Best Cream Eyeshadow

Having protective facemasks has become an everyday necessity and that is why we need to take care of our eyes. While your makeup kit will not miss lipstick, glosses, or even lip oils, you need to have something for your eyes. Cream eyeshadows are never left out when we talk about makeup. They are easy and comfortable to dress up and you need to have the one that will make your eyes glow and shine. A lot of products are being produced today and you can find it difficult to choose from the long list. In our article, we are going to show you some of the best cream eyeshadows that you can buy to give you that flawless crease-proof coverage.


  1. Charlotte Tilbury Best Overall Eye Mesmerize

This product is number one on the list for one reason. Most people have praised it because it has a creamy texture that is water-infused and it will melt effortlessly into your skin. Charlotte Tilbury Best Overall Eye Mesmerize is easy to apply you do not even need a mirror for you to look gorgeous. This formula will ensure that you blur any lines and imperfections leaving your eyes smooth, young, and crease-less. The rose gold is the most loved but any other will still give you the perfect look.


  1. Tom Ford For Eyes Cream Color

Tom Ford for Eyes Cream Color comes in eight different metallic shades, it is soft and pigmented, and it has a mousse-like formula that is why it is a perfect choice. This product will give your eyes a luxe experience that you cannot find anywhere else. After applying this product, it will stay put for hours without smudging or creasing. This formula unlike other glittery eyeshadows in the market will provide you with a multifaceted glow making you feel ready to work from morning till evening.

Best Cream Eyeshadow

Best Cream Eyeshadow

  1. Scattered Hourglass Glitter Light Eye Shadow

Are you looking for that serious sparkle or do you just want to feel a little extra, then you need to try the Scattered Hourglass Glitter Light Eye Shadow? This product is lightweight and has micro glitter formula which means your eyes will capture and reflect light giving your eyes a multidimensional finish. The different shades can be combined from prismatic glitter finish to sheer, crystal shimmer to opaque giving you different options of wearing it.


  1. Laura Mercier Stick Eye Shadow

This product is the best for anyone who is just new to the makeup world although cream eyeshadows are not difficult to apply. Laura Mercier Stick Eye Shadow is a crease and transfer-resistant formula that will glide like butter leaving your eyes looking beautiful. This product will give you time to blend, smudge, line, and define your eyes before your day even begins. It will stay intact for up to 12 hours giving you the perfect shimmer hues.


  1. Best Formula Lid Tint

This formula is lightweight, easy to apply, and will blend easily with your eyes leaving no mess behind. Best Formula Lid Tint is made with butter and organic oils which means that your eyes will look youthful and will have that dewy glow. It can work well whether you wear it alone or with any traditional eye shadow.

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