Best Setting Powder for Oily Skin

Those who have oily skin know very well that when it comes to applying makeup, it can be a little bit tricky. Most products seem to just slide off your face and sometimes it becomes difficult to stop shininess for long. That should not be a problem anymore. You need a powder that will make a difference when you apply it and there are tons of them in the market. In this article, you will get to know the best setting powder for oily skin that you can buy that will make you look adorable and beautiful. Let us jump straight to our list.


  1. Translucent Laura Mercier

This product is number one on the list because it is an award-winning powder for any oily skin. Translucent Laura Mercier is lightweight and will blend smoothly on your skin without a lot of effort. Anyone who does not keep this product in her make-up kit is losing out. It will eliminate the shine and absorb oil from your skin creating that soft focus. The product is breathable and will lock in your makeup the whole day.


  1. Professional Covergirl Loose Finishing Powder

Never again should you spend lots of money on a product that will not solve all your problems. The Professional Covergirl Loose Finishing Powder is budget-friendly, and it will keep your shine under control. This product will leave you with a healthy radiant look that will leave turning. Most have applauded what they get after using this product which means they trust it. Try it today and you will never turn back.

Best Setting Powder for Oily Skin

Best Setting Powder for Oily Skin

  1. Professional NYX Makeup Powder

If you do not have this product in your arsenal, then you are losing out. Professional NYX Makeup Powder is translucent, lightweight, and will glide smoothly on oily skin. This high-definition powder will leave you fresh and leave you with that matte finish. Most people have praised the product for its excellent results, but some say that it is not slick enough. All in all, the product is great for any oily skin and you will never regret using it.


  1. La Mer Powder

This setting powder is as impressive as any other product that La Mer has made. La Mer Powder has been formulated with the best miracle broth that works well with oily skin. This product is easy to apply, and it will flow smoothly over your skin absorbing oil, diffusing light, and blurring pores. If you have been having problems with your oily skin, then you need to try this product and experience the difference.


  1. Hourglass Translucent Veil

Are you looking for an ultra-fine loose powder that absorbs oil, blurs pores, and is smooth on your skin? then you need to try the Hourglass cosmetic veil. This product is easy to apply, and it will portray all the fine lines and make you look beautiful. The particles that make the product are lightweight and reflective. That means you will get that perfect radiant without all the shine. It has great reviews, and it is trusted by many people.

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