How to Get Rid of Acne

All You Need to Know About Acne. Having a flawless skin is fascinating right? Having an all the eyes on me look is a dream of everyone. unfortunately, many factors come our way that hinders you to have that look. Our skins are exposed to so many things that make it all rough and susceptible to any skin disease available.

The diseases make you uncomfortable, lower your self-esteem and make you all prickly and with a lot of marks. When this happens, you are not in a mood for going out or even been seen by people and it even affects your daily activities. One of the diseases is acne.

What is acne?

What is acne

What is acne

Many are the cases especially in the US, where people are diagnosed with the conditions, and they are left wondering what the condition is. Acne is a disease of the hair follicle. It is a condition that affects your face, chest, on the neck and other parts of the body skin.

The condition occurs when the hair follicle is clogged with oil and dead skin. Acne is a common condition in the US affecting up to 50 million Americans. Acne usually occurs in people of all ages, but it is more predominant in the puberty age. This is because this is the time the sebaceous gland is active.

  • The acne can occur in four ways;
  • Inform of the white
  • Blackhead.
  • Pimples.
  • Cyst.
  • Nodules pustules.

Acnes are sometimes confused with pimples. It is hard to know what you have and that can be confusing. It is by knowing what you have that you will be able to seek medical or any help that you can get to get rid of the acne. So, how do you know that you have acne?

Symptoms of acne

With so many skin diseases in the world, it is hard to know what you are suffering from. The symptoms and appearances are the same and when that happens, you need to know what the specific characteristics are. When you have acne, you will experience one or all the following;

  • Whitehead clogs They are a white pimple like heads that are closed on the pore head
  • Blackhead open clog pores. The pores can be open but with oil or dead skin inside it.
  • You can have red bumps all over.
  • Have pimples with pus on the tip.
  • Pain filled lumps on the surface of the skin.

Since acne is a common condition. It is good to always have the right information. You need to equip yourself with the knowledge that will help you achieve a goal of having a flawless skin and one of the things you need to know it the difference between the acne and other types of skin conditions.

Differences Between pimples and Acne

They are the most confused condition of all time. This is because they are similar in look and sometimes the symptoms. You need to be seen or visit the doctor for you to have the right diagnosis of the condition.

What is a pimple?

Well, a pimple is simply what is made when a pore of the skin is blacked because of the dead skin cells. So, a pimple is a result of a blockage of the pores. In a more elaborate manner, here is a table;

1. Their cause is specific. Clogging of the pores.

2. Cannot be because of the genetic formation.

3. Treatment can be over the skin.

4. The disease affects the pores only.

1. They are because of the transformation of the pilosebaceous unit due to androgen stimulation.

2. Can be caused by the genetic formation of an individual.

3. Treatment involves over the counter medicine and hormonal treatment.

4. The disease affects the hair follicle and the pores of the skin

When you have the above information, you can take care of your condition more effectively and in a more specific manner. Now that you know the difference, do you know what causes the acne? Read along as you know more about what causes the condition.

What Causes Acne?

There are so many information and speculation on what causes acne. It is hard to know what is true and what is not. For you to have a clear flawless skin, you must be able to know what causes your skin not to be clear. here are what causes acne.

  • Excess oil production

In our skin. There is the sebaceous gland which oversees the production of oil to keep your skin moisturized. When the oil is produced in excess, especially during puberty when the hormones are most active, it leads to excess production of oil which in turn collects dead skin and bacteria causing acne.

  • The clog of the hair follicle

So, the sebaceous gland ha produced excess oil and in the process of moving up the hair follicle, it collects dead skin, bacteria and other harmful elements leaving your skin venerable and irritated leading to the blemishes and redness in the acne condition.

  • Bacteria

Bacteria causes one to be sick. When they find themselves on your skin from the dirt and other sources, they are trapped by the oil and end up on the pores where they manifest themselves. Multiply and causes damage to your skin.

  • Excess activity of the androgen hormone

This is the hormone that stimulates the sebaceous hormone to produce oil. During the puberty stage, the hormone is at its most active stage. That is why you will find the acne being more prevalence during the puberty stage. The hormone stimulates excess production of skin oil which clogs the pore.

