Can You Dye Wet Hair?

Yes, is the answer. Most people normally dye their hair when they are dry, but do you know that is very possible to dye hair that is wet? This question has been in existence for many years and there have been contrasting ideas and options. It will all come down to the type of hair dye that someone uses. Hair dyes will react differently with your hair because most of them are formulated with certain chemicals that react differently. Others will work well on hair that is wet and others will not. Let us look at some of the aspect that will determine whether you can dye hair that is wet.

What Happens When You Dye Wet Hair?

When you dye wet hair, there will be an even distribution hair dye because of the moist hair. The same cannot be said when you apply it on hair that is dry. Hair that is wet absorbs more dye which means hair cuticles will open allowing the dye to penetrate to the shaft of your hair. The amount of dye that you will use when your hair is wet will be little compared to when your hair is dry. You should however keep in mind that permanent hair dye will not apply on hair that is wet.

Why Permanent Hair Dye Does Not Work on Hair That Is Wet

The only reason why permanent hair dye will not apply hair that wet is because of the results of the chemical composition. Any permanent hair dye has hydrogen peroxide and ammonia which can only work well with dry hair. These chemicals are responsible for opening hair cuticles so that dye does not penetrate to your shaft. The chemicals will also remove natural oils that are normally found on the scalp. Wet hair will have moisture which is able to dissolve the chemicals making it difficult for the dye to be absorbed by your hair.

Can You Dye Wet Hair

Can You Dye Wet Hair

What Dyes Work Well on Wet Hair?

If you want results that are not permanent, then you need to dye your hair when it is wet. Semi-permanent dye is the best when you want to dye hair that is wet. It does not have ammonia and hydrogen peroxide which means it will not be contaminated with moisture. Semi-permanent dyes will enhance the color of your hair because they cannot penetrate your hair shaft. That means hair color will not be altered.

The second dye that you can use is the Half/demi permanent dyes. These dyes have a bit of ammonia which is not strong enough to penetrate the shaft. The results found when you use a half/demi permanent dye are only temporary as compared to when you use a semi-permanent dye. Semi-permanent and half/demi permanent dyes can be applied at home because they are less damaging compared to permanent dyes.

Wrapping Up

If you are still new to the world of hair dyes, you can start with the semi-permanent or half permanent hair dyes. They work well with wet hair and they are only temporary. For anyone looking for looking term results, make sure to dye your hair when it is dry using permanent hair dye.

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