How to Lose Chin Fat

Chin fat is sometimes called submental fat. The condition normally occurs in some people when a lump of fat starts to accumulate under the chin. The main cause of Chin fat is normal weight gain, and you can get it even when you are not overweight. Aging people may also develop Chin fat due to genetics or loose skin. The following are the steps on how to lose Chin fat.


There are different exercises that one can practice that only target the Chin fat. These exercises have no scientific explanations but have anecdotal evidence. The six exercises we are going to look at may help reduce the muscles on your Chin area. Make sure to repeat the exercise every day for 15 minutes.

  • Bottom Jaw Jut: Start by tilting your head backward till you see the ceiling. Turn your head to the left and slide your bottom jaw forward. Hold and release after some seconds. Repeat the process with your head facing to the Left.
  • Tongue Stretch: Look straight ahead and stick the tongue out then lift it towards the nose. Try and hold then release after 10 seconds.
  • Ball Exercise: Start by placing a small ten-inch ball below your chin then depress your chin on the ball and do the same 25 times each day.


How to Lose Chin Fat

How to Lose Chin Fat

  • Chin Stretch: Turn your head to the back and stare the ceiling. After that, press the tongue on the upper part of the mouth and hold on to for ten seconds then release.
  • Straight Jaw Jut: Slope your head backward and stare the ceiling. Stretch the lower jaw forward till you feel the pull under the chin. Hold for ten seconds then release the jaw and return your head to the neutral position.
  • Pucker Up: Slant your head backwards and stare the ceiling. Pucker your lips upwards as of you are kissing the ceiling. This will elongate the skin under the chin. Do it for 10 seconds then bring your head to the neutral position.

Watch Your Diet

If you have a fat Chin because of weight gain, then you need to lose some weight and it will eliminate your Chin fat. Make sure that you watch your diet and eat healthy. Some healthy guidelines may include eat low-fat dairy foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, healthy fats and avoid fried and processed foods. Also, cut on sugar intake.



Your doctor can decide to use other methods like as lipolysis or mesotherapy to help reduce Chin fat. Lipolysis is a procedure where laser heat is used to melt down fat and shape your skin. Lipolysis is used to reduce Chin fat and does not eliminate excess skin.

Mesotherapy on the other hand is a procedure where tiny bits of dissolving fat compounds are injected in your body. Deoxycholic acid can be injected to help your body ingest fats. This procedure should be performed by an experienced doctor or dermatologist otherwise the process can go wrong.



If you want to reduce Chin fat, you should eat healthy and exercise regularly. If you cannot afford to go through the treatment procedures, then you should be patient as the Chin fat cannot disappear overnight. Make sure to maintain a healthy weight and your Chin fat will reduce.

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