Factors that aggravate the acne

The above are the main causes of the acne, however, there are factors that we say they aggravate the condition. They make the condition more notable, stubborn and difficult to control. They are predominant in the way we do things and what we take. These factors include;

  • Diet

In this modern days, people are not conscious of what they consume, are you one of them? Do you have a special liking for dairy products? That might be the reason why you are having a struggle controlling the acne that you have, milk, chocolate, bagels, bread are known to worsen an acne condition.

  • Hormones

The main hormone here is the androgen hormone. It is at its active stage during puberty and is responsible for the stimulation of the sebaceous gland to produce sebum. When the hormone is more active, it leads to more production of the sebum that traps dead skin and bacteria.

  • Medical condition

I know you are wondering how? Well. There is some medicine that you can take that can make the condition worse. Medicine containing corticosteroids, testosterone, and lithium are medicine to avoid when you know you have acne. They can make a simple case of acne be uncontrollable.

  • Heredity

Sometimes these things happen. You may have your acne problem from your mother or father. Acne can be a family thing that runs from parents to children. In such unfortunate situation, all we can do is find ways of controlling it since it is hard to eliminate the acne.

  • Hygiene

There is a way to this situation. When you are not in a clean environment, bacteria can find their way to your skin and get trapped by the sebum causing harm. In another way, washing your skin too many causes drying up triggering the excess secretion of the sebum. You should balance both.

  • Stress

There is a direct relationship between your skin and your mental condition. When you have a lot in your mind, you are all stress up and that causes your skin to be all dry and wrinkled up. That, in turn, leads to excess secretion of the sebum to oil the skin.

  • Cigarette smoking

Are you one of the people who is constantly smoking? Then you cannot get rid of those nagging acne that you have. That is because when you smoke, the carcinogen in the smoke irritates the skin making it dry and broken which stimulate more production of sebum.

  • The cosmetics you use

There is no problem in using makeup and cosmetics to take care of your skin for as long as they are oil free. When you use oily products, they facilitate clogging of the pores leading to the trapping of dead skin and bacteria that cause skin irritation.

  • Sun

I know you like basking in the sun when it is all hot and sunny right? Well, you might rethink about the next busking. In case you didn’t know, direct contact with the sun rays makes your skin irritated and susceptible to acne. Make sure you protect your skin from the direct rays.

  • Menstruation and pregnancy

These two occur in women and when they occur, there is a significant change in how the skin looks like. Are you experiencing one of the condition? Well, don’t worry, the acne that you have maybe because of your pregnancy or menstruation cycle. Once it is over, your skin will be back to its normal state.

How to get rid of the acne Fast

When you have acne and pimples on your face, you want to wish them away as soon as possible especially if you have an important day ahead of you. while it is important to have a smooth shinning face for your date, it is good to go or good working ways to get rid of the acne.

There are so many methods you can get that can get rid of the acne, but how safe are they? How much do you trust what you hear or see? You may go for fast easier ways to get rid of the condition only to end up with a worse condition that will be difficult to control.

Getting rid of the acne is a process that will include your daily routine. You need to come up with a way that you can get rid of the acne and contain the situation permanently. That included looking for medical help and changing your lifestyle.

How to get rid of cyst acne

There is nothing more annoying than sleeping early anticipating for your date tomorrow only to wake up with a red patched face in the morning. This is what cyst acne is all about. They are the most stubborn of all cyst that occurs on our face and is very painful.

Just like any other acne, they are because of the pores being clogged with oil, dead skin and bacteria leading to your skin being inflamed. What is so different with the cyst acne is that they don’t raise up to the surface.

When the pore is fully inflated and ready to rupture, they do it under the skin causing inflammation to spill into the surrounding tissues and that is when a cyst is formed to prevent further spread of the inflammation.

The cyst can be painful, they irritate the skin and make it appear red and sour. If not controlled, they can spread to the whole skin and cause more serious problems. You need to come up with a way quick to curb the situation.

The most appropriate and applicable way would be to look for home remedies, unfortunately, with cyst acne, you cannot go around touching them and picking them as this can make them worse. Here are ways in which you can contain the acne;

  • Use of vitamins

For you to get your skin fast, you need to think fast and one of the ways you can contain the situation is getting a vitamin shot. Vitamins are known to make your skin soft and smooth so consult your dermatologist immediately to know how you can get the shot.

