How to Apply Eye Cream

When you hear of eye cream, you might tend to think that it is something meant for older people. But that is not the case. It can work well for anyone who wants to look and feel young. The skin found around your eyes is the thinnest in your body and if not taken care of, it can show signs of aging. There are different eye creams that you can apply around your eyes to make you look young and that is why we need to answer the question of how to apply eye cream. The steps are very easy, and you can easily understand when you take your time.

  • Step One

Select Your Product: Picking the right eye cream that matches your skin is very important. Are you tired of those crow feet and fine lines? then you need to choose a formula that has peptides and retinol which are two ingredients that can fight wrinkles. If you have dark circles, then you need to get a product that has niacinamide and caffeine which will help combat the sluggish flow of blood.

  • Step Two

Wash Your Hands: Before you start applying eye cream, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. Eye creams are applied using fingers and that means you need to have them clean. You do not want to introduce germs around your eyes during the process.

  • Step Three

Apply in Moderation: Make sure to read and understand the instructions as indicated on the product you are using. Applying half a pump or a pump of eye cream on each eye is just enough. For those with eye creams that come in a jar, you can simply scoop half the amount per eye. Eye creams are different and some a more concentrated than others. Some even contain a higher amount of anti-aging ingredients so applying the right amount is very important.

How to Apply Eye Cream

How to Apply Eye Cream

  • Step Four

Apply it Correctly: Start by applying a dab of eye cream on your finger then apply the eye cream in a semi-circle manner just below your eyebrows moving your finger from side to side. Make sure you do it gently along the orbital bone of your eyes. It is recommended to use your ring finger because it will apply little pressure on your skin as you apply the eye cream. Do not apply it so close to your eyes as that can cause irritations.

  • Step Five

Apply on The Right Spots: All eye creams are meant to be applied under and around the eye but not all of them can be used on the upper lid. You need to use your orbital bone to guide you when applying eye cream. Start applying the cream from the inner or outer corner of your eye area on top of the bone. Apply it gently from one end to the other making sure you are just a few millimeters under your lash line. Repeat the same process on the other eye and make sure you have a mirror with you.

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