How to Lose Chest Fat

Before we even get to the question of how to lose chest fat, we need to know how fat works in our bodies. It will be of no use to target chest fat without first shedding fat from other parts of the body. According to the Forbes equation, to lose one pound, you need to cut 3500 calories through diet or exercise. Losing chest fat needs hard work, patience, and eating right.

Create a Caloric Deficiency

For you to have the best caloric deficit, you need to reduce your carbohydrates and fat intake. Combining weights and high cardio intensity will ensure that you reduce chest fat quickly. Make sure to track your calories using an app and taking notes as it will help you figure out your daily calorie intake. You will also get to know the different calories contained in different foods using the app.

When you track your stats for some days, it will help you know what you need in your diet for you to lose weight. Working out at the gym through a combination of high-intensity cardio and weights, you can end up losing 400 calories. Try and reduce your calorie intake and you will end up losing even more calories. This will help you reduce your overall body fat and chest fat at the same time.

Chest Exercises That Burn Fat

Even though exercises alone cannot get rid of chest fat fully, they will help you tone your chest and give you that great look that you always want. Here are a few exercises you need to consider if you want to lose chest fat.

Cable Cross

Cable cross exercise is another exercise that can help tone your chest and burn chest fat. Start by setting the weight resistance as low and aim to do as many reps as possible. The pulleys should be above your head when making the reps. Slowly draw the pulleys towards you until your arms cross into an x shape.


Doing pushups is the best way to start burning your chest fat and upper body. The best way to start pushups is when you are in a plank position. Make sure that your arms are outstretched underneath your body and your feet should be shoulder apart. Lower yourself slowly to the ground and make sure to keep your arms close to your body when you near the floor. Press upwards to raise yourself back to the starting position. Repeating the same process as many times as you can will help burn chest fat.

Dumbbell Pull Over

This exercise needs to be done on a workout bench. Start by holding the dumbbells straight over your chest at arm’s length. Hold the dumbbells by the opposite side of the weight making sure that your thumb is wrapped around the bar. Lower the dumbbell slowly back over your head towards the floor. Make sure that your arms are straight when you are lowering the dumbbell. Make sure to use low-weight dumbbells when you are just starting this exercise.

How to Lose Chest Fat

How to Lose Chest Fat

Cardio Exercise

Having regular cardio exercise will help you burn some calories including chest fat. Some cardio exercises that you can do include biking, jump rope, stair Steller, and running. Do the exercise for 30 to 45 minutes daily for better results.

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