  • Spot treatment

This involves taking care of the inflamed area. You need to contain the swelling using ice cold water to freeze the blood vessels around the area. You need also to have a topical treatment that you can apply to the inflamed area to make sure the cyst does not spread.

  • Getting cortisone shot

This can also be a quick solution especially if you have a special event ahead of you. the shot is made on the skin and is known to sooth the skin and makes the inflamed area smoother by reducing the inflammation. Talk to a specialist about the shot before you get one.

  • Lifestyle change

As you have seen, you are prone to future cyst inflammations. You need to come up with a way to make sure you avoid any future inflammation. Improve on your meals by eating more of beta keratin and vitamin B6. They are good for your skin.

You need to invest in a good cleanser to make sure you wash your face before you sleep. At least make sure you cleanse your face twice a day to remove the bacteria, excess oil and the dead skin from the pores. Once you do that, you are in for a healthier skin.

How to get rid of nodular acne

It would be anyone’s nightmare to wake up having the nodular acne. Not only are they embracing, they are also painful and big to deal with. When you have them, you are embraced to go out and you always ask for ways on how to get rid of them permanently. So, what are they?

They are also acne, caused by clogged pores with oil, bacteria and dead skin. What is so different about hem is that they are big. Once you have them, your skin becomes sour and painful and once they break, they are larger and serious.

Many people will confuse them with cyst acne. They are similar in characteristics except that nodular acne remains intact deep under the skin, unlike the cyst which may rapture and spread to other tissues. You will need to take a more serious and drastic measure to deal with them.

They are more in women than with men. This is because women undergo a lot of hormonal changes than men. This includes during puberty, pregnancy and even during menstruation. Here are ways you can take care of the situation before it gets out of hand.

First, you need to understand this is termed as a more serious case of acne. With that in mind, you must understand that no over the counter medicine can help you to take care of the situation. You need to go for more specialized treatment for a more elaborate treatment. You will be prescribed the following;

  • Antibiotic

A more serious case of acne needs a more serious action. Formation of acne involves bacteria known as p. acne. while it is normal to have the bacteria in the body, sometimes when it is in excess it creates havoc in your body and that’s when you need medication.

Taking antibiotics will reduce the number of bacteria in your body y killing them. That, in turn, will reduce the clogging in the pores and the inflammation will seize. Though taking antibiotics is for a while, it will help in curbing the situation of the nodular acne for now.

  • Go for a more concentrated topical treatment

If you have nodular acne, using over the counter medication won’t do you any good. You need a more concentrated treatment that will go deeper into your skin for a more deeper effect. Since nodules will be found deeper in your skin, look for a prescribed medication.

The doctor will prescribe a more concentrated benzoyl peroxide that is more effective than the one offered over the counter. You will also be prescribed a salicylic that is more concentrated to cleanse your skin and a retinoid that will take care of the smoothening of your skin.

Make sure you seek medical attention immediately after you see the nodular acne. If you don’t treat them on time, they may end up scarring your face which will be more difficult for you to have a smooth beautiful skin. Avoid picking at all cost and be easy on yourself.

How to get rid of scalp acne

Are you feeling itchy on your hairline? Or you have red pimples on your scalp or at the back of your head? Well, that is scalp acne. Though rare, scalp acne is a type of acne that is found in your head along with your hairline.

It can be embracing to keep scratching your head and having to have blackheads on your head and you just don’t know what to do. If untreated, it can lead to hair loss and possible baldness. The good thing about this type of condition is that it is easily treatable.

What causes scalp acne is like any other acne, clogging of the hair pore due to building up of dead skin and sebum on your scalp. Other factors can also bring up the condition such as;

  • Not washing your head more regularly.
  • Building up of hair products. That is for those who use more than one hair product.
  • Staying for long without washing your head after a workout.
  • Using a tight gear for your head and sweat accumulates on your head without washing it.
  • acne bacteria.

Once you notice that you have the condition, it is good that you take action before hair start falling off, you wouldn’t want that would you? seeking over the counter medicine will be a simple and effective way to get rid of the acne but before you do that, you need to wash your hair.

Use a medicated shampoo and see if it will help. Make sure you don’t over wash your hair. If the shampoo does not work, you need to go for salicylic for a deeper cleansing and clearing of your scalp. It is effective and will get rid of the acne. Also, use retinoid to exfoliate your skin.

