Do You Lose Weight When You Poop?

When you poop, you are simply removing excess food from your body system. Some people tend to feel lighter after taking a poop, but do you lose weight when you poop? The answer is Yes! you will lose some weight. The weight of poop will depend on different factors such as your eating habits, body size, bowel movement, and how much water you will drink. On average, your poop should weigh around 1 pound. If you have a low bowel movement, then you will have a heavy poop.

Food takes an average of 33 hours to become poop and that is when you will feel like going for a poop. So why do we normally feel lighter and slimmer after taking a poop after a heavy meal? When you poop, you end up releasing gas and bloating that is why you will feel light. Poop contains waste material, fat, protein, undigested fiber, dead and living bacteria, salt but most of it is water. The more time poop takes in your intestines the heavier and drier it becomes.

Even though most people tend to poop once a day, it is advisable to poop at least three times daily or once after three days in worse-case scenarios. When you have a loose watery stool that is considered diarrhea and it is caused by bacterial infection. You should never stay with diarrhea in your body for long because it can cause you to lose a lot of water from your body. If you have diarrhea, you are mostly losing water weight by releasing it.

Is Pooping Effective When It Comes to Weight Lose?

You will lose weight when you poop but it is not an effective method of losing body fat that affects your health. The most dangerous fat is found around your waist and it is called visceral fat. It is stored in the abdominal cavity around your internal organs. This fat will cause you to gain weight and you can end up getting heart disease or even diabetes. To lose such kind of fat, you need to burn a lot of calories. This can only be achieved through exercise and diet but not pooping.

Do You Lose Weight When You Poop

Do You Lose Weight When You Poop

If you are overweight, you should consider doing some exercises like jogging, swimming, biking, or even lifting weights. Do these exercises 30 minutes daily and you will notice that you will start losing weight. When you exercise regularly, your bowel habits will also change which means you will start pooping more often.

In Conclusion

When you poop, you will lose weight, but it is not enough to make you slim. Pooping does not make you lose body fat; you are only losing unnecessary weight. Burning calories is the only way you can lose disease-causing fat. Exercise and eating food in small portions are the only way to solve your weight problem. Make sure to include high fiber foods in your diet and cut on your processed food.

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