Does Water Help with Acne

Have you ever gone for dinner in a high-end hotel then someone just asks you, “How do you manage to keep a glowing skin”? It is a common question that most of us have probably heard of. Are you still asking yourself does water helps with acne? A simple answer is No!  Or let us just say there is still no concrete answer that shows that drinking water has a direct relationship with your skin. There are many benefits that come with drinking water but that does not mean it directly hydrates your skin.

When you drink water, it goes to your stomach then to the small intestines. This is where it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and it can hydrate your organs leading to the proper functioning of your body. Water has an indirect effect on the skin because it helps to flush out wastes and toxins from your body through your skin cells. Water helps your skin to get oxygen and nutrients which will make your skin clear and smooth. So, the question remains, what amount of water should you drink every day?

The answer is a bit complicated as compared to the normal understanding of eight glasses per day. There are different factors that can affect the amount of water you drink for example level of physical activity, your age, climate, weight, and how much water your body gets from your diet. So instead of focusing on eight glasses per day, you should always drink water more often and after a heavy workout, you need to take plenty of it. Eating foods like vegetables and fruits will also help your body get water.

Why Drink More Water

  1. Improves Metabolism.

Studies show that when you take a glass of water in the morning, it will help boost your metabolism rate by 30%. Make sure to take a glass of water on an empty stomach every morning and your day will never be the same. It will help keep your skin hydrated and soft.

Does Water Help with Acne

Does Water Help with Acne

  1. Gets Rid of Toxins

Water is very vital when it comes to keeping your body healthy. Toxins are normally released from your body through urine, sweat, and stool and they all need adequate fluids for them to function properly. Anything that is not needed by your body should be removed and that is where water comes in. Make sure to take a shower when you sweat to avoid the development of acne.

Studies have shown that not taking enough water can influence your brain. If you do not drink enough water, you will tend to have a short memory and your rate of attention will decline. Rehydrating will help improve your fatigue and you will stay focused.

In Conclusion

Water is vital to your body as it helps keep you hydrated and ensures normal functioning. But it has not yet been proved whether there is a direct link between water and acne. When you take enough water, your skin will stay hydrated and glowing all day. So, whenever you are thirsty, just take a bottle of water as it will go a long way to improving your overall health.

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