For you to make sure that they don’t come back, you need to ensure that you wash your head more regularly. After a workout, make sure you wash your head immediately to avoid accumulation of bacteria on your scalp. Avoid mixing hair products to avoid blockage of the follicles.

How to get rid of butt acne

are you anticipating going to the beach or that vacation you have been saving for a while? It’s time to rock your two-piece swimming piece, your shorts or that fancy short shorts. You are ready to rock it only to realize you have acne on your butt, how can this happen on such a time?

Butt acne is something women should not shy away from talking about. They occur when you list expect them to. Can be itchy and painful, leaving you uncomfortable and not in your two-piece swimsuit. This is not like ordinary acne, here is what they are.

Butt acne is mild infections of the hair follicles that leads to bumps and pus-filled pimples. They are painful and embracing to have because they live you all itchy and scratching all over your butt. Know, what causes the embracing acnes?

Mainly, butt acne is caused by having sweaty clothes on after a workout and not removing them. It can also be because of wearing tight clothes that cause friction to your skin hence irritating your skin. What can you do once you realize you have the cane?

First, you need to change your clothes and wear loose ones. If you are from the gym, make sure you take a bath to wash away all that sweat and bacteria that may be accumulating in the hair follicles. A simple hygiene routine can treat and prevent future occurrence of the acne.

If the condition is serious, you need to wash gently using a strong benzoyl peroxide to cleanse and wash away from the bacteria and dead skin that is clogging the pores. Don’t prick the pimples if there is a need for spot treating. Apply your medication gently and allow in to penetrate the skin.

How to get rid of back acne

Acne and pimples are difficult to treat. It is quite unfortunate how they come during puberty making young people skin very itchy and difficult to contain. They occur all over the body including your back, yes you can find them on your back.

They are mainly caused by clogging of the back pores with dead skin and excess sebum which leads to a swelling. When it comes to your back, you get the acne because you stay too long with sweaty outfits after a workout or you wear tight clothing.

Are you a fun of always letting your hair loose? Well, you might think of folding that hair or holding it up. That is because the hair products on your hair will tend to build upon the hair follicles causing more clogging on your skin. You should do the following to get rid of the acne

  • Take a shower

Are you from the gym? what are you doing with those wet clothes? You need to hit a shower immediately you are from the gym. that is because your sweat contains a lot of bacteria and excess oil that can clog your pores if you don’t shower immediately.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliating is not for the face alone. You need to make sure occasionally you remove that dead skin that is accumulating on your skin to avoid accumulation. In the process of removing the excess skin, you find yourself removing bacteria and excess oil leaving you with a glowing skin.

  • Loose fitting

I know you find tight clothes sexy right? You also need to know that wearing such clothes comes with consequences of having acne. Make a habit of having loose clothes while in the house especially if you are going to sleep. Loose clothing will facilitate the exchange of air.

  • Keep your hair up and off your back

Like mentioned earlier, having your hair on your back not only irritate your back but also brings the oily hair to your back follicles hence adding up to the oil clogging the pores. Keeping your hair up will keep hair products from the back pores.

  • Use sunscreen

It is time you start shopping for a product that has sunscreen it. the UV rays from the sun can also cause acne and therefore it is good to keep that rays at bay always. Go to a cosmetic shop and ask for help in coming up with the right product for your skin type and the one that will protect your skin.

If the situation is serious, you need to look for a dermatologist advise on what to do and what to use. In some situations, you might need a more serious approach to the situation to avoid the acne from spreading to other parts of the body.

How to get rid of chin acne

Acne is pimples that can appear anywhere in your body. Any part of the body that is covered with skin in the body is bound to have acne. That is because sebum is produced beneath the skin and when it is in excess any part of the skin can be clogged including the chin.

Unfortunately, the chin is one of the noticeable parts of your face, it is along the jawline and when acne invades such a place, it can be hard to hide it from the public eye. Though they are because of the excess sebum and build up dead skin and bacteria, the following can aggregate the situation;

  • Not having enough sleep.
  • When you are stressful.
  • Some of the medication that you might be taking.
  • Hormonal changes in your body.
  • Using a blunt razor when shaving

Once you know why you have the chin acne, it is good you come up with ways on how you are going to take care of the acne. Fortunately, there are simple routines that you can use to get rid of the acne and keep them away. They include;

  • Wash your face

It is important to make sure you wash your face at least twice a day. That includes the area around the chin to make sure you get rid of all foreign particles, bacteria and excess oil that is causing the problem.

