmetics surgery or any other related complications. But you do not lose hope because most plastic surgeons have a patient financing plan that you can agree upon. Make sure to ask your surgeon if they have a financial plan for laser hair removal.


So, what is Laser Hair Removal?

How Much is Laser Hair Removal

How Much is Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a unique non-invasive method where highly concentrated light penetrates hair follicles. The Laser light is absorbed into the pigments of the hair shaft follicles which generates heat capable of damaging the follicle stopping hair from growing in the future. This means that plucking hair before treatment helps reduce the potency of the laser treatment because the target is no longer present.


What Should You Expect During the Laser Hair Removal Consultation?

When you want to have a laser hair removal procedure, you should expect to be asked different questions. You will be asked if you have any underlying medical conditions, your goals for having the procedure, previous surgeries, and your current medications. Make sure to mention if you are using tobacco, herbal supplements, alcohol, or any other drug use.

Your surgeon will also evaluate your general health status and will want to know if you have any risk factors. The specialist may recommend a course of treatment, discuss the likely outcomes of the procedure and any other risks or potential complications that may be accompanied by having a laser hair removal.


During consultation, make sure to ask your surgeon questions because it is very important to know what to expect and the outcomes. It is natural to feel anxious but make sure you understand all the aspects involved. Never shy about discussing how you feel with your plastic surgeon.

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