How to Braid Your Hair

Braids are no longer something of the past where you only had to wear them to school. Braids have evolved over the years and today you can find different types of braids that you can try depending on the occasion and your mood. You can wear your braid anywhere from the gym, office, date, or even a wedding making it a versatile hairstyle. The good thing about braids is that you can choose to go simple or combine it with any other style like the ponytail, fishtail, Dutch, or any other style that suits you. The question many people are still asking is how to braid your hair.

  1. Three Strand Braid

This braid is the easiest and simplest that even an armature can do. We all tried it at one stage when we were all growing up. You can style this braid in almost any hairstyle and it all depends on the length and texture. All you need is a hairbrush and hair elastic. Start by brushing out all the tangles and knots in your hair then divide them into three equal parts. Rollover the right side of the hair over the middle part then turn over the left section over the new middle section of hair. Continue this process until you are sure you have braided all of it. Hold the end using a hair elastic.

  1. The French Braid

This classic braid is famous all over the world and it’s very simple to master. During hot summer days, you can French braid your hair and stay cool all day. You need to have a hairbrush and hair elastic. Start by brushing off all the knots from your hair then hold a small amount of hair from the front section. Divide it into three sections then start braiding it in a stitch-like manner as you continue adding more hair from the outside.

How to Braid Your Hair

How to Braid Your Hair

Make sure that hair from the outside section is added by turning it over the middle section then the right section over the new middle section. Continue adding until you notice that you are out of hair then you can hold the ends using a hair elastic.

  1. The Fishtail Braid

This braid is perhaps the hardest that you can ever do but practice makes perfect. You need to have two hair elastics and a hairbrush. Brush your hair to remove all the tangles and make sure your hair is all smooth and knot-free. Hold all your hair into one ponytail then divide them into two sections. Get a small section of hair from the outer section of hair then add it to the inner section of hair from the second ponytail section. Pick a small section of hair from the outer right section then add them onto the left section of the inner ponytail.

Continue the whole process till you are sure you have a fishtail braid. Hold the ends using a hair elastic then cut off the elastic at the top to have the perfect look. That sounds very difficult but with time you will learn. Hair braids are simple to do only if you practice every day.

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