  • Use a sharp razor

If you do your own shaving, make sure you use a sharp razor that will carefully shave your beard without irritating your skin. That will help in a long way to ensure that you don’t spread the acne and avoid future occurrence of the acne.

  • Sleep enough and reduce stress

Sleeping and stressing yourself go hand in hand. If you are not having enough sleep it is probably because you are stressed up. Make sure you don’t stress yourself, have enough sleep to avoid production of cortisol which is the main hormone that stimulates excess sebum production.

  • Seek medical attention

Sometimes the acne may be serious and need a specialist to look at it. go to a specialist as he will prescribe a more specific product that you will use to get rid of the acne. If you opt for over the counter medicine, make sure you consult before applying anything on your chin.

How to get rid of chest acne

Yes, acne can occur in such an area too. It is because of the skin around the chest being oily and the pores clogged. Factors that can lead to this include;

  • Hormonal changes
  • Intake of sugary food
  • Dehydration
  • Working out and not washing
  • Dry skin and excess sun exposure
  • Makeup and perfumes
  • Using oily moisturizers.

You can get rid of the acne of the chest with simple lifestyle changes which will make sure the acne goes away and never come back, they include;

  • Washing

Have a simple routine of taking a shower after a workout, that ensures that all the bacteria and excess oil that has build up has been washed hence no clogging will take place

  • Diet

Make sure you take foods that are balanced and less in fats and sugar. Make sure that you eat food rich in fruits and vegetables that will help your skin to heal and glow.

  • Invest in the right skin products

This goes a long way in ensuring that your skin remains healthy and with no blemishes. You should first get to know your skin type. It is by knowing your skin type that you will be able to shop for products that are right for your skin. Also, try to have moisturizers that have sunscreen on them.

How to get rid of nose acne

A nose acne can be stressful and painful. It can also take time before it heals, and blemishes go away, this is because a nose is a sensitive part and when it is infected, it takes time to heal due to its sensitivity. Caused by factors that cause the other acne, you can do the following to get rid of it;

  • Wash

Washing will help to remove excess oil and bacteria. That will be a good start to healing. make sure you don’t prick the acne as that will make the condition even worse. Wash gently to make sure you don’t make your nose more irritated than it already is.

  • Tone

The good thing about taking the step of using a toner is that a toner helps in deep washing. It will ensure that all the excess oil and the dead skin is washed away. that will leave your pores open and the air is able to enter healing the acne in the process.

  • Medication

For a more serious treatment of the situation, thee are application products that you can get over the counter and can be helpful in making sure that you get the acne fast and effective. All you need to do is to consult before you buy to make sure you get the best.

How to get rid of the forehead acne

When anyone enters puberty, you should expect acne to be all over you. that is because your sebaceous gland is most active during this time. Once you have them it is good to take care of them before they start spreading and scarring your skin.

While most are because of the sebum, bacteria and dead skin, sometimes acne comes as a sign of something is not right in your body. Like in the case of forehead acne. They may occur to show you that there is a digestive system problem in your body or a certain liver illness.

That should not scare you. you may be having the forehead acne because of being stressed up or lacking enough sleep. Acne that is brought by this kind of lifestyle situation are best-taken care of by changing your routine and you will see them fade away.

You may also exercise simple home remedies like essential oils. They serve as strong anti-oxidants that when used, they were away from the bacteria living in your pores. They also soothe the skin hence healing the acne. You can also use egg white mask or steam your face.

How to get of ear acne

Having a pimple on your face is uncomfortable and stressing, now think of having on in your ears. This is one of the experience you can never wish to have. That is because they are painful and hard to treat due to where they are found. Now, what causes the ear acne?

Just like any part of the body, the ear to has hair cells. The hair cells have a pore that in it, sebum and wax are produced. When they are produced in excess, they cause the pore to be clogged and when bacteria and fungi are trapped in, they lead to an acne infection. The following factors also bring about an acne in the ear;

  • Swimming in the dirty water leading to bacteria and fungi entering your ear
  • Pricking your ear with sharp objects that irritate the ear.
  • Using dirty objects and hand when you are cleaning your ears.

