How Long Does Semi-Permanent Blue Hair Dye Last?

When it comes to dying your hair, it needs effort, commitment, and monetary investment. The semi-permanent hair dye is the perfect choice for someone who is not looking for long-term commitments. So, if you are a beginner when it comes to dying your hair, then you need to try a semi-permanent dye. It usually fades away after a few washes so you should not be afraid to experiment on it. That is why many people normally ask the question of how long does semi-permanent blue hair dye last? There are different colors of dyes when it comes to semi-permanent hair coloring.

Typically, it has been found out that a blue semi-permanent hair dye can only last up to 8 washes. Most uses of blue semi-permanent dyes normally enjoy the color in the first two weeks after application. The duration of which the dye will last on your hair also depends on the porosity and health of your hair. If the porosity is high, the quicker the dye will fade away. The type of conditioner and shampoo that you will use will also determine how fast your hair will last.

Blue is one of the colors that most people prefer because it will do the job right. Once you have had your first blue hair dye, you can always go for routine touch-ups and flaunt vibrant just to keep your hair healthy. The semi-permanent hair dye is different from its counterparts in many ways. It will coat the hair shaft instead of the hair cortex and it can be applied directly without using a developer. Blue semi-permanent hair dye is gentle on your hair because it does not contain ammonia nor hydrogen peroxide.

Is Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Safe?

Yes! semi-permanent hair dye is one of the safest and less damaging dyes that you can ever get. It does not contain any bleach or ammonia that the permanent hair dye has. If you have been treating your hair chemically, you should opt for the semi-permanent hair dye because it is safe. You can easily wash them away and try a new color if you do not want long-term commitments. The duration will also depend on you because they can only last up to eight washes.

When Should You Choose a Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Blue Hair Dye Last

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Blue Hair Dye Last

This kind of dye should only be used when you are experimenting with new hair color, want to add gloss and shine to your dull lifeless hair, or if you are trying to enhance your do-it-yourself hair skills. If you are still new, then you need to try a semi-permanent hair dye because it does not need any mixing, unlike the permanent hair dye.


A semi-permanent hair dye is safer and healthier than permanent hair color. It is good for someone who is just new to hair coloring and is still exploring. That means that you can still change the type of color you want anytime you wish. So, if you want a hair color that is effortless and quick to apply, then you need to go for a semi-permanent hair dye.

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