It is essential to take care of our ears. This is because a prolonged infection can lead to deafness or a more serious problem. Sometimes acne in the ear can heal on itself and eventually fade away eventually. If it doesn’t, you can do the following;

  • Use an alcohol swab to wash your ear.
  • Use apple cider swab.
  • Clean with essential oils.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide.

How to get rid of cheek acne

Like any other acne, they are also because of clogged pores and bacteria on your face. Do you have a habit of touching your face every now and then, well know that you are also exposing your face to acne? The following factors also contribute;

  • If you have a respiratory or lung disease
  • If you are a chain
  • It can be due to hormonal changes.
  • Menstruation cycle for women

To get rid of the check acne, you need to follow a simple hygiene routine that will make sure the acne is gone and gone for good, you need to;

  • Stop smoking.
  • Wash your pillow and bedsheets.
  • You need to wash your face with a cleanser.
  • Use medication in a more severe case.

How to get rid of leg acne

When it comes to your legs, they are also susceptible to acne. This is due to pores being clogged with dead skin and excess oil. Since your legs have big pores than other parts of the body, you will find that your legs are affected more easily than any other part of the body.

  • You will get leg acne if you;
  • Wear tight fitting clothes
  • Wear or met sweaty gym clothes
  • Inflamed hair follicles
  • Sweating on the legs
  • Using a harsh washing detergent

For you to get rid of the acne you need to treat them just like the other acne. Use a cleanser to clean and remove excess skin. You need to wear loose clothes and avoid sweaty clothes. If you are from the gym, make sure you take a shower immediately.

How to get rid of breast acne

Your breast can be infected with acne too. This is due to exposure to the sun or your hair hanging on your chest. To get rid of the acne, you need to get rid of the things that aggravate them and seek medical attention if the acne is in a serious state.

Home remedies for acne using acne treating products

When it comes to acne, you want to make sure that you never have to deal with the issue again. For you to do that, you need to seek ways to take care of the acne in a careful way without making the condition worse or spreading the pimples. To do this you can either;

  1. Use over the counter medication
  2. Use homemade remedies

Over the counter products

Like mentioned earlier, when you decide to get rid of the annoying acne, you need to come up with a permanent solution that will involve containing the situation once and for all. The best way you can do this is by using medication to apply directly on the acne to contain them. You can use one of the following to treat the acne;

  • Using a cleanser

A cleanser is one of the beauty product that every man or woman should have. Having the cleanser that suits your skin type is a plus for you since it will work well with your skin type. There are many available cleansers all you need to do is seek help to find the right one for you.

Cleansers work by cleaning the skin dry and removing excess oil, bacteria, and the dead skin. Like said earlier for the cleanser to work, use a cleanser that suits your skin type. If you have a dry skin, try to avoid a cleanser that contains alcohol as this will dry your skin even more.

If you have a sensitive skin, you should be careful about the products you choose. Go for a cleanser with more natural ingredients to avoid irritation of the skin and if your skin types normal, you are lucky as you get to experiment on cleansers that contain other products with no harm on your skin.

  • Go for benzoyl peroxide

Getting rid of the acne involves going deeper into what is causing the acne. The bacteria that find itself on the skin need to be dealt with and that is where the benzoyl peroxide comes in. it is used to kill the bacteria on your face hence reducing the size of the acne and opening of the pores.

The product is effective in clearing the acne and all you must do is spot apply the cream on your face after you wash it. do this for some time and you will see the changes since all the bacteria will have been washed away from your face.

  • Use salicylic acid

It is a product found in many cosmetic medicinal products. It serves the purpose of reducing the redness associated with the acne condition hence reducing the inflammation. Once you apply, it reduces the amount of sebum on your skin giving you a smoother texture on your face.

You will find salicylic acid over the counter as a gel or as a medical kit. If you are not sure of what you need, it is good for you to go visit a doctor or an expert so that they can guide you on what to buy for your skin. Go for the best to get the best results.

  • Use retinoid products

The good thing about the retinoid id that it is rich in vitamin A. It works to reduce inflammations on your skin. When you have acne, it is good to have a product that will reduce the spread of the acne to the rest of the body. The product also opens the pores hence no clogging.

Retinoid also treats the scars of the acne. That gives you peace that once the acne is over, the scar also will be gone leaving you with a flawless skin. One thing about the medication is that it is a restricted medicine hence requires a prescription for you to acquire one.

Using homemade remedies

If you are not sure about the products above, it is good to go the natural way. you can never go wrong with this because, in them, you have no added ingredients. The good thing about the natural products is that there will be no side effect and it works for many skin types.

The people who benefit a lot from the natural products are the people with a sensitive skin. With a sensitive skin, it is sometimes difficult to get what suits your skin. You will find your skin is irritated by simple things and that is why it is recommended to use these natural ways;

  • Tea tree oil

It is a product that has been used since the early days. Since acne ae because of bacteria and other microbes on your skin, the tree oil serves to kill the bacteria and other acne causing organism leaving your skin smooth and free from some blemishes. With the oil, the irritation s also reduced.

  • Apple cider vinegar

I know you thought this is for kitchen purposes, alone right? Well, you can also use apple cider vinegar to treat that stubborn acne. This is because it has anti-bacterial properties that when you use it, it kills the bacteria on your face making your skin clear and smooth.

  • Aloe Vera

It is a natural extract from the Aloe Vera plant. We mostly use the gel found in the leaves. The gel has a strong anti-bacterial property that kills the bacteria that causes acne. Use the gel direct from the plant or if you are to go for a product, make sure it is as natural as possible.

The Aloe Vera gel also serves the purpose of reducing the extent of the inflammation. When it comes to the excess oil, the Aloe Vera removes the excess oil and cools your skin enabling your skin to heal and become radiant again.

  • Use of face mask

There are so many products in your house that use can use as a facemask for your face. A mask is applied and left to dry for a while then is washed using warm water. It removes clogs in your pores and any dead skin found on your face leading to the pores being open and clean.

Using a natural facemask ensure that there is no harm that will be added to your face. Remember you are treating a condition on your skin and in the process, you don’t want to add irritation. Some of the natural face masks include the use of honey, baking soda mask, and egg white mask.

  • Use lemon

Lemon has become one of the most used home remedies to your is a good exfoliate hence help in removing of excess skin and bacteria from your pores reducing clogging. It is a disinfectant that washes and improves the appearance of the acne.

How to get rid of acne scars

Now that the nightmare of acne is over, for now, you are left with the scars. Having evidence of something you have been fighting for a while is something you don’t want to have anywhere on your body. Acne in a more severe case leaves scars that can prove to be difficult to get rid of.

You need to look for ways in which you can get rid of the marks so that you can have your skin back. Having a flawless scar free is hat we all dream of, right? With a glowing skin, you will be able to bounce back and face your date with confidence. Here are some proven ways you can use to get rid of the scars;

  • Vitamin C

This is a good source of immunity that you can find from your fruits and vegetables. The vitamin act by rejuvenating your skin through enhancing collagen synthesis. This makes your skin regrow and brighten making your scars disappear.

  • Vitamin E

Acne is caused by excess oil found in your pores mixed with dead skin and bacteria to form an infection. Vitamin E is a good anti deoxidant. It acts to prevent your skin from future attacks and seal cracks that are formed due to the acne that was there previously.

  • Glycolic acid

This is the smallest acid yet most effective when to comes to healing your skin. Since it is small. It penetrates your skin to the pore and separates the skin and the oil for a fresher skin with an improved complexion. With this, you are set to get a glowing skin within a short time.

  • Retinol

Do you want to get rid of the scars ASAP? Then you need to make retinol your friend. Using retinol daily will speed up cell turnover rate and encourage skin regrowth hence you will have a brilliant spot free skin within no time.

  • Zinc sulfate

When you are fitting the acne, it is good for you to apply zinc sulfate to the affected area. That is because of the zinc act as an anti-inflammatory. It protects the skin from bacterial attack and reduces swelling and redness in case of a swelling containing the acne. It also helps in healing of the wound and removal of the scar.

Sometimes, you can never control acne from affecting your skin. They are because of excess oil clogged in your pores and together with bacteria on your skin, an infection occurs as a pimple. It is almost a natural process especially at puberty.

Having the right information is key to fighting the situation. Just because they occur to almost everyone does not mean that you cannot have a glowing spot free skin. All you need to do is act fast and look for the right remedies to fight the acne and they will be gone within